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Sennheiser PX100 Stereo Mini Headphones 15-27000HZ 32OHMS 5.5FT Black

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Sennheiser PX100 Stereo Mini Headphones 15-27000HZ 32OHMS 5.5FT Black - 1
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Sennheiser Electronics
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Part #: PX100

SKU: 11810
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Sennheiser Electronics PX100

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Experience: 5 Days


Lightweight, comfortable, sound quality, looks stylish, folding capability, carrying case, cable length (1.5 m), good ear aeration, straight connector (not the L shape)
Price, cable is thin, overall fragile (cable & headphones), very hard to plug the connector anywhere (you gotta use quite a big amount of force in order to plug it in)
I've listed the price as a weakness since there are headphones that are much cheaper and do the job well.
In the box only comes the case and the headphones, nothing else, no adapter or what so ever.
I've bought it along with a SanDisk Sansa Clip 4GB Silver
The connector is straight that's very helpful since it doesn't block what could be on the way once connected to a mp3 like the sound volume button etc.
Overall a superb buy, very happy user here!

This review was modfied by poster @ 07-07-09 04:21 PM

Experience: 2 Weeks


Compact, light, very comfortable and most important, awesome sound!
None so far.
This set of headphones brings music to life! Awesome price/performance ratio. I tried other bigger and smaller headphones at my local electronics store and to be honest, I dont know why one would pay over $200 when you can get this set for $79. The bass and sound clarity is terrific. I can wear them all day at work - they are very light and comfortable. One of the best-- highly recommended!

Experience: 1 Days


-cheap (even better with PP)
-amazing sound
-very light
-none so far
these are amazing headphones and the best i have tried under 100$ there very light and feel cheap but when you turn them on the sound quality is amazing.... id recommend these to anybody interested in some quality headphones

Experience: 6 Months


- amazing sound for the price
- comfortable to wear
- easy to fold and store
- very long break-in time to get the best sound (but worth the wait!)
- carrying case is cumbersome to use (a good toy for the kids though)
My beloved Sony MDR-V300 headphones snapped apart during a fall down the stairs. I "fixed" them with metal strapping and electrical tape, but then I was embarrassed to be seen wearing them in public. Something had to be done!

Based on many reviews, I picked up the PX100 headphones as a replacement. At first I was disappointed by the "honky" mid-high range (cheap piezo horns, anyone?). I was also very annoyed by the amount of effort needed to use the carrying case, so I gave it to my toddler son to play with.

Six months and many bus rides later, they have finally been broken in, and they sound fantastic. A bit exaggerated in the lows and highs, but otherwise flat response and amazing clarity. There is no genre of music that they don't handle decently, if not superbly. Great for games and movies too.

The folding design is very solid. I don't hesitate to stuff them into my coat and pants pockets.

They sound very close to the larger but similarly priced Sennheiser HD212. I wouldn't be surprised if they shared the same drivers.

In comparison, my Sony MDR-V300 has very boomy bass, and is missing much of the mid-high range. Not unlike having cotton balls stuffed into the drivers. Yuck!

Experience: 3 Years


fold away, well built, perfect sound, low noise bleed.
just purchased a second pair of these as my originals are now 3 years old. My wife wanted a pair of headphones and nothing else will do. Sound quality is spot on, deep bass but natural, not overpowering or missing like various others ive tried. The sound response really is "Natural". I hope they never stop making these.

Experience: 2 Days


awsome sound, they compare to my z-5300e's
rugged, light, portable
!? durr
they look like those 2$ headphones ta first glance, they rock so hard i couldnt beleive it. TAKE MY WORD AND BUY THEM HONEST.

Experience: 6 Weeks


Small package, surprisingly good bass, open air design let you hear around you, foldable and very comfortable.
Case can be annoying to carry, folding is annying because of the wires, a bit pricey and it's open air designed may not be suited for very noisy environments.
Overall I'm very satisfied with these. Having used them for the past month and a half with the Cowon D2 i must say i wasn't expecting that kind of bass response from such small cans and the rest of the range is more than ok at this price.

Folding is not too complicated once you get used to the order and don't mix the wires or clamp them by mistake ... ;-)

They are very practical while walking because you still hear cars around you and won't get crushed but as soon as the car is gone you get you nice sound back. :)

Experience: 1 Weeks


Big Bass, Good mids and highs
need good amp, the highs can be more clear
I take these to replace my old Portapro ( my favorite ) broken and on their way to manufacturer for replacement. Thanks for the Koss life warranty.
So I was looking for a headphone capable of sound as good as the portapro and not too expensive, and i found these, since i find nowhere to find the Ksc75.
The Px100 does quite the Job, sound is great, bass is present, confortable, the only thing i dislike is that, it's need a little more power than my portapro to play at the same volume level, that's means the battery life on mp3 players will be shorten...
Anyway that's a great product for the money !! I can recommend these.

Experience: 1 Days


-Excellent sound quality
-Very good bass
-People around you can hear the sound
This headphone sounds almost as good as the 100+ ones. The carrying case is also very nice. Would buy again.

Experience: 15 Days


Excellent sound, lightweight, nice carrying case
These are the best lightweight portable headphones I've heard. They fold up neatly and come with a very cleaverly designed hard plastic carrying case. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. These are probably the best sub-$100 portable headphones you will find.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

PX 100
General Description
The PX 100 is a pair of open, dynamic supra-aural mini headphones for mobile players. Their outstanding sound reproduction and foldable design make them ideal for outdoor use and travelling.
Dynamic stereo mini headphones
Great for travel and outdoor use with mobile sources such as CD, MD or MP3 players
Fold and flip: registered design allows the ear cups to be turned through 90° and fold the headphones closed (headphones will lock in open and closed positions)
1.4 m Kevlar-reinforced OFC copper cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
Fits into the shirt pocket: rugged transport case with cord take-up (145 x 75 x 27 mm)
Excellent sound quality for mobile audio sources
High-resolution sound due to Sennheiser “Duofol” diaphragms with spiral embossing (reduces and spreads eigenforms)
Strong Neodymium magnets for extremely low distortion
High efficiency and powerful reproduction
Balanced and detailed sound image for all types of music
Crisp and fast bass response due to system “twin damping” with 80ppi polyurethane and special perforated elements
Special baffle (based on the legendary HD 414) ensures very balanced sound
Lightweight: only 60 g without cable
Comfortable: headband with split padding
Rugged and durable: robust steel headband with metal joints, steel-reinforced headband ends, connection to the ear cups tested for durability
2-year guarantee

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Technical Data
Nominal impedance32 Ohm
Jack plug3,5 mm stereo
Transducer principle (Headphones)dynamic, open
Ear couplingsupraaural
Cable length1,4 m
Weight w/o cable60 g
Frequency response (headphones)15.....27000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL)114 dB(SPL)
THD, total harmonic distortion0,1 %

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Comment: 7.6/10 - "The PX100 is a good choice for travelers seeking a compact headphone design."
Posted by: avow @06/15/04
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