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14 inches Gaming Laptop

14 Inch Gaming Laptops

Big things come in small packages and 14 inch gaming laptops are no exception. While you’re trading away a little bit of screen size (but not resolution) by choosing a 14-inch gaming laptop over the common 15 inches, you’re gaining better industrial design, as the standard key board fits the 14 inch chassis much better than the 15 inch one, leaving much less dead space on the sides. Those who own a laptop also knows that every bit of weight counts. With a 14 inch screen, the laptop size is reduced along with the weight, enabling easier movement. Buying a 14 inch gaming laptop with lessen the weight on your shoulders and grant you more freedom to play anywhere you like.

Top 1 most popular 14 inches Gaming Laptop

  Description Avail Price
MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro i7-7700HQ 16GB 256GB SSD GTX1060 6GB 14in FHD Windows 10 Gaming Laptop
*** $1,999.00

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Top 5 most recent reviews on 14 inches Gaming Laptop

Customer Review of MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro i7-7700HQ 16GB 256GB SSD GTX1060 6GB 14in FHD Windows 10 Gaming Laptop

Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
great performance, fans stop spinning at idle. nearly silent in normal usage. Gets pretty loud when gaming, top tier hardware in thin and light chassis means high speed fans. it effectively gets rid of the heat, doesn't throttle much. gfx card stays ab... » Read More About MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro i7-7700HQ

Customer Review of MSI GS40 Phantom i7 6700HQ GTX970M 14” FHD 16GB 128GB SSD 1TB HDD Windows 10 Gaming Laptop

Experience: 10 Days
 Verified Owner
Was looking for something a little lighter mainly for programming. Switched to this from MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro. So giving up little bit of performance for 1/3 size. I upgraded the mechanical drive and the M.2 drive, very easy and quick. Pretty snappy... » Read More About MSI GS40 Phantom i7 6700HQ

Customer Review of MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes i7 4712MQ 8GB 1TB 14IN FHD GTX850M 2GB DVDRW Windows 8 Gaming Notebook

Experience: 1 Months
Aside from the bloatware, its a great laptop » Read More About MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes i7

Customer Review of ASUS G46VW-DS51-CA Intel Core i5 3230M 8GB 750GB+8GBSSD 14.1IN HD+ GTX660M Win8 Notebook Bilingual

Experience: 3 Months
 Verified Owner
Fast and sleek. decent battery life. We were one of few unlucky ones that receive a defective laptop out of the gate. Unfortunately NCIX wasn't understanding of my ability to return it within a day or two of their 30 day limit from purchase. the first time... » Read More About ASUS G46VW-DS51-CA Intel Core i5

Customer Review of MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes 2OC-217US i7 4702MQ 8G 128GB 1TB 14in HD+ GTX760M 2GB Windows 8 Gaming Notebook

How did I get here OMG Make it STOP!!
Experience: 3 Weeks
 Verified Owner
I'll be real honest, I was expecting way more from this laptop. The performances are great, but the heat generated by the machine when you enable the nvidia 660m is simply insane. Since it's so small, after 10 minutes of gametime with a modern game, t... » Read More About MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes 2OC-217US

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