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Thermochill PA120.2 Dual 120MM Fan Water Cooling Radiator with 15MM Spacing *No Barbs*

Final sale. This product cannot be exchanged. No returns or refunds. RMA ONLY.
Water Cooling items may add an additional 1-3 days processing time to your order.
Please read our Terms & Conditions of sale on Water cooling equipment.
Thermochill PA120.2 Dual 120MM Fan Water Cooling Radiator with 15MM Spacing *No Barbs* - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Thermochill PA120.2 Dual 120MM Fan Water Cooling Radiator with 15MM Spacing *No Barbs* - 21453_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $88.17  CAD
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   Shipping Weight:   3.1 lbs
   Part #: 5060207430012

Features    [ Edit | History ]

PA Series - Optimised for Fans with an individual CFM Output of upto 130cfm

  • Bringing the "King of Cool" crown home... The PA120 radiator series features a dual-row dual-pass 120mm form factor, available in single, double and triple sizes, optimised for the fans of today and putting into practice everything learned about watercooling efficiency and performance over the past 3 years. The PA Series boasts from 10-40% better performance over the HE Series. 10% for the high / noisy airflow end of the fan market, and up to 40% for the low airflow / silence end of the market.


  • Dimensions: see PDF
  • Plenumb: 10mm
  • Fitting Thread: 3/8" BSPP (G3/8)
  • Construction: Brass Tanks & Tubes, Cu Fins
  • Finish: Matt black or UnPainted (to order unpainted radiators, email
  • Weight: 1.6Kg
  • FanMounting Mechanism: Black Hardened Self-Tapper 6x1/2" (x12 provided)
  • Compatibility: FG120.3, NG120.3
  • Fan Center to Fan Center: Approx 130mm
  • Optimised for fans upto 130cfm.
  • Technical Spec by Cathar.
  • FAQ


The PA120 series was concieved after the design-success of the PA160. During development of the PA160 it was discovered that radiators could be more finely tuned for the needs of today's watercooling community, where silence has started to become a major priority. Testing and comparison of the PA160 led to a starting point for PA120 series development. A large portion of the initial discussion and theoretical work leading to the first prototype was done publicly and can be viewed here at (post #171 onwards - Membership Req'd). After the first prototype was produced, development went private for obvious reasons, but a number of further revised prototypes were then created and tested.

After many months of number crunching and testing the final spec for the PA120 series was decided upon. This final design showed a vast improvement over the HE Series... by a significant margin when it came to silent fans. Additional testing confirmed that this margin applied not only to silent fans but to regular and higher airflow fans, up to a 130cfm (approximately) point.

The final spec was slightly "outside-the-box" when it came to regular Radiator construction, thus weeks of tooling changes ensued before the new series could be commerically released to retail. Which brings us to the present day...

The PA120 radiator series features a dual-row dual-pass 120mm form factor, available in single, double and triple sizes, optimised for the fans of today and putting into practice everything learned about watercooling efficiency and performance over the past 3 years. The PA Series boasts from 10-40% better performance over the HE Series. 10% for the high / noisy airflow end of the fan market, and up to 40% for the low airflow / silence end of the market.

What does this mean to you as an end-user? You can retain the same performance for even less noise, or better performance for the same noise over your current radiator. If at the end of the day performance is all that matters to you and noise is of no concern, the new PA Series still offers significant improvements over the HE series. Alternately if silence is the goal, you can now have that too, but with more cooling performance than ever before!

As seen HERE, the ThermoChill PA120.3's nearest competition was Swiftech's MCR320... Radical_53 decided to take our PA120.2 and pit it head to head against the MCR320 to see how our dual-radiator compared to the competition's triple-radiator...

PA120.2 vs MCR320

This test was performed using 2x YateLoon D12SL fans and our performance shroud on the PA120.2, and 3x YateLoon D12SL fans on the MCR320. As can be seen, the PA120.2 holds out admirably, matching the competitions' triple-fan radiator, whilst exhibiting less noise due to fewer fans in play.

Thermochill 5060207430012 Customer Reviews

Product reviews on are screened for relevance and inappropriate content. Reviews may contain inaccurate information about the product. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by, but opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding Thermochill 5060207430012 reviews.
Experience: 7 Months
The Best 2X120mm radiator available
- Pricy
- Thicker than other doubler rads
- the bolt holes for the fans are not threaded, therefore you have to use the included self-tapping screws to mount the fans which is a pain in the butt.
I've used this Themochill rad to replace a Swifttech MCR220-QP. Keeping all other components (waterblocks/pump) the same, this rad dropped my load temperatures by a full 10 degress Celsius.

I've seen reviews on the web that compare this 2X120mm rad to other 3X120mm rads, and it matched (and beat) all of the other rads.

julie w
Experience: 1 Months
Ive been using this item for a while and i got no problem so far
I have nothing to say this item i like it so much that I might buy another one. Its a good price and good quality

Dead Things
Experience: 3 Years
 Verified Owner
Don't let the revised lower price fool you - these are still the king of rads
G3/8 - ugh
With the price now almost 50% lower than it used to be, and with Thermochill now going with the unofficial 15mm fan spacing standard, there basically is no reason to buy any other rad outside of availability issues.

The PA120.3 goes toe-to-toe with the Feser rads for half the price. It performs better than any other rad on the market with low-RPM fans for those seeking a silent water cooling solution. It also is among the best rads with high-RPM fans for those looking for optimal performance.

It still uses G3/8 threads - and while this choice does help to minimize restriction compared to G1/4, it is nonetheless non-standard and reduces the selection of compatible barbs. I cannot, for example, think of any compression fittings on the market that use G3/8 any more. This is not to say it's hard to find G3/8 barbs - just that the selection is much smaller than G1/4 barbs. For compatible barbs, check for availability from SKUs 31009, 25389 and 28323.

These are wide rads, too - about twice as wide as a MCR320, so make sure you take measurements before purchasing to ensure you do, in fact, have enough space to house the PA120.3.

I honestly can't believe the new pricing. For the performance, it's really just an amazing deal.

Experience: 1 Months
 Verified Owner
Keeps your components cool
A tad thick than other rads
Great product. Keeps my two GTX280 and Q6600 (3.4ghz) very cool. It's the second rad in my loop btw. My only gripe is the G3/8 barbs needed because most threads used in watercooling are G1/4 threads. Other than that, satisfied with this rad.

Experience: 30 Days
 Verified Owner
Great radiator, best that I have try
mounting holes doesnt match the screw included nor the long mounting screws.
It cool my Q6600 and 8800GTX with minimal noise, and it is as good as some 3x 120mm radiator, due to the freeflow design and the thickness.

One draw back is that the one I have, the mounting holes is a bit larger than the screws, so I am unable to use the screw provided to mount the fan on it.

Experience: 5 Days
 Verified Owner
- Excellent performance.
- Looks pretty sharp.
- Paint scratches easily, be careful with it.
I'm but a beginner when it comes to water cooling, but I knew right away which rad I wanted. The reputation of the Thermochill PA series is immaculate for good reason.

I first ordered a 120.3, but got backordered (probably missed getting the last one by about an hour). So, I wanted to get my loop going, and picked up one of these as well.

This one is perfect for a CPU-only loop, I haven't maxed out it's capability. In my unscientific tests, at a room temperature of about 22.5c, the water temperature at idle is 25.2c. It stabilizes at 27.3c within 10 minutes at 100% load on all cores. Not too shabby, I must say.

Only thing is, the paint scratches really easily. Be careful of that.

Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Excellent performance
For a 240 rad this is one of the best available. The cooling performance that this delivers is phenomenal. It is quite expensive compared to some other radiators but the price you pay is all worth it. This radiator delivers.

Thomas C
Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Great cooling capacity with low CFM fans
Looks good in my custom mount at the top of my TJ07BW
G3/8 threads are less common than G1/4, and I recommend using the EK barbs for these rads as the Thermochill ones are very loose on 1/2" ID tubing
Mine didn't have the extra bleed valve screw or self tapping screws, though NCIX did send me the ST screws they couldn't get be the extra bleed valve.
Great rad for low CFM fans and amazing cooling. Using it for my NB and two MOSFET banks on my 680i. Recommend using the EK G3/8 barbs instead of the Thermochill ones, as the latter doesn't make a tight seal with the tubing or the rad in most cases.

Experience: 28 Days
 Verified Owner
Excellent heat disipation. Solid quality.
None that I could find for myself.
Bought this to replace the swiftech rad that came in my NCIX essentials kit. I am pleased I did, I got a 5 degree C difference in my set up. Not to mention it better fit my mountain mods case. I thought the price a little high, but I can see why with the excellent quality.

Experience: 1 Months
 Verified Owner
Incredible performance
Barbs are weird size, too small for 1/2" ID tubing . Just perfect when using 7/16".
Got this for my first water cooling project. This thing is a monster. I have my Q6600 at 3.9 ghz right now, prime stable, and its temps never go above 53 oC under load. This thing can dissipate a lot of heat for a 2x120mm sized rad. It just barely fit into my Silverstone TJ09.

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