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Hose Clamps

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Customer Review of PrimoChill Reusable UV Blue Hose Clamps for 3/4 Inch Outer Diameter Tubing (2 Pack)

Experience: 2 Days
 Verified Owner
Works well » Read More About PrimoChill Reusable UV Blue Hose

Customer Review of Swiftech SNAP-IN Nylon Hose Clamps for 1/2 In Outer Diameter Tubing (4 PCs)

Experience: 2 Weeks
my aio broke so i used this to re clamp the hose back on » Read More About Swiftech SNAP-IN Nylon Hose Clamps

Customer Review of PrimoChill C-58-BG UV Bright Green Hose Clamps for 5/8 Inch Outer Diameter Tubing (2 Per Pack)

Experience: 6 Years
I used them cause I don't justify having to spend $20 to $50 for other type hose clamps etc. for my water rig. They work great and are cheap and do their job holding up for years, they are also reusable if you are careful to not snap them when you release them... » Read More About PrimoChill C-58-BG UV Bright Green

Customer Review of PrimoChill C-34-AQ UV Aqua Blue Hose Clamps 3/4 Inch (2 Per Pack)

Experience: 1 Days
 Verified Owner
got this on the clearance sell for $0.50 they are a little bit bigger than the swiftech ones and works nicely with primochill 3/4 OD tubing » Read More About PrimoChill C-34-AQ UV Aqua Blue

Customer Review of Swiftech SNAP-IN Nylon Hose Clamps for 3/8IN Outer Diameter Tubing (4 PCs)

Experience: 90 Days
good clamps.can tighten up for a good seal and can be removed and reused. » Read More About Swiftech SNAP-IN Nylon Hose Clamps

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Discount Hose Clamps for Computer Cooling

NCIX Canada and NCIX USA is the leading online computer accessory store for discount computer parts for computer modding and computer overclocking with the best prices for water cooling systems with discount prices for CPU water blocks, VGA water blocks, chipset water blocks, RAM waterblocks and HDD water blocks. We have the latest computer water cooling systems with the best deals on computer components for coolant & additives , CPU water blocks, fillports and memory water blocks to help cool down and run your computer more efficiently. Not only do you need all the right computer parts for your water cooling system but you also need the proper computer hardware components to properly set up your computer like hose and fittings hose clamps for water cooling you system.

At NCIX the leading online computer store you can find your various liquid cooled PC needs met with our selection of plastic and stainless steel hose clamps. Search for 3/4 hose clamps from a vast selection of computers networking in addition to metal reusable hose clamps, fans and accessories, cables power supplies and CPU heat sinks and computer cases for sale . Computer hose clamps are used to connect and hold together water cooling pipes so you are enabled to build out and control your water system to maintain equilibrium.

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