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1U Rackmount Barebones Server

Top 10 most popular 1U Rackmount Barebones Server

  Description Avail Price
Supermicro 1022TC-IBQF 1U AMD Opteron 2X1207-PIN SP5100 4SATA PCIe IPMI 2GBE Infiniband 40GBPS 920W
Back Order
*** $2,288.07
Supermicro 5019S-L 1U Rackmount LGA1151 E3-1200V5 C232 3.5 Inch / 2X2.5 Inch 200W
Back Order
*** $522.06
Supermicro 6018TR-TF 1U Twin Intel Xeon E5 2XLGA2011 C612 DDR4 ECC 4SATA PCIe DOM 2GBE IPMI 1000W
Back Order
*** $3,066.80
Supermicro 1028TP-DC1TR 1U Xeon LGA2011 DDR4 SAS 1000W Redundant
Back Order
*** $3,452.90
Supermicro 5018D-FN8T Intel Xeon D-1518 Fcbga 1667 DDR4 PCI Express 200W System
Back Order
*** $1,043.50
Supermicro 1027GR-TQFT 1U Xeon 2XLGA2011 C602 DDR3 4SATA 2.5in 5PCIE 4GPU 2X10GBE X540 1800W
Back Order
*** $2,216.19
Supermicro SYS-5019S-MN4 1U Intel Xeon LGA1151 DDR4 C236 4X3.5 2X2.5 Pice M.2 350W
Back Order
*** $835.07
Supermicro 1018R-WC0R 1U Xeon E5-2600V3 C612 512GB DD4 SATA PCI-EXPRESS 750W
Back Order
*** $1,463.84
Supermicro SYS-1019S-M2 1U Core I7/I5/I3 Socket H4 LGA1151 Q170 SATA PCI Express 400W
Back Order
*** $914.17
Supermicro 5018D-FN4T 1U Xeon D-1540 DDR4 4SATA PCIe 2GBE 2X10GBE IPMI 200W
Back Order
*** $1,649.76

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Top 2 most recent reviews on 1U Rackmount Barebones Server

Customer Review of Supermicro A+ Server 1042G-TF 1U Rackmount Barebone Server Quad Opteron 1944 G34 3XSATA Bays 1400W

Experience: 20 Days
 Verified Owner
Great server to create  a private cloud and lots of power at disposition(my setup has 4x16 cores) » Read More About Supermicro A+ Server 1042G-TF 1U

Customer Review of Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-NTF 1U Opteron 2XG34 DDR3 ECC 4SATA 2PCIE 2GBE IPMI 560W

Experience: 1 Months
ive been using it for sometime and i really enjoy it » Read More About Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-NTF 1U

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