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When your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach as far as you need it to. ASUS AC range extenders work in combination with your existing wireless router to increase overall Wi-Fi strength, throughput, and coverage for all your devices.

One-Press Setup and


Quickly setup an ASUS AC range extender by simply pressing the WPS buttons on your ASUS AC range extender and your router to pair them, similar to pairing Bluetooth devices.

ASUS ExpressWay Boosts Performance

ASUS ExpressWay utilizes the dual-band capability of ASUS AC range extenders like the RP-AC68U and RP-AC56 to improve network performance and reliability by dedicating 100% of one band for connecting to the main router and 100% of the other band for connecting to your devices (rather than halving bandwidth by transmitting and receiving on both bands).

Find the best location for your ASUS AC range extender with integrated signal strength indicators.

Existing wireless signal from router

Extended wireless range by ASUS Range Extender

Roaming Assist – Always get the Most Stable Connection

Extend Your Network Today



Discreetly Eliminates

Wi-Fi Deadzones


Dual-band Wireless AC750

Range Extender


Integrated 3.5mm jack

for music streaming



External Antennas and Rotating Plug for Optimal Performance


Dual-band Wireless AC1200

Range Extender


Rotating power plug for flexible

positioning in any power socket


Integrated 3.5mm jack for

music streaming


ASUS ExpressWay



The Most Powerful AC1900 Ranger Extender


Dual-band Wireless AC1900

Range Extender


USB 3.0 for shared devices

and storage


5x Gigabit Ethernet ports


ASUS ExpressWay

Connect FAST

Connect FASTer

Connect FASTest

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