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Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA

Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_l.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_b.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_box.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_f.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_i.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_ib.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_if.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_ls.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_rs.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_sl.jpg Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - 26048_sr.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $72.99  CAD
This Product is Not Available

This item is no longer available. Notify me if this product is available again.
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   Shipping Weight:   22 lbs
   Part #: RC-690-KKN1
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Features    [ Edit | History ]

When looking at the CM 690, it's easy to be taken in by its bold lines and superb styling. But don’t let its exterior fool you – the CM 690 is a lot more than just a pretty face.By utilizing a unique mesh design, the CM 690 effectively blends together both form and function, offering users a mid-tower chassis without compromise.

1. Accommodates up to seven 120 mm fans for high-efficiency ventilation
2. Removable HDD racks provide for easy assembly
3. Cable management design for better cable routing and neatness
4. Tool-free user-friendliness for quick maintenance and upgrade
5. Roomy interior supports nVIDIA G80 SLI configuration



Specifications    [ Edit | History ]
Available Color Black
Dimension (W / H / D) (W)213 X (H)482 x (D)524.5 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Material Chassis: SECC, Bezel: Metal mesh+ABS
Motherboards ATX, Micro-ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay),
4 Exposed (with the use of 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
3.5" Drive Bay 5 Hidden,
1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)
I/O Panel USB 2.0x2, IEEE 1394 x1, MIC x1, eSATA x 1,
SPK x1 (support HD Audio)
Cooling System Front :120 mm Blue LED fan x 1, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
Rear : 120 mm standard fan, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
Top : 120 or 140 mm fan x 2 (optional),
Bottom : 120 mm fan x 1 (optional),
Left: 120mm fan x 2 (one is optional)-up to 140mm fans
Expansion Slots 7
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2/ EPS 12V (optional)
Certification nVIDIA SLI

COOLERMASTER RC-690-KKN1 Customer Reviews

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Experience: 1 Years
Solid, easy to work with. Great design for water cooling!
Quite heavy. Only 5 HD bays.
This is a great case for water cooling. It has a lot of room to work with. Motherboard tray holes for hiding wires. Can support quite a lot of fans and will nicely fit a 120mm radiator in the back and a 2x120 on the top (but it requries one pops off the top mesh). I only wish there were more drive bays!

Experience: 8 Months
- Price
- Sturdy build quality
- Well thought out
- Tool-less design that actually works
- Lots of room for fans
- Decent cable management
- Fits most large CPU coolers
- Honeycomb grills make noise
- Front panel removal is very unintuitive
- Power supply vent only large enough for 120MM Fan
- Heavy
This was the first thing I bought for my new computer build after finding it on sale for $60 and couldn't pass it up. At first I couldn't believe all the features that it has for the price.

The first thing I would suggest any enthusiast do is take out those honeycomb fan grills and replace them with some real mesh fan protectors. The sound they make is awful and they don't stop dust, or anything really. Just block your airflow.

The power supply vent on the bottom does not provide enough of an opening for the 140MM fan on my HX750, so further modifications have to be made. Also the large CPU cooler I have in my case requires the top side panel fan to be screwed on externally.

These are really just nit-picky points and I'm sure a lot of the issues have been fixed in the CM690 II version of this case, so perhaps you should look at that instead. Overall great case and I see no reason to upgrade it for a long time to come.

Experience: 2 Years
+ Loads of space
+ Nice lane for cords running between motherboard and HD/CD Drive area
+ Insane air cooling from all directions
+ Rubber ports on the back for external water cooling systems
- Side panels are a bit flimsy and can be noisy with fans attached
- No internal paint, just the usual grey metal
- HD area can get cord cramped fast
- Blue screw less locks for the PCI cards are more annoying than functional, lets heavy cards sag
- Fan port behind motherboard requires a slim 80mm fan, full 25mm deep fan wont fit.
- Over-doing the air cooling can result in a very noisy computer
Had this case for 2 years and what a performer. Looks flimsy but has held up very well, aside from the top USB/eSATA/audio jack area.
Very rigid, light steel chassis and a great amount of space. This thing has extreme air cooling. 2 120mm fan mounts up top, one 120mm up front, one 120mm out back, a sucker port and adjacent 120mm mount on the bottom, 2 120mm on one side panel and a trap for a slim 80mm fan on the the other. Much of the front and top of the case is highly ventilated, with a slim sheet of light porous plastic insulation covering the grated metal mesh exterior.
Have had 2 different systems inside this box, both cooled on air very well. Just make sure you get some quiet fans, since this case can get noisy fast due to it's "open" nature.
I only have had a few gripes. The panel with the supports for 2 fans can get very noisy due to fan stress. The panels also vibrate/hum if you have a lot of cooling going on. Some good sealing tape can take care of that well enough. The blue PCI slot locks don't hold up well to the heavier video cards and let them sag. This may have been taken care of in revisions since I got mine. The HD bay can also get cramped fast, and requires 90 degree SATA cables if you mount them cable side in.
As it sits now, with a light duty Core 2 Duo build and low rpm case fans it is scary silent... the only way you can tell it's running is from the lights and occasional HD seek.
Highly Recommended

This review was modfied by poster @ 02-22-10 02:31 PM

Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
everything you can think of
good location for front usb ports
good price
none so far
This is the 2nd case i bought from cooler master and i have to say i am very pleased with it.
first of all this one is only half the price of my other cm case which is haf932 but the stuff inside is not halved
all the features you see on haf932 IS on this case as well(other than the 200mm fan slots of course and smaller size)
and it even comes with dust filters which is another +
very awsome case and very very good price

Experience: 4 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Nice outside appearance, appeal to look at.
Flimsy internal plastic brackets, and flimsy cable management can easily break if not careful.
The case is very nice too look at however after working with this case; I have a few rants that I haven't got time to get use to.

The front of the case is low to the ground so it is hard to pick up the case from the front/back position. The back has good clearance though for the power supply air inlet.

To remove the front panel, put your fingers underneath and pull away and upward is the idea. There is no safety locking mechanism from the front panel to the case. If someone not knowing is to carry the case front/back position the front cover might separate from the case and drop  the case down to the ground or on your feet. Not to mention damaging the hardware inside.

Moving toward inside the case, the harddrive bracket just feels really flimsy. The plastic swinging tabs at the back to hold your add-on cards does do its job keeping the cards from coming out but does not totally secure the card. The card is still having the ability to move up and down slightly, unlike using the traditional screws.

Having the power supply at the bottom of the case might serve other useful purposes but this also cause dust problem. This just suck up more dusts to the power supply can lead to premature failure unless to raise the case higher than the floor.

This is my first Coolermaster case and I have not had the chance to get use to these new features that Coolermaster has to offers. I am sure there are many ways to get around these new design features or flaws or just put up with it--it just a matter of personal preference.

Experience: 1 Weeks
 Verified Owner
great price,lots of room,great for keeping it cool, nothing too fancy,
not much to it,i thought it was great overall
overall this case saved me lots of money so i could spend money on other parts of the computer. for a case below $100 it is the best choice out there!

Experience: 4 Months
 Verified Owner
Nice and Sleak
Built nice
Great for cable managment
Tones of room
Original fans are load
gets alittle dusty.Im a neat freak so i enjoy cleaning it all the time
If you dont like flashy.Need something good for cpu cooling this is the case FOR SURE.Im a music producer and when i built my computer i went through tones of articles trying to find a case that would perfect for my needs.Its not quiet with the original fans and the side fan.But i changed them all to a more silent fan and let me tell you..i cant hear crap and the cooling is unreal.Im ruuning my quad core just under 30.Great case .If you dont wanna spend alot..This is it

Experience: 1 Days
blue leds
can add 4 more 120/140mm case fans
looks cool
front panel uses cheap plastic so when u need to put in a an optical drive it could snap or when u need to do dust cleaning
makes a humming sound
i didnt know that this case would need to fully take out the whole front for dust cleaning/putting in an optical drive and it could snap and the top fan installations can be a little harder then other cases. but hey for the price i gotta admit looks good and its cheap

Experience: 7 Months
Spacious and lots of features
Great value for price
Side Panel Fan Noisy
Great sized case that is easy to work with. Great value for the price. Provides excellent CPU cooling. Side panel fan was very noisy (was due to the sound of the air flowing through the grate). Added a mesh on top of the fan to muffle the sound.

Experience: 3 Months
 Verified Owner
Quiet, Nice Looking
Bigger than I originally thought
Great case for the price, I would definately consider again, but it is bigger than I originally thought.

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Comment: Very in-depth review of the case.
Posted by: grief3r.cfg @06/02/08
Comment: I have been given the chance to review the mid sized CM690 from CoolerMaster, and I have to admit, I'm not quite sure if this case will hold everything inside my rig. I am skeptical because even in my full sized tower my 8800GTX barely fit at all. Skepticism aside, I'm going to take what I have and
Posted by: CoolBreeze @02/27/08
Comment: Mike checks out a well priced mid-tower chassis from Cooler Master today which certainly isn't short on features. Today's article will take a look at one of their recent entries into the mid-tower market, the CM690. It takes some of their tried and true features and mixes it with a liberal dose of
Posted by: CoolBreeze @02/27/08
Comment: This sleek, black enclosure sports a black mesh front and top with chrome dividers, tool-less installation, internal cable management system, and enough fan openings to create your own hovercraft. A bunch of other neat, little options are included, but I will mention those in the review - no need to
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Comment: Great review, lots of pictures.
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Comment: Pros Did someone say fans?, Water cooling possibilities, Wire management, Tool-less installation Cons Cheap build quality, Flimsy front panel, Poor port and button placement
Posted by: John_L @09/23/07
Comment: Madshrimps review. :-)
Posted by: Prickly Pete @09/18/07
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