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DDR3-2000 DDR3 Memory

DDR3 Memory

If only we could download more RAM for our computers, then we wouldn't have to go buy some at NCIX every time we want to upgrade our systems. Unfortunately, incorporating volatile Random Access Memory into your PC isn't that easy. Although, it isn't that hard either. DDR3 memory (DDR3 DIMM) is the most common RAM memory on the market. Increasing your system's RAM can result in better performance and an improved multitasking experience, allowing you to run more memory intensive applications without a decrease in speed. What we're trying to say is come visit NCIX and buy RAM.

Maximize the performance of your gaming PC, desktop, server, and workstation with our wide selection of DDR3 RAM (DDR3 DIMM) from top vendors such as Kingston, Corsair, Crucial and ADATA

NCIX sells sheep?

No, we don't sell horned livestock at NCIX. And you can't put one into your computers either, so don't try it. The type of RAM we have here stands for Random Access Memory. For those who don't know what RAM is, allow NCIX to enlighten you. Think of it as serving plates. The user runs an application and the system requested the data — that's the food cooking in the kitchen. After a couple milli-seconds (6-star chef), that data is then transferred to the serving plates and is easily accessible for anyone (or any program) that needs it. The more RAM you have, the bigger your plate; the larger the plate, the more food/data can be stored. But be warned, more is not always better with RAM. If you had 100GB of RAM, chances are you won't be able to use it all. In that case, you'll just be wasting money, power, and probably space in your system.

Memory Configurator

Not sure what memory to get? Use one of these handy memory configurators to find out the right RAM for your system!

Kingston Memory Configurator

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Top 5 most recent reviews on DDR3-2000 DDR3 Memory

Customer Review of GIGABYTE 970A-UD3P AMD970 ATX AM3+ DDR3 2PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 2PCI SATA3 USB3.0 CrossFireX Motherboard

Experience: 2 Years
It is the future of the past! » Read More About GIGABYTE 970A-UD3P AMD970 ATX AM3+

Customer Review of GIGABYTE Z97-HD3P ATX LGA1150 Z97 DDR3 SATA3 GBLAN PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 Xfire USB3 HDMI Motherboard

Experience: 2 Years
Good overall. Had some up's and down with this board but it's still going strong in my PC » Read More About GIGABYTE Z97-HD3P ATX LGA1150 Z97

Customer Review of MSI Z97 PC Mate ATX LGA1150 Z97 DDR3 2PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 2PCI SATA3 HDMI USB3.0 Motherboard

Experience: 1 Years
No issues so far. » Read More About MSI Z97 PC Mate ATX

Customer Review of ASUS M5A88-M mATX AM3+ DDR3 AMD 880G 1PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 1PCI USB3.0 SATA3 DVI HDMI Motherboard

Experience: 5 Days
great matx board for am3+ chips » Read More About ASUS M5A88-M mATX AM3+ DDR3

Customer Review of Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING 3 ATX LGA1150 Z97 DDR3 XFIRE/SLI SATA3 USB3 HDMI Motherboard

No Nickname
Experience: 20 Days
They must have tested this board because it worked fine. bet some guy said it didn't work because he didn't know wtf he was doing like most returns. good company great mb. got a dual core intel chip waaay overclocked and a ssd, made me a fun gamer ,tha... » Read More About Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING 3 ATX LGA1150

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