We are NCIX techs
We're not nerds, geeks, geniuses, doctors, medics or eggheads. We're just technicians who are good at building, upgrading and repairing computers and notebooks.
We Your PC...
We know computers are not just an electronic device. They hold valuable memories, pictures, documents and help connect with friends & family. We treat it with care and do our utmost to make it like it was before or better than when the problem arose.
21 years and counting
We've been in business since 1996 building and repairing PC's and laptops. We now service thousands a month and return them to happy customers.
We do Onsite Service in BC
We now offer the same great service in the comfort of your home or business in most of the Greater Vancouver area. For onsite service or further details, please call 604-249-7880 or find out more here.
We have a vast inventory of
computer hardware
This means that we can get the builds, upgrades or repairs you require done quicker as well as offer better prices on those items.
Four Tech Service locations across BC
We're available in many major areas of BC to service your PC or notebook. To find a service location near you, please
check here.
NCIX Tech Service Locations

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