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Top 10 most popular Shredders

  Description Avail Price
FELLOWES Fortishred™ HS-440 DIN P-7 High Security Shredder
Back Order
*** $1,773.89
FELLOWES Powershred® 2326C Cross-Cut Shredder
Back Order
*** $1,636.10
FELLOWES Powershred® 485Ci Cross-Cut Shredder
Back Order
*** $3,405.49
Fellowes Powershred 69CB CROSS-CUT Shredder Jam Blocker & Safesense Technology 10 Sheets Per Pass
Back Order
*** $219.99
Kensington Swingline 60XCA shredder
Back Order
*** $178.83
Kensington Swingline Style Plus SHREDDER
Back Order
*** $95.64
FELLOWES Powershred® H-8Cd Cross-Cut Shredder
*** $75.22
FELLOWES Powershred® 485i Strip-Cut Shredder
Back Order
*** $2,812.17
FELLOWES Powershred® 2339C Cross-Cut Shredder
Back Order
*** $1,974.42
Back Order
*** $184.35

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Top 2 most recent reviews on Shredders

Customer Review of FELLOWES Powershred® H-8Cd Cross-Cut Shredder

Experience: 3 Months
 Verified Owner
Works very well and matches specs nicely. Great purchase for a small home office. The paper does tend to get bunched up in the cutters so when you empty it, it can be messy. » Read More About FELLOWES Powershred® H-8Cd Cross-Cut Shredder

Customer Review of Fellowes DS 700C Cross Cut 7 Sheet With Basket Cuts Staples Credit Cards

Experience: 20 Days
 Verified Owner
Does whatever is expected. A bit noisy, but OK overall. » Read More About Fellowes DS 700C Cross Cut

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Discount Shredders

A shredder is an essential piece of equipment in today’s office as the need to safeguard privacy and confidentiality has become a contentious issue of late and NCIX, your online discount computer store, is your leading supplier of shredders. A shredder typically cuts paper into strips or fine particles and safeguards the confidential information of business, government organizations and private individuals preventing fraud or identity theft. Until the mid 1980s, paper shredders were not typically found in offices until government legislation ruled that documents found in garbage left for collection did not require a warrant for confiscation.

Paper shredders and electronic paper shredders range in price and size from small paper shredders for personal use which are meant for a few pages to large commercial paper shredders for industrial shredding services that can shred millions of documents in an hour. NCIX, your online discount computer store, has been in the business of selling paper shredders from our storefront location since 1996 and online since 1998. At NCIX we carry paper shredders from Fellowes, a leading American manufacturer of office products with subsidiaries worldwide. Founded in 1917 as a producer of bank boxes, Fellowes grew to become a leading manufacturer of various office equipment and technology accessories.

NCIX has a wide range of discount paper shredders, electronics shredders, office supplies and cross cut shredders for all your office supple needs that will keep your privacy with the best deals on paper cutter in Canada and the US. We have Fellowes shredders in a wide assortment that include cross cut shredders, jam proof shredders, credit cards and plastic shredders for all your paper disposal needs.

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