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Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 925MHZ 3GB 5.5GBPS GDDR5 V3 DVI HDMI 2XMINIDP PCI-E Video Card

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 925MHZ 3GB 5.5GBPS GDDR5 V3 DVI HDMI 2XMINIDP PCI-E Video Card - 1
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Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 925MHZ 3GB 5.5GBPS GDDR5 V3 DVI HDMI 2XMINIDP PCI-E Video Card - 70111_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $399.99  CAD
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This product is not available.

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SKU: 70111
Shipping Weight: 2.8lbs

Part #: AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3

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PowerColor AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3 Customer Reviews

Product reviews on are screened for relevance and inappropriate content. Reviews may contain inaccurate information about the product. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by, but opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding PowerColor AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3 reviews.
Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Quiet, good cooling, quality fans (I hope). Very powerful, Great price, great FPS.
Graphical glitches probably due to amd's drivers. Simple fix seems to be using V-Sinc. I define 'graphical glitches' as the following
1) random blocks of colors flashing in random places on screen
2) random blocks/lines of black/grey (like the fuzz on a tube tv when you change it to channel 3 with no input)
The fan side of the card is really decorative and has some blue color. When you put it in my case you can't see the cards cool stuffs. I didn't want blue in my case anyway, only white and blak.
Bought this card when it was on sale for 275 dollars!
I jammed this card in a Corsair 350D with an i5-4570. Using H87m-Plus mobo.
In BF3 it can do a steady 60FPS no problemo. Ultra settings. I think it can do about 120 fps when V-sinc is turned off, but I get graphical glitches. So I keep V-sinc on. Framerate drops about 20-40 fps when recording (fraps) BF3 could probably do about 80fps with fraps.
The PCB is red. It doesn't stand out to much. Would be nicer black but red is fine.
The card does bend, a lot. I think that's normal though for these cards. Be careful that cables aren't bending it more by sitting on top of it.
The fans and the card make no noise. None! I heard a little bit of 'electrical whine' when using windows exp index. I wear steel series headphones and wouldn't hear any noise from my pc anyway. (if it were making any noise)
Compared to XFX's 7950 (which is louder than a nuke going off) Powercolors 7970 is super quiet.
I have not and probably won't be overclocking this card. So I can't say anything about that. (I have no need to oc this card) (unless some program is auto clocking it)
So far this card meets my expectations. It runs really well.

Experience: 2 Months
 Verified Owner
Great performance in BF3, and the BF4 beta as well
I have the card for a month and the price drops even more
I bought this card in anticipation for the BF4 Beta, and it works well with my 8350. Some settings had to be dropped to medium in order to maintain 60 fps.

Experience: 4 Months
 Verified Owner
Overdrive can max this out with no issue or need for a voltage increase. Stock cooling is sufficient. It runs constantly under heavy load without issue. Price was good even without the rebate which I never received.
The board is warped. I think it flexed under it's own weight, and stayed flexed. The mail in rebate was a hassle and it's been about 4 months now so I assume I will never receive it and was ripped off.
I am happy with the product. Despite being more of a budget 7970, it still performs well.
I would not buy from powercolor again due to never receiving the MIR that I wasted a buttload of time on. This was one of the most time-consuming rebates I applied for, and the only one I didn't receive. If they didn't intend on honoring the rebate they should have just not offered it. Now they have my money AND they wasted my time which simply bothers me as a person - I wish I would have just purchased from another brand, even if it was more expensive.

Experience: 30 Days
 Verified Owner
looks cool, and its fast
the hot air is not concentrated out the back of the card
Picked up this card for folding. It's working 24/7 full throttle and has been producing points like mad. I have the fans on 90% and the temps are around 55c in a 23c room.
Overclocks easily to 1025/1425 so far no crashing.

Experience: 2 Days
 Verified Owner
Easy card install. Easy driver install. Pumps out more FPS and is quieter than the 570 it replaced. Similar temps. 289.99 after MIR is an excellent price.
Card is "flimsy". PCB twists and bends with very little force applied. This is worrisome. A quality product shouldn't be this flexible.
My last ATI/AMD card was almost ten years ago, been a member of team green for quite a few years. Couldn't resist the clearance prices we are seeing on the 7000 series right now. Overall this card has been a generally positive experience. Will consider another AMD card when I'm finished with this one.
The only thing that truly bothers me about this particular card (and why I docked a star) is the way the PCB flexes. I've owned over a dozen video cards of various makes and models and have never, ever, seen one bend and flex like this one does.
It bends even when securely mounted in the case. Wow. Somebody (not naming names) turned into a serious cheapskate when it came time to buy the PCB's.
Put a water block on this thing at your own risk. I wouldn't.
Also, at the moment AMD is running the Never Settle Forever promotion. Buying this card allows you to select  three free games from a list that AMD has made. Beware, some of the promo codes AMD is handing out are invalid (of my three game codes, two were good). An email to support will result in you getting a generic auto reply stating that it could take up to two business days to fix the error.

Experience: 10 Days
 Verified Owner
Fan noise
Fan shroud design could be better
Currently running 24/7 under 100% load overclocked to 1042 Core/1496 mem with Catalyst 13.4 drivers. Volted to 1.09VDDC from stock of 1.175vddc. Temps run around 75-80C in an 30C ambient temp room, fans set to run at 69%. Noise is bearable at this speed, quieter than my Bitfenix 20cm fan. Overall I am extremely impressed with this. Planning on picking up a few more if possible.
Only change I would make is to have better ventilation for the fan, currently pulls from top and exhausts all around the PCB instead of directing air flow in one direction.

Dr Penguin
Experience: 3 Months
Everything that you want and more.
None that I have come across.
I have had this card for just over 3 months now, it has played any and all games I've thrown its way (from Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite to Sleeping Dogs, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders 2 and more...) at their max settings with no problems at all. Dual fans keep card nice and cool (At 50% mine idles at 20C and when gaming hovers around 60C.)

Water-proof Bacon
Experience: 4 Days
 Verified Owner
No need for overclock and you can run ALL games (as far as I know) on max settings; like a boss.
Read the summary
Though I said I owned this for 4 days so far, I've spent each and every one of them on web trying to find the reason why it keeps shutting my computer down randomly. Apparently, it's not very friendly with my i5 760 processor with an Intel stock cooler so the CPU overheats like crazy. Now I gotta spend more money on a new cooler.
Would've given it a 1 star if I still can't pinpoint the problem by end of today....
Otherwise, it can max out Crysis 3 in 1680:1050 resolution and makes victories so much sweeter.
Now I just want to know if this card can last as long as my previous card (Radeon HD 5770 by Diamond; lasting 3 years and counting)

Experience: 1 Months
-Great power
-Great build quality
Bought this for about ~$360 and it is working great. Runs all games I play on max settings and doesn't heat over 64C (idles o ~30C), paired with my i5-3570k.

Experience: 3 Months
 Verified Owner
incredible performance, decent fan silence, great value
long length - as expected in this market
A video card review is probably the epitome of enthusiast hardware reviews so I hope I do this one justice. This card is a true winner in all aspects we look at in such a device. At the time of purchase, it was priced as low as some nVidia GTX 660ti's (not even including bonus games bundle value) but represents the top tier of single GPU performance surpassing it by a healthy margin. A much more expensive GTX 680 would be in the same league for performance. Amongst other AMD Radeon 7970s, Powercolor tends to be of the least expensive as well, despite using the same reference boards as everyone else.

Overclocking the GPU was only limited to my courage; maxing out the sliders in Catalyst software was not a problem at all. On stock voltages and cooling, I still haven't found the stability limit for the GPU, but the GDDR5 RAM starts making artifacts under full load at ~1800MHz for me (well past what Catalyst allows ;).

Kudos to Powercolor's *standard* fansink for keeping the unit cool under hours of full load and the only time the default automatic setting requires 100% is when it is ~30°C in the room. And at that level, the sound level is easily tolerable even without an enclosed case. Early in my ownership, I even ran the fans at that speed preemptively for longevity, extra reliability, but it was unnecessary as it operated no differently when it slowed itself to withstand over 90°C. Just be careful not to touch those exposed copper heatpipes when it does! (This product line is also available with 3-slot thick Vortex II fansink and liquid cooling block LCS)

Ironically, I haven't taken advantage of all that high spec power nor more than 2 of available 6 outputs to play any games with this card. I've gone as far as benchmarking it to estimate how much it trounces my setup on SLI. If it means anything, I use it for more compute intense activity (OpenCL) on it such as foldingqhome, which are more torturous loads on the GPU and VRAM than gaming. 3D games were never its intended purpose.

I've made the mistake of attempting to install this long card directly into a PCI-e slot and which was also mounted inside a *basic* ATX mid-tower as it doesn't really clear the drive cage. It was a mistake because that could reseat the fansink's base and TIM and/or bend the microfins. The only detrimental effects on it so far are some scuff marks on the shroud. I'll leave the card attached so its fans face the outside of that case for better ventilation. Since it appears to be designed not solely for rear expulsion, the best orientation for me was on a nude rig, card's bottom resting on the motherboard, such that all 4 sides are free to exhaust hot air. That might sound unusual but elaborating what I did here is outside the scope of this review. Maybe if NCIX starts selling some overclocker enthusiast products for those that need to install, safely/properly ventilate and power 4 to 7 GPU cards on a single mobo, then I might be buying and writing about them here. Who trips their circuit breaker because of too much GPU power? *raises hand* :)

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