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2U Rackmount Barebones Server

Top 10 most popular 2U Rackmount Barebones Server

  Description Avail Price
Supermicro 2028R-E1CR24L 2XLGA20112U DDR3 24SATA/SAS 2.5in 920W 1+1 Storage Server
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*** $2,687.30
Supermicro SSG-6028R-E1CR12L 2U Xeon E5-2600V3 LGA2011 Socket R3 12X3.5IN
Back Order
*** $2,506.13
Supermicro 2027TR-D70RF+ 2U Twin Xeon E5 4XLGA2011 C602 RDIMM 2MPCIE 24SAS 2.5in 4GBE IPMI 1280W RE
Back Order
*** $3,401.15
Supermicro SSG-6028R-E1CR12T 2U Xeon E5-2600V3 LGA2011 12X3.5 SAS LSI3108 920W 1+1 Storage Server
Back Order
*** $2,511.30
Supermicro A+ Server 2022G-URF 2U Rackmount Opteron 6100 2X1944-PIN Socket G34 8X Hs SAS
Back Order
*** $1,805.97
Supermicro 6028U-TRT+ 2U Xeon 2XLGA2011 C612 DDR4 12SATA 8PCIE 2X10GBE IPMI 1000W 1+1
Back Order
*** $2,456.98
Supermicro 5028R-WR 2U Xeon LGA2011 DDR4 8SATA 5PCIE 2GBE IPMI 500W 1+1
Back Order
*** $1,724.85
Supermicro 2028R-TXR 2U Intel Xeon 2XLGA2011 DDR4 16SATA 2.5in 11PCIE 2GBE 1000W 1+1
Back Order
*** $2,371.68
Supermicro SSG-6018R-MON2 1U Ceph Monitor Node E5-2630 V3 64GB Mem CEPH-MONITOR Node
Back Order
*** $7,374.52
Supermicro SSG-6028R-OSD072P 2U-12 Ceph OSD NODE 1x 800G NVMe 72TB CEPH-OSD-STORAGE Node
Back Order
*** $11,359.04

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Customer Review of Supermicro 6027R-3RF4+ 2U Xeon E5 2XLGA2011 C606 RDIMM 8SAS/SATA 6PCIE IPMI 4GBE 740W Redun

Experience: 20 Days
 Verified Owner
Overall I am once again impressed with Supermicro and NCIX. » Read More About Supermicro 6027R-3RF4+ 2U Xeon E5

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