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RACKMOUNT 4U Computer Cases

Complete Your Custom PC build with Our Selection of Computer Cases

A computer case gives shape to your personalized rig and transforms it into the perfect system. Whatever kind of custom PC you’re building, NCIX has right case for you. Gamers would want gaming cases with glass panels to show off the RGB motherboard and other precious components that you have installed. Gaming enthusiasts Corsair or Bitfenix will have something you like. Perhaps you want to quiet down the sound of your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as it works on rendering your Virtual Reality world. In that case (Ha), designs from vendors such as Fractal Design or be quiet! will be perfect for you. Or maybe you’re building a server and need standard rackmount cases — we carry the largest selections from SuperMicro and Norco for you to choose from.

Top 9 most popular RACKMOUNT 4U Computer Cases

  Description Avail Price
Supermicro SC417E26-R1400UB 4U RM 72BAY X 2.5IN 1400W Gold Level Redund Power Supply Black
Back Order
*** $4,075.11
Supermicro SC-742T-465B E-ATX 4U 7X PCIe SAS/SATA 465W 80+ PSU W/12 cm Fan Black
*** $380.05
Supermicro SC743S1-R760B EATX 4U Tower Case Black 8XU320 Hotswap 2X5.25IN 760W Triple Redundant PS
Back Order
*** $752.81
Supermicro SC417E16-R1400UB 4U RM 72BAY X 2.5IN 1400W Gold Level Redund Power Supply Black
Back Order
*** $3,194.07
Supermicro 846XE2C-R1K23B 846X 4U RM 1200W Chassis With SAS3 Dual Expander
Back Order
*** $2,517.21
Supermicro SC848A-R1800B Racmount 4U Storage Chassis 24BAY SAS/SATA 1800W Redundant
Back Order
*** $2,685.09
Compucase RA448A00 EATX Server Case 4U 3X5.25 1X3.5 2X3.5INT Black No PS
*** $185.25
Supermicro CSE-847E1C-R1K28JBOD 4U 44X3.5INCH Hot-Swap SAS/SATA 1280W Rps 80PLUS Platinum
Back Order
*** $3,074.50
Supermicro Superchassis 847BE1C-R1K28LPB 4U 36BAYS HDD SAS3 JBOD 1280W Redundant
Back Order
*** $2,758.47

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Top 5 most recent reviews on RACKMOUNT 4U Computer Cases

Customer Review of Norco RPC-430 4U Rackmount Server Case Black 2x 5.25in 6x 3.5in *No PSU Included*

Experience: 2 Months
 Verified Owner
its a good case its my second one I have bought. its a little hard to get the mother board in due to the layout of the case but its doable. » Read More About Norco RPC-430 4U Rackmount Server

Customer Review of Norco RPC-4224 24 Bay Hot Swap SATA/SAS 4U Rackmount Server Case *No PSU Included*

(/) (°,,°) (/) Zoidberg
Experience: 1 Years
i added an hp sas expander and used an lsi 9260-4i so can populate every single caddy and still have room for expansion. with the price of those expanders now it really makes this the case to buy for any kind of storage server be it raid or something like z... » Read More About Norco RPC-4224 24 Bay Hot

Customer Review of Compucase RA448A00 EATX Server Case 4U 3X5.25 1X3.5 2X3.5INT Black No PS

Thunder Bay_E
Experience: 5 Weeks
I've brought a few of these cases now for our production enviroment. They have proved to be very acceptable for the price paid. We paid 3 times the price for cases like this with greater weeknesses. Biggest issue is the lack of dust filtering, these cases ... » Read More About Compucase RA448A00 EATX Server Case

Customer Review of Norco RPC-470 4U Rackmount Server Case 3X5.25 11X3.5 With Lockable Front Panel *No PSU Included*

Experience: 7 Days
 Verified Owner
Great Case with tons of room. Didn't measure for the depth, and found out it's too long to fit in the rack. Making alternate arrangements for installation, but a shorter case would have worked better. If you want a case with lots of room, and it fits,... » Read More About Norco RPC-470 4U Rackmount Server

Customer Review of Norco RPC-450 4U Rackmount Server Case 3x 5.25in 10x 3.5in *No PSU*

Experience: 8 Days
Part of a home network project involves moving all my servers into server cases and rack-mounting them in the basement (actually my wife just got tired of seeing a random collection of PCs scattered across the basement). This was one of two RPC-450's I... » Read More About Norco RPC-450 4U Rackmount Server

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