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EVGA 7800GT CO SE PCI-E 256MB Video Card & NFORCE4 S939 SLI DDR Motherboard Bundle

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EVGA 7800GT CO SE PCI-E 256MB Video Card & NFORCE4 S939 SLI DDR Motherboard Bundle - 16671_l.JPG
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Reg. Price: $442.17  CAD
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   Shipping Weight:   8 lbs
   Part #: N516-K8NF41

 Parts Included
The following items are included in this bundle. Items cannot be substituted but may be purchased seperately at regular prices.
Description Part #
Reg Price
EVGA E-GEFORCE 7800GT CO SE 460MHZ 256MB 256BIT 1.1GHZ GDDR3 PCI-E Dual DVI-I VIVO SLI Video Card 256-P2-N516
  Bundle Price

Features    [ Edit | History ]

MODEL- 256-P2-N517-AX     VENDOR- eVGA
FEATURES- E-GeForce 7800 GT CO
       PCI Express GeForce 7800 GT 256MB DDR Video Card with Copper
       Traditionally, PC gamers have had to choose between the fastest
        frame rates and the best image quality in order to maintain
        playable performance on advanced PC games. That was then. This is
       The NVIDIA GeForce 7800 graphics processing units (GPUs) represent a
        significant leap forward in 3D graphics design, delivering the
        unparalleled horsepower and revolutionary technologies you need to
        tear through the latest games. The GeForce 7800 GPUs deliver
        blazing frame rates and outstanding image quality--so you can
        experience full-throttle graphics performance.
* PCI Express Support
   PCI Express is a Intel bus architecture that doubles the bandwidth of
   the AGP 8X bus, delivering over 4 GB per second in both upstream and
   downstream data transfers.
* NVIDIA SLI Technology
   Patented hardware and software technology allows two GPUs to run in
   parallel to scale performance.
   Scales performance on over 60 top PC games and applications.
* Mind-Blowing Performance
   Built to deliver mind-blowing graphics performance, the GeForce 7800
   GPUs feature a next-generation superscalar architecture and an all new
   NVIDIA CineFX 4.0 engine. The CineFX 4.0 engine includes a redesigned
   vertex shader unit that shortens the time required to set up complex
   geometry processing. In addition, a new pixel shader unit delivers up to
   2x the floating point shading power of previous generation products,
   while an advanced texture unit incorporates new hardware algorithms to
   speed filtering and blending operations. All of these features combine
   to deliver advanced visual effects at unimaginable speeds.
   The GeForce 7800 GPUs are designed to reach even higher levels of
   performance through NVIDIA SLI technology. With NVIDIA SLI, you can
   combine two GeForce 7800 GPUs in a single system to scale performance by
   up to 2x. Through an intelligent combination of software and hardware,
   NVIDIA SLI is able to offer this unbelievable performance on over 60 of
   the top PC titles. If you have ever dreamed of running id Softwares
   DOOM 3 at 90 frames per second, NVIDIA SLI can make your dream a
   The GeForce 7800 GPUs are backed by the NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver
   Architecture (UDA)--the industrys most stable software platform. The
   ForceWare UDA delivers rock-solid reliability and compatibility with the
   widest range of games and applications so you can enjoy the ultimate
   "install-and-play" experience.
* Realistic Gaming Experiences
   Powered by breakthrough visual effects technology, the GeForce 7800 GPUs
   blur the line between fictional game worlds and reality. Featuring the
   advanced NVIDIA Intellisample 4.0 technology, the GeForce 7800 GPUs
   deliver exceptional visual quality through new antialiasing modes and
   advanced anisotropic filtering.
   Some of the new modes and enhancements include:
    - Transparent supersampling and multisampling which minimize the
      undesirable visible aliasing that occurs in highly detailed textures.
      The improvement in 3D image quality can be most visible when viewing
      outdoor scenes and objects such as vegetation and chain link fences
      in games.
    - Increased subsample coverage and a new texture core which accelerate
      64-bit floating point texture filtering and blending to deliver full-
      speed, state-of-the art high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting effects.
      This technique, used in professional film rendering by companies such
      as Industrial Light & Magic, delivers complex, ultra-realistic
      lighting effects to hot new games.
    - Gamma-adjusted rotated-grid antialiasing which removes jagged edges
      from 3D images while maintaining the highest level of color
      reproduction on your monitor.
   In addition, the GeForce 7800 GPUs are built on NVIDIAs proven
   Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 architecture, so you can play all
   the latest DirectX 9.0-based games while experiencing the most realistic
   Shader Model 3.0 effects possible.
* Home-Theater Quality Video
   Watching TV, DVDs, and high-definition video on the PC is quickly
   becoming commonplace amongst PC users. In addition to providing the
   performance and advanced features for an amazing gaming experience, the
   GeForce 7800 GPUs also deliver a home-theater quality video experience
   to the PC with NVIDIA PureVideo technology.
   The combination of a hardware video processor and video decode software,
   NVIDIA PureVideo technology delivers stunning video to any display.
   NVIDIA PureVideo supercharges your PC experience with high-definition
   video and crystal-clear picture quality. Featuring enhanced HDTV
   processing and the industrys most advanced video algorithms, PureVideo
   delivers 50% efficiency improvement and support for the latest high-
   definition video standard--WMV9 1080p. Integrated HDTV-output allows you
   to connect your PC to a high definition TV for direct-to-TV playback,
   turning your PC into a high-end home theater system.
* Equip Yourself with Full-Throttle Graphics Performance
   Raising the bar for performance, visual effects, image quality, and
   video functionality, the GeForce 7800 GPUs power an extreme PC
   experience. No longer do you have to choose between blazing frame rates
   and the highest image quality. By equipping your rig with a GeForce 7800
   GPU, you can experience the power of full-throttle graphics performance.
  -- SPECIFICATIONs ----------------------------------
CHIPSET      - 256-bit nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT GPU with Copper Heatsink
               470 MHz Clock
MEMORY       - 256MB 256-bit 2ns (8x32) DDR3 Memory
               (550MHz clock - 1100MHz effective)
               35.20 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
CONNECTORs   - (2) DVI-I (Digital Video Out) ports
               (1) S-Video/VIVO port
RESOLUTION   - 240 Hz Max Refresh Rate 
               2048 x 1536 x 32bit x 85 Hz Max Analog
               2560 x 1600 and 1600 x 1200 Max Digital
              Vertex Shaders
                - Support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Vertex Shader 3.0
                 - Displacement mapping
                 - Geometry instancing
                 - Infinite length vertex programs
               Pixel Shaders
                 - Support for DirectX 9.0 Pixel Shader 3.0
                 - Full pixel branching support
                 - Support for Multiple Render Targets (MRTs)
                 - Infinite length pixel programs
               Next-Generation Texture Engine
                 - Accelerated texture access
                 - Up to 16 textures per rendering pass
                 - Support for 16-bit floating point format and 32-bit
                   floating point format.
                 - Support for non-power of two textures
                 - Support for sRGB texture format for gamma textures
                 - DirectX and S3TC texture compression
               Full 128-bit studio-quality floating point precision
               through the entire rendering pipeline with native hardware
               support for 32bpp, 64bpp, and 128bpp rendering modes.
               Full floating point support throughout entire pipeline.
               Floating point filtering improves the quality of images in
               Floating point texturing drives new levels of clarity and
                 image detail.
               Floating point frame buffer blending gives detail to
                 special effects like motion blur and explosions.
               Advanced 16x anisotropic filtering (with up to 128 Taps).
               Blistering-fast antialiasing and compression performance.
               Transparent multisampling and transparent supersampling
                 modes boost antialiasing quality to new levels.
               Gamma-adjusted rotated-grid antialiasing removes jagged
                 edges for incredible image quality.
               Support for normal map compression
               Support for advanced lossless compression algorithms for
                 color, texture, and z-data at even higher resolutions and
                 frame rates.
               Fast z-clear
               Designed to enhance the performance of shadow-intensive
               Adaptable programmable video processor
               High-definition MPEG-2 and WMV9 hardware acceleration
               Spatial-temporal de-interlacing
               Inverse 2:2 and 3:2 pull-down (Inverse Telecine)
               4-tap horizontal, 5-tap vertical scaling
               Overlay color temperature correction
               Microsoft Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) supports multiple
                 video windows with full video quality and features in each
               Integrated HDTV output
               Video post-processing
               Real time desktop compositing
               Accelerated antialiased text rendering
               Pixel shader driven special effects and animation technology
               Dual integrated 400MHz RAMDACs for display resolutions up to
                 and including 2048x1536 at 85Hz.
               Dual DVO ports for interfacing to external TMDS transmitters
                 and external TV encoders.
               Full NVIDIA nView multi-display technology capability.
               Designed for PCI Express x16
               Designed for high-speed GDDR3 memory
               DVC color controls
               DVC image sharpening controls
O/S SUPPORT  - Windows XP/Windows XP 64
               Windows ME
               Windows 2000
               Macintosh OS X
API SUPPORT  - Complete DirectX support, including the latest version of
                 Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0.
               Full OpenGL support, including OpenGL 2.0.
REQUIREMENTS - PCI Express Motherboard with available 16x PCI Express slot
               Minimum of a 450 Watt power supply.
               An available 6 pin PCI-E power connector (hard drive power
                 dongle to PCI-E 6 pin adapter included with card).
The K8N SLI-F motherboard from MSI supports 64-bit AMD Athlon 64FX/64 processors (Socket 939), as well as DDR SDRAM up to 4GB. Integrated IDE, SATA and NV RAID give you plenty of storage options, while USB 2.0 lets you hook up high-speed peripherals with no fuss.

Product Specifications
Compatible Processors
Athlon 64
Compatible Processors
Athlon 64FX


 Mainboard Type
Motherboard Form Factor
Chipset Type


RAM Technology
RAM (maximum)
4 GB
Cache Memory (installed)
0 MB
RAM (installed)
0 GB


Networking Protocol
Networking Protocol
Fast Ethernet
Networking Protocol
Gigabit Ethernet


# Processors Installed
# Processors Supported


Storage Controller Type
Storage Controller Type
Storage Controller Type


Video Slot Type
PCI Express
Compatibility Notes
Supports 64-bit AMD Athlon 64FX / 64 processor (Socket 939)
Supports 3000+ (D0), 3200+ (D0), 3500+, 3800+, 4000+, 4400+, 4600+, 4800+, FX53, FX55, FX57, FX60


Motherboard, cables, software, documentation
Memory Notes
0GB dual channel DDR 400 / 333/266 DDR SDRAM, expandable to 4GB
There are 4 available 184-pin DIMM slots.
Expansion slots: (2) PCI Express X16 slots, (2) PCI Express x1 slots, (3) 32-bit v2.3 Master PCI bus slots

On-Board devices:
NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Chipset:
HyperTransport link to the AMD Athlon 64 / Athlon 64FX CPU
HyperTransport supporting speed up to 1GHz (2000MT / s)
Supports (2) PCI Express X16 / x1 interface
Two independent SATA controllers, for four drives
Dual Fast ATA-133 IDE controllers connect up to 4 IDE devices
IEEE 802.3 NVIDIA MAC for 1000BASE-T

NV RAID supports 4 SATA II ports (SATA1-4). Transfer rate is up to 300MB/s.
NV RAID (Software):
Supports up to 4 SATA plus 2 ATA 133 Hard drives
RAID 0 or 1, 0+1, JBOD is supported
RAID function work w/ ATA 133 + SATA H/D or 2 SATA H/D
7.1 channel audio codec RealTek ALC850

(1) Floppy port supports 1 FDD with 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88Mbytes
(1) Serial port
(1) Parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
(1) Audio jack (6-in-1), coaxial SPDIF out
(10) USB 2.0 ports (Rear x 4 / Front x 6)
(1) RJ45 LAN jack

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