A New Standard for PC
Unlike traditional air cooling systems, liquid-cooled systems run at a consistent, uniform temperature across all your components. This means that you can achieve even greater CPU and graphics processing speeds, increase the lifespan of your components, and minimize the noise produced by the fans. All while turning your PC into a work of art.

Integrated All-In-One and Hybrid Setup

AIO and Hybrid is the most convenient and hassle-free water cooling solution.
  • Affordable water-cooling option to elevate your gaming performance
  • Portable design eliminates weight that comes with custom loops
  • Waterblock, pump, and radiator combo directly embedded on CPU and graphics card
  • No need to build or maintain a custom loop
Browse Impact Hydro Gaming PC with our Integrated AIO Hybrid Setup or contact our PC advisor to build your own.
Customize or Buy now Impact Hydro NCIX PC

TurboHydro Performance Package
See the difference with NCIX PC's premier water-cooling solution unique to our hand-built PCs.
  • Get 100% performance out of your components, 100% of the time
  • Stand above the rest with your own choice of tube and coolant colours
  • Select from our pre-configured soft-tubing options at the click of a button, hassle free
  • Sealed loop provides easy maintenance, full NCIX PC warranty
Check out our special edition builds with the TurboHydro Water Cooling Solution or contact our PC advisor to build your own!
Customize your Rogue X BE NCIX PC - Powered by ASUS Systems Customize your Rogue Z NCIX PC - Forget level playing fields Customize your Phoenix NCIX PC - Official Gigabyte eSports gaming machine Kube NCIX PC

Custom Hard Tubing

Be different. Deck out your system with an exclusive NCIX PC hard-tubing loop.
  • Redefine cooling with a luxury hard-tubing loop bent to perfection
  • Fully customizable tubing loop path and colours with each build
  • PETG tubing provides incredible durability and resistance versus traditional acrylic tubs.
  • Each system is uniquely designed and built to be unlike any other by our certified NCIX PC technicians
Contact our PC Advisor today to inquire about your own custom hard-tubing gaming PC.
Avalanche NCIX PC

Additional Performance and Design Upgrades by NCIX PC
Case Painting
Custom Case Painting
Lighting FX
Lighting and LEDs
Custom VGA Plate
VGA Back Plate Design
Internal Mods
Cables, Fans, and Mods

For any additional water-cooling or customization options, please contact our PC advisor at:
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* Models shown includes design and performance upgrades.
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