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Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set 72W RMS High Gloss Black Piano Finish Digital & Analog Input

Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set 72W RMS High Gloss Black Piano Finish Digital & Analog Input - 1
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Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set 72W RMS High Gloss Black Piano Finish Digital & Analog Input - 27404_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: S330D

SKU: 27404
Shipping Weight: 21.6 lbs

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Customer Reviews of EDIFIER S330D

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Experience: 90 days


Great sound, very crisp mids and highs
bass is a little weak but enough for a den or small room
Bought these to go with my new Asus Xonar DX. Sounds really nice especially for less bass heavy music. Although the bass is not as powerful as some of the sets it is more than adequate for a small room. Forget that Logitech crap and get a set of these!

Experience: 1 Years

Perfect for a PC or Chromecast Audio Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Good Sound
Digital Inputs (optical, and coax)
Analog input on remote
The construction feels solid
I am no audio expert, but compared to any other PC speakers i ever heard, these sound crystal clear. Actually, in the beginning, it is surprising how clear these sound!

Experience: 365 Days

Great sound!


- 2 years warranty
- Great sound
- No WIRELESS remote control.
The wired remote control failed after 1.5 years, fortunately, the system came with 2 years' warranty, the manufacturer replaced the wired remote control free of charge.

Experience: 5 Months


- digital coaxial and optical inputs
- remote volume control looks nice
- uses regular speaker wires
- bass is weak
- subwoofer module is so big and heavy
- low frequency bass cannot be heard in some rap songs
- satellite speakers sound a bit tinny
- turning on this speaker by rotating the volume knob clock-wise produces a big "thud" sound
This 2.1 speaker system from Edifier is disappointing. The subwoofer module is so big and heavy but it lacks performance. When listening to some rap songs, the subwoofer cannot produce the low-end frequencies and it when does, it is barely audible. Even when the rear bass control is set to the max, the bass is still very weak. The satellite speakers sound a bit tinny when cranked up. Turning on this speaker by rotating the volume knob clockwise produces a big thud that can heard on the subwoofer. This in time will eventually destroy the woofer.

After owning these Edifier speakers for over 5 months, I gave up on it purchased the Logitech Z523 which produces so much more bass and sounds more richer. The Logitech Z523 has a subwoofer module that is relatively the same size as the Edifier and has a 4-inch woofer with a 6.5-inch pressure driver but yet it produces way more bass than the Edifier S330D. The Logitech set also costs less. I no longer trust the Edifier brand.

Experience: 2 Days


Control pad
Satellites are light and fell like plastic, not wooden as Edifier claims. Poor sound quality. Price
I bought this set as my older Edifier S2.1D developed a electronic hum due to bulging cap on the amp.
When I first opened the box and removed a satellite it felt cheap and light weight.
My first sound test was disappointing, the mid where hollow and the highs harsh and tinny... not even close to my old S2.1D's.
I connected each set to a A/B switch... the old set sounded much better. Then I switch the satellites, new sub old satellites/old sub new satellites on the A/B switch, the sound quality difference was about the same with the new satellites sounding poorly.
My conclusion on the S330D 2.1 Speaker Set is that the satellites are cr*p and the S2.1D's is a much better set

This review was modfied by poster @ 03-19-14 01:20 PM

Experience: 1 Weeks


-great price for the product you get!
-Very nice audio quality!
-volume control know is simple (some might say elegant) and nicely weighted
-Optical input wouldn't provide any sound
-base adjustment is on the sub (not really a big deal to me, but may be to some)
-I'm sure my neighbors can think of some....
I usually wait to review stuff, just in case it breaks after a bit of use. In this case, I love these speakers too much to wait! I was able to PM these to $109, so I got a pretty good deal on them based on the regular price! Part of the reason I purchased these was because they had optical input and I wanted to give that a try. Unfortunately, the optical input yielded no sound. That may be due to an error on some setting somewhere on my part though. I didn't have the patience to fiddle with it. However, the analogue inputs are just fine! Listening to some different songs, these speakers sound awesome! Very crisp sound (on par with my headphones), unlike my previous speakers. I found that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I was listening to them! I'm sure that there are much better speakers out there, but I don't think that any come close on the price point!

I read some of the reviews that said the bass was 'weak' or 'muddy'. That has not been my experience at all! I have found it to fill the songs/audio just perfectly! It is possible that the audio card being used (or lack thereof) is the culprit. I know that my Sennheiser headphones benefited hugely in base output from my new sound card (the previous card was good, my current one better still!), so it is possible that these speakers/sub benefit from a good audio card as well.

Experience: 4 Years


Long lasting, good sound, little to no noise.
The sticky little silicone pads on the bottom of the satellites move around on you. Talk about picky, right?
Just so you guys know, I signed in to post my first review EVER because I saw these for cheap on the weekly deals and thought I'd chime in.

For a 2.1 set of speakers for your computer, they are amazing.

I've had this set for probably 4 years now, if I'm not mistaken, and they have proved their worth about 10 times over. From blasting music in the living room to subtle details in scary games, this set has proven quality. I found that these speakers don't produce noise on their own, however, a computer a lot of the time will throw noise out no matter what speakers you use, so don't listen to the reviews regarding noise.

I found in the past, that hard drive seeking caused noise in my system, a good test is to use the speakers with an iPod or similar if you are looking for the source of your noise problem.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Clear loud High and Mid
Uses regular speaker wire to wire the mid/highs, so you can organize cables easier
Subwoofer is nearly useless but takes up an enormous amount of space
Digital out crackled on multiple cables
Bass is cranked, and you can barely hear it
I relied heavily on the reviews, and I shouldn't have. I value bass, and based on the physical size of the sub, I thought my worries were unfounded. I am coming from an Altec Lansing 2.1 speaker set from 10 years ago where the sub was 1/3rd of the size, and it TREMENDOUSLY outperformed this. The Mid/High's are just OK, nothing super great, they can't handle really loud volume well. The nice thing is it uses regular speaker wire so it makes cable management easy. The optical input crackles with multiple cables, so it's clearly got a sub standard amplifier, or possibly defective.

Bottom line, I'm not happy I bought these, no fault of NCIX, it's my fault for relying on people who have bought this already. Every ear is different, and they either don't like bass, or are trying to justify spending the 150+ they did on this product. Bottom line, I'm not happy I bought these. I will never buy anything but Altec Lansing again. Lesson learned.

Experience: 1 Months


reasonable price, blue LEDs, elegant design, awesome sound, reasonably priced
none found
After reading around for a long time, I decided on these speakers to replace my old low-end speakers and the difference is immediately noticeable. The speaker set is heavy and has a nice quality feel to it, and the wires provided were sufficiently long to connect both satellites to each side of my 3 monitor setup. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a Toslink cable included. Best speaker set for the price? Who knows, but in my case I am very satisfied with it.

Experience: 30 Days


looks cool and I hate more wording is required on the pros and cons
Good quality? doubtful.
Is there anyone using this set for Diablo 3?
These speakers go well with LOL. However, when I was playing D3 and I turned the volume to almost max, I keep hearing the electrical noise from all the speakers.
The noise is very low, but when I disabled the all sound of D3, I could hear the noise very clear.
Till now, I am not sure if this deficiency happens to D3 only or it might also can be found with other games.
I would still say satisfied coz this set works fine with LOL.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


This high-powered 2.1 audio system is suitable for a variety of multimedia applications. With a piano-finished wooden enclosure, the 2 way satellites and 6½ inch subwoofer produce 72 watts of awesome power. The wired remote and 3.5mm stereo jack allows for ease of control and connectivity to all audio hosts.

Quick Specs:
Power Source AC Power Cord
Weight (Approximate) 18.96 lb
Country of Origin China
Speaker Configuration 2.1
Minimum Frequency Response 20 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response 20 kHz
RMS Output Power 72 W
Subwoofer Height 9.69"
Subwoofer Width 9.69"
Subwoofer Depth 11.26"
Satellite Speaker Height 7.48"
Satellite Speaker Width 2.68"
Satellite Speaker Depth 3.94"
Subwoofer Type Active

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     RMS Output Power: 72 W
     Speaker Configuration: 2.1
     Subwoofer Type: Active
     Controls: Bass
Master Volume
General Information  
     Brand Name: Edifier
     Manufacturer: Edifier Enterprises Canada, Inc
     Manufacturer Part Number: S330D
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.edifier.com
     Product Model: S330D
     Product Name: S330D Speaker System
     Product Type: Speaker System
     Headphone: Yes
     Country of Origin: China
Physical Characteristics  
     Material: Wood - Enclosure
     Satellite Speaker Depth: 3.94" (100 mm)
     Satellite Speaker Height: 7.48" (190 mm)
     Satellite Speaker Width: 2.68" (68 mm)
     Subwoofer Depth: 11.26" (286 mm)
     Subwoofer Height: 9.69" (246 mm)
     Subwoofer Width: 9.69" (246 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 8.60 kg
Power Description  
     Power Source: AC Power Cord
Technical Information  
     Driver Type: 2" (50.80 mm) Midrange
0.75" (19.05 mm) Tweeter
6.50" (165.10 mm) Woofer
     Impedance: 5 Ohm Subwoofer
     Magnetic Shielding: Subwoofer
     Maximum Frequency Response: 20 kHz
     Minimum Frequency Response: 20 Hz

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