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Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU

Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_l.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_1.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_2.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_3.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_4.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_5.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_6.jpg Silverstone Sugo SG05B Black SFF mITX Mini-DTX Case 1X5.25 Slim 1X2.5IN 1X3.5INT w/ SFX 300W PSU - 36315_7.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Silverstone Technology
Reg. Price: $99.99  CAD
This Product is Not Available

This item is no longer available. Notify me if this product is available again.
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   Shipping Weight:   9.00 lbs
   Part #: SST-SG05B

Features    [ Edit | History ]
 Designed for use with Mini-DTX and Mini-ITX motherboards, the SG05 is the smallest Sugo yet. Compared with previous iterations at around 23 liters in volume, the SG05 at 10.8 liters is less than half the size! However, in keeping with the spirit of its Sugo name, the case is capable of swallowing many standard components while keeping everything cooled. For the first time in a case of this size class, the SG05 is equipped with a low speed 120mm fan that is mounted to create  positive air pressure, ensuring good balance of cooling and quietness. Other notable features include the ability to accept 9 inch long graphics card, room for thicker 2.5 inch hard drives such as Western Digital’s VelociRaptor™, full-height for retail boxed CPU coolers, and an 80 PLUS certified SFX 300W power supply. For building a fast PC in the smallest possible form factor, the SG05 is without peers.
  Special Feature
 Ample space for CPU cooling (78mm in height)
Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components
Unprecedented 120mm fan in mini casing for positive pressure cooling
Support 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives
Mini-DTX / Mini-ITX motherboard & SFX PSU compatible
80 Plus certified SFX 300W power supply included
Standard-length expansion cards support (9 inches)

Specifications    [ Edit | History ]

 Model No.



Plastic front panel, SECC body


Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX



 Drive Bay

Slim optical x 1
3.5” x 1 , 2.5”x 1

 Cooling System

1 x 120mm intake fan 1200rpm
Oversized vents
Oversized vents

 Expansion Slot


 Front I/O Port

USB2.0 port x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1

 Power Supply

SFX 300W with 80plus certified

 Expansion Card

Standard size long cards capable (9”)*

 Net Weight



222 mm (W) x 176 mm (H) x 276 mm (D)



 Power supply type
 Max. DC Output
Load Range
Peak (Amps)
Range (%)
 combined +3.3, +5V
 combined +12V
22A / 264W
 Input Voltage
90V ~ 264V(Auto Range)
 Input Frequency Range
47Hz ~ 63Hz
Active PFC (PF>0.95 at full load)
 Operating temperature
0 ~ 50°C
Over current protection, Over power protection, Over voltage protection, Short circuit.
1 x 24-pin motherboard connector (300mm)
1 x 4-pin ATX12V connector (300mm)
1 x 6-pin PCI-E connector (300mm)
1 x dual SATA connector (150mm +150mm)
1 x dual 4-pin IDE (300mm + 150mm)
1 x 4-pin IDE & single floppy power connectors
(300mm + 150mm)
 Cooling System
Single 80mm fan
 Noise Level
19 dBA minimum
125 mm (W) x 63.5 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)

Silverstone Technology SST-SG05B Customer Reviews

Product reviews on are screened for relevance and inappropriate content. Reviews may contain inaccurate information about the product. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by, but opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding Silverstone Technology SST-SG05B reviews.
Experience: 4 Months
 Verified Owner
Quiet, nice size and style for a HTPC
Blue Led too bright, power button is sloppy (uneven)
About the smallest case when needing a card slot
Bit cramped so do you need to work at cabling.
I did not install a disc player.
Has Intel H67 itx, i3 2100, ssd plus 2TB drive installed

Experience: 1 Months
Perdy, reset button on the back, compact
A little on the flimsy side
Not a bad case for the price, with a half desent power supply.It definately is compact and the PSU is of good quality. The front fan provides plenty of airflow and is fairly quiet. I do think the price should be around the 75 dollar mark, but we seem to get gouged on this mini ITX stuff.

Experience: 30 Days
 Verified Owner
super small
fits most video cards
upgradable PSU
super small
This is a fantastic little case. I managed to squeeze a Corsair H50 CPU cooler inside (without using zip-ties or sacrificing the optical tray) thanks to a slim 12mm thin Scythe fan that i used to replace the stock fan. Although i did need to drill a couple of extra holes but that's another story!

The case is tiny. Really tiny. A friend with a SFF case was insanely jealous when he saw this little guy. Especially when he saw it in action! (4.4GHz and a SSD)

With the Corsair H50 this machine is near silent! Great little box for carrying around too.

While the case doesn't seem to be as well built as my two NZXT cases, i can't complain about the quality either.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Silverstone product. (as long as it's on sale!)

Experience: 6 Months
 Verified Owner
Dual slot Mini ITX design
Good PSU
Good Case fan
Versatile Mini-ITX box
Thin metal case
Only one 3.5" HD
Optical Metal Pop-out difficult to remove
Never enough in stock, always sold out!
This is a good mini-itx case, mainly because it is one of the only such cases that has a dual slot configuration, that allows for most higher end video cards. This case also comes with a relatively good PSU, compared to other mini-itx cases. The case also comes with a good Case fan that is nice and quiet, and also includes a filter to help keep case clean, It can be a bit tricky to work within any mini-itx case and this one is no exception, as the mini-itx form factor allows for little room to move around in, so getting a nice and clean layout may take some practice. The metal used in this case is a bit thin, and thus it flexes easily and thus care should be taken when trying to snap out the optical drive bay metal cut out. It is possible to completely bend the frame of this case when carelessly trying to remove this metal piece. Overall though this case is quite good for a mini-itx. My main issue right now is that NCIX can never seem to keep enough of these in stock!

Experience: 7 Months
Well designed itx case
bit bigger than your average itx case
This case is pretty sweet. Plenty of room to work with a moni-itx setup. A reliable PSU from silverstone, can fit dual slot graphics cards and the PSU has a 6pin PCIE connector.

This is a great case for fitting basic systems. Paired with a zotac board and any lga775 cpu, you've got a decent desktop or basic gamer machine.

It's really nice to work with. Plenty of room even though it's a pretty small form factor. And the 120mm fan in the front pretty much ensures the entire machine has decent airflow.

I would definitely buy more of this case for future mini-itx builds. Comparing this case against apex mini-itx cases, this is a lot nicer to work with.

Experience: 3 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Petit, très bonne qualité
Pas vraiment pour l'instant !
Très bien pour une machine dans un garde-robe ou pour de l'affichage sur des écrans publicitaires continus. Toujours pas de problèmes !

Experience: 2 Days
 Verified Owner
very small, yet it can still fit a lot
nice psu included which supports up to a HD4850
2 expansion slots allows for dual slot video cards
no included slimline sata adapter
slim sata dvd drives do not all make a snug fit with front bezel
outer cover is a bit thin, and flimsy
psu cables are far to long annd creative cable management is needed
very versatile case. I am currently building a ITX gaming PC for a friend and this was 1 of the only cases out there that is acceptable.

Experience: 1 Days
 Verified Owner
Well-ventilated, spacious, good-looking, swappable bottom bezel (to remove the branding), space for two drives AND a slim optical drive, good PSU for ITX projects, very silent PSU, easy disassembly
Not many; a few rare cutting edges here and there but that's par for the course for that kind of case. The extended second bay lowers itself into the airstream and may increase noise. It is removable however.
This is a nice looking case that is very easy to work with especially if like me you have both a) an appreciation for ITX and b) really big hands. There's room to work with.
The case is very well ventilated, with open grilles everywhere and a design that sucks air from the front through a 120mm fan (it looked well designed, with pock-marked blades an all, but I switched it right away to a silent Scythe fan to save time and go with a solution we knew worked). There is space for two HDDs and 1 slim optical drive. The bottom HDD drive cage can be removed to improve air flow.
The box is very pleasant to work with, especially when compared with other HTPC or ITX designs.

This review was modfied by poster @ 07-04-09 08:43 AM

Experience: 30 Days
 Verified Owner
Small, attractive, good ventilation, good psu included
Front panel power button a little dodgy
Bought this to go with a dual core Atom board, a WD Black terabyte drive, a 2G stick of Crucial, and an older 60GiB 2.5" laptop drive for backup. It really fits the bill perfectly. The PSU fan is a little noisier than expected, but overall I'm very happy with the case. It's tight inside, but I don't have a lot going in, so it was definitely manageable. The large front fan keeps the entire case cool to the touch, although as I mentioned, this is a little home server box and doesn't have a lot of stuff generating a lot of heat inside. The one thing I'm a bit disappointed with is the front panel power button - it has an uneven press, and a couple times the top edge of the button has `stuck' inside the case and required a bit of a wiggle to free it. I'm sure if I were using the power button more often, it might bother me, but I'm not. Overall, a solid, well-built, attractive and well-ventilated cube for a home server. Very satisfied.

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Posted by: MG @04/30/11
Comment: Combined review of teh SG05 and SG06, giving higher marks to the less expensive and better-ventilated SG05
Posted by: Louis-Eric_S @08/22/09
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