Folding@Home is a project started by Stanford University, using spare CPU cycles provided by millions of users like yourself to study proteins.

The homepage for Folding@Home can be found here:

Why should I join?
Why not? Electricity is cheap and your computer sits idle for much of the day anyways. You may as well let a small program use that spare time to help cure many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many cancers and cancer-related syndromes.

Ok, how do I join?
Simple. Download the small folding client here:

Choose a user name and, if you wish to join the NCIX Folding Team by entering our Team number (37412) into the program when you install it.

What is the NCIX Folding Team?
Well, since Folding@Home requires many, many users to accomplish its goal, they've set up the program to give credit to individual users for their work accomplished, and for teams of people that have banded together to fold as a group. It gives points for the number of work units completed to give a sense of accomplishment, and to create a little rivalry. The NCIX Folding Team was created by our forum members as a way to give us some visibility, and to recruit more members into Folding@Home.

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