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Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard W/CHERRY MX Brown Mechanical Switches

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Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard W/CHERRY MX Brown Mechanical Switches - 1
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Part #: 920-007857

SKU: 129348
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Logitech 920-007857

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Experience: 1 Weeks

Great keyboard, bad default lighting. Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Mechanical keys
Clean look
Poor instructions for lighting control.
No wrist rest (minor)
It's a good mechanical keyboard and I love the clean non gamer look.

The only included instructions for the lighting is to go to Logitech's site and download their software. The instructions for the shortcut keys to control the lighting effects without the software should have been included in the box.

I bought this for work where I can't install 3rd party software. Thankfully I saw another persons review here that listed the shortcut keys otherwise I would have stuck with my original 3-star review.

This review was modfied by poster @ 12-30-16 08:25 PM

Experience: 57 Days

nice keyboard


quiet and nice finishing looks
key layout and single color
great for looks when not in used but only has a single color and the key layout for their own mechanical keys are hard to use

Experience: 1 Days

Decent all around keyboard Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Great action
Super solid feel and construction
Perfect sound for me
Logitech software is intuitive, clever and easy to work with
Odd button layout
Single colour backlighting
No independent macro keys
Got this for 60% off and at that price its a bargain. However, if I had to do it over again I would have spent the additional 20 or 30 bucks to get a model with greater colour variety. However, the action is so tight and it truly is a pleasure to type on. Further, it does actually feel quite a bit better to game on. The sound is the perfect volume for me personally, but I like a bit of click clack in my keyboards. The media keys a really sweet, although they are in a retarded spot, being rather obscured by the number pad. However, the volume dial is sick and you do sort of get used to it. The lighting effects are nice but some colour would go a long way here. The software allows a lot of variety in how the backlighting works, which is a nice touch.

Lastly, I would comment on the lack of macros. Logitech gets around this by allowing you to map custom keys to the function keys per game. Great idea until you figure that most games do have some options already mapped to these keys, so that sort of sucks.

Outside of those things, this is a great keyboard. I recognize I really only spoke of what I dislike, but I feel that would be what someone considering this keyboard would be looking at; reasons not to buy it. Consider everything I have written and realize that if those things are not deal breakers for you this keyboard will be a perfect fit for you. What I have listed would be the sole points of contention, as I am otherwise very happy with my purchase and would recommend this keyboard with the aforementioned caveats notwithstanding.

Experience: 45 Days

First Time Mechanical Keyboard and Very Satisfied Verified OwnerVerified Owner


-White backlight adjustable to fit your style, I preferred it to be a constant backlight instead of the default waving setting, and also to have it a bit dimmer, and I was able to easily adjust that.
-Bought because I needed a better keyboard to play games, and it definitely has satisfied me
-No memory in the keyboard, unlike my Logitech G500s gaming mouse. If I plug it into any computer, it can remember my dpi settings. I was hoping it would remember my backlight settings but this keyboard does not.
Overall, still 5/5. If you can get on sale, definitely do it!

Experience: 1 Months

Good All-Around Keyboard Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Mechanical switches; "gaming mode" option; customizable lighting effects; solid build quality; responsive volume wheel
Because of the LED position, the main & secondary key icons are switched (i.e. the number '7' will be at the top of the key, and the '&' will be on the bottom); if you have really good hearing and a quiet computer, the lower light brightness can create an electrical whine.
The keyboard has a quality feel, and there are different colour switches available depending on your preference. (I went w/ Brown because I like the tactile feedback of Blue, but don't want to wake people up with late-night typing.) There are a few minor annoyances, though, like the fact that the media keys are a little awkward to get at because of the height difference with the number pad, and the Cons mentioned above, but for a daily-use keyboard using a computer around 50-50 for gaming and work, I have no real complaints.

Experience: 30 Days

Great feel and sound Verified OwnerVerified Owner


satisfying click and solid feeling switches. Not overly noisy but folks can definitely hear you typing. I'm in an open office and haven't had any complaints so far.
Forgiving action as well. If I wimp out a bit on a keypress, it typically still registers, yet a solid session of anger-typing results in no double letters.
Backlight always seems to reset to its' brightest.
Can't seem to get the media keys to work with Chrome and Google Play
I'm a software developer, so I type for a living. My ancient mechanical keyboard disappeared so I was on the hunt. Tried a few pseudo-mechanical jobs and they all left me wanting something different. Tried out a colleague's brown-switch keyboard (not this particular one) and was sold on the feel. Ordered this board on sale and was quite surprised at the weight of the box! It's a solid unit, plug n play, and satisfying for hours of typing every day.

Experience: 21 Days

Great value Verified OwnerVerified Owner


"Low" cost - purchased on sale for ~$115+tax
Solid quality so far
Standard keyboard layout, nothing "weird"
Adjustable light brightness and patterns (see below)
Media keys
Doesn't have the same features you would get with paying more money.
LED PWM noise (see below)
I purchased this keyboard for primarily typing projects and daily use. Occasional gamer but not really the main purpose. This replaced my Microsoft Digital Media 3000 (*membrane) keyboard, which I used for the past ~5 years.

Main reasons for choosing the Logitech G610 was cost, white keys that stand out and are easy to see, non-fancy backlight colours, and brown switches. I could bring this keyboard to use in the office and it would be appropriate in terms of look and noise level. I think I'm sold on a mechanical keyboard for the rest of my life, and this one is very good value if it lasts.

1) Several reviews here and elsewhere will mention the Logitech software in order to control the lights. You can control the brightness and pattern without software.

First, hold down the Light button on the keyboard, then press...
1 - Left to right wave
2 - Right to left wave
3 - Center-out waves
4 - Pulsation
5 - Light pulse from each key pressed
0 - Solid backlighting - no effects
(-) - Slows down effect with each press
(+) - Speeds up effects with each press
You can also turn off the backlight completely by pressing the light button 4 times.

2) Depending on how sensitive your ears are to high frequency noises, the following may be a problem for you. Since the backlight is controlled by LED lights, there is a high frequency noise that is likely present on all devices, but only when you have the brightness on intermediate settings, but goes away with the LED backlight OFF or at Maximum brightness. It's like a very faint, high pitched mosquito's hum. There's no way you can hear this unless your room is absolutely quiet or you have very sensitive ears. You may search up LED PWM to learn more.

3) Other online reviews I've read commented on the difficulty swapping keycaps on this keyboard model. It's not relevant to me, but you may want to do your research.

Experience: 2 Weeks

Black and White Wins


Great build quality.
The legs on the back have 2 adjustable heights.
White backlighting.
Lighting effects.
Cherry Switches.
Logitech software is pretty good.
Media keys and volume wheel.
Game mode button to deactivate certain keys
Brightness control button.
Space bar is a little louder than the rest of the keys
No USB passthrough
No included palm rest (but most won't find this to be a problem at all)
Not part of The Division promo.
Bought this keyboard at another location and got it priced matched to NCIX.
Overall I really like this keyboard, the white lighting matches better than most other keyboards which seem to offer red lighting and this is much cheaper than RGB keyboards.

Cherry MX browns are always a good choice, balanced, not to loud, very small tactile feel when the key activates.

I was surprised by the amount of lighting effects on a non rgb keyboard. Fixed, breathing, starfall, light wave (horizontal, vertical, middle out), and keypress. All of which can also be adjusted for speed and duration using the software that you have to download to do anything with this keyboard, but its very easy to find.

The software works good. You can program almost any key. It picks up non steam games you have installed if you wanna make presets but I haven't bothered with those features. There's also a phone app which can show PC stats, such as CPU and GPU temps. App can also be used for media control.

For the loud spacebar that can easily be fixed with 3 o-rings or 1 elastic band because the sound is only caused from when the spacebar bottoms out.

And in case you're not aware logitech has a promo on for if you buy some of their RGB keyboards until the end of 2016. Included in that is the G810 which is a very similar to this keyboard but with RGB lighting and Romer-G keys instead of cherry MX. Those keys are also a solid choice, especially for gamers.

This review was modfied by poster @ 08-10-16 09:33 AM

Experience: 3 Weeks

Love it Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Nice action on the keys, zone lighting intensity, and separate media controls (something I really appreciate). I use it for work and gaming, very comfortable for both.
None for me.
Would recommend if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard. I personally love to have separate media controls, and though I game, I don't use G key macros, so not having separate G keys is something I actually prefer.

You WILL need to download and install Logitech Gaming Software to adjust your lighting. It seems the default is Wave - funky, but distracting :)

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Engineered For Performance

G610 Orion Brown starts with the same performance-driven design and integrates powerful gaming technologies. From the finest details, like fingerprint-masking matte texture and durable braided cable, to the most intricate, each aspect is precisely engineered to bring Logitech G's industry-leading technology and quality of construction to the uniquely crafted form.

Classic Mechanical

Cherry MX mechanical switches are standard in mechanical keyboards. Mechanical switches last longer and are more consistent in feel and responsiveness than rubber dome keyboards. Low-noise Cherry MX Brown switches have a tactile bump for feedback while you type. Cherry MX switches are rated to over 50 million keystrokes and actuate precisely for a reliable gaming experience.

Per-Key Customizable Backlighting

Use Logitech Gaming Software to choose your level of customization with the ability to select and personalize each individual key light. Light up keys to keep track of spells and other commands. Logitech Gaming software can also synchronize light patterns with other Logitech G devices.

Stay in the game

Control your background track without switching out of your game. G610 Orion keyboards feature dedicated media controls that can be used to play, pause, and mute music and videos instantly. Use the roller to adjust the volume, or skip to the next song with the touch of a button.

Customize F1-F12

Customize your favorite games with custom button macros on F1-F12, with Logitech Gaming Software. G610 gives you full control of per-key backlighting. You can customize which keys are turned off when you turn on game mode (by default, Game Mode disables the Windows key).

Press all the buttons

Multi-key input means you can flawlessly perform complex moves exactly right every time. With 26-key rollover, you can press a huge number of keys plus modifier keys (Control, Alt, Shift) in any order and still get exactly what you intended.

Choose your angle

Three step angle adjustments allow you to set your keyboard to 0, 4, or 8 degrees for the perfect angle. Rubber feet keep your keyboard stable during intense gaming action.
Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • User Documentation
Hot Keys Volume Control Previous Track Next Track Mute Play/Pause
Keys Layout QWERTY
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Weight (Approximate) 2.80 lb
Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology Cable
Keyswitch Technology Mechanical
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification WEEE RoHS
Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface USB 2.0
Keyboard/Keypad Height 6"
Keyboard/Keypad Width 17.50"
Keyboard/Keypad Depth 1.40"

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Additional Product Specifications  
     Full Product Specifications: Click to view
General Information  
     Brand Name: Logitech
     Manufacturer: Logitech
     Manufacturer Part Number: 920-007857
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.logitech.com
     Product Line: Orion Brown
     Product Model: G610
     Product Name: G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
     Product Type: Keyboard
     Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface: USB 2.0
     Hot Keys: Volume Control
Previous Track
Next Track
     Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology: Cable
     Keys Layout: QWERTY
     Keyswitch Technology: Mechanical
     Environmental Certification: WEEE
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • User Documentation

Physical Characteristics  
     Keyboard/Keypad Depth: 1.40" (35.56 mm)
     Keyboard/Keypad Height: 6" (152.40 mm)
     Keyboard/Keypad Width: 17.50" (444.50 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 1.27 kg
     Limited Warranty: 2 Year

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