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NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black

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NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black - 1
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NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black - 119670_l.jpg NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black - 119670_1.jpg NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black - 119670_2.jpg NZXT HUE+ RGB Color Changing LED Controller - Black - 119670_3.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: AC-HUEPS-M1

SKU: 119670
Shipping Weight: 0.6 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of NZXT AC-HUEPS-M1

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Experience: 10 Months

Good product Verified OwnerVerified Owner



Experience: 1 Days

Bling-Tastic Verified OwnerVerified Owner


- Includes 4 strips, a couple of "spacers" and a couple of reasonably long LED control/panel cables (they could be longer)
- Very bright (might be a con depending on your viewpoint)
- Magnets work
- The effects combinations are endless.
Strangely enough... no brightness selection. (Work-around is to select a darker version of the colour you've selected).

Price when they're not on sale.
Only been playing with this for an evening but so far I'm pretty happy with the results.

Plenty bright, and the countless effects combinations should keep any bling tinkerer busy for quite some time.

One improvement over early reviews that is worth mentioning is the fact that while the white "powered on" light still isn't RGB, the latest version of CAM allows you to toggle it on or off. The latest version of the CAM software now also has the option to disable running at boot so once you get your colour preferences set you can exit it and no longer need it until you wish to change settings again.

It is was it is... if you want RGB bling this is a great kit (especially when it's on sale), OTOH if you think the recent trend of RGB on everything is the devil's work then this probably isn't for you.

Experience: 1 weeks


Adds a very nice look to my case. Software was easy to use and I have not experienced the software bugs that others have mentioned. Easy to install into a hard drive bay. The magnets on the strips make it very easy to try out different spots and configuration (which believe me, I needed and you'll find out why in the cons section) and this gives you peace of mind that you aren't stuck with the placement you choose from the start.
You are supposed to be able to run 4 LED strips from each of the 2 ports on the unit which gives you the option to expand the system to 8 strips. I was only able to run 2 strips on each. The 3rd and 4th strips would not power on and light up when they were all plugged in in a single daisy chain configuration, and yes, the strips were plugged in correctly with the arrows pointing to the black line on the LED strips. This is very upsetting because it forces me to use/manage more cables for the desired effect and now I can't expand the system to 8 LED strips like you should be able to do. Each LED strip works on its own, but no matter which strips you use in any order, the unit just does not light up the 3rd and 4th strips and will only power the first two strips in the run from the hue+ unit. I managed once to get a third strip lit and half of the 4th strip which only leads to more confusion and seemed to have had something to do with which of the two provided cables I used that plug into the unit itself to power the LEDs. One lit up 2 strips only, the other lit up 3 and a half. It didn't matter if I was using the extension cables, or connecting them all in a single, long strip. I fiddled with this thing for hours taking the strips in and out of my case, placing them in different orders, I tried different extension cables at different points in the run, rebooting my computer each time. I tried different molex cables and different outlets from the power supply, trying everything I could to figure it out before I just decided that it wasn't going to work and I would need to suck it up and use both of the hue+ ports to power all 4 strips, meaning no expanding to 8 strips ever which is upsetting since I wanted to add some desk lights that would sync with my case. I scoured the web in search of answers only to find that I was far from the only person experiencing similar issues with powering the strips. I decided to not return the item since I got it at a very good sale price and it still looks and performs great in this configuration, but that doesn't make it OK. This product could have easily got 5 stars if not for this issue.
Looks awesome, many great setting and effects but the quality is questionable. I would recommend this product to other but with caution!

Experience: 2 Days

Amazing Verified OwnerVerified Owner


bright color,
beautiful in my case
buggy CAM software
buggy CAM software, cannot detect mt HUE+ after update. I got to manually unplu and plug back the usb cable to see it working. But after a reboot it still couldnt find the HUE+ hoppefully i will find a way to make it work properly.

My rig is like a new one since i installed this!

Experience: 1 weeks


easy to install and set up, strips are magnetic can be reinstalled
not necessarily compatible with led lit motherboards cant have uniform lighting effects
esay to install with multiple lighting effects, adds a nice visual to your build. you can t necessarily connect other led products directly to the same hub so hard to get a uniform effect.

Experience: 7 Days

Hue+ is awesome however the cam software sucks


easy to install
looks amazing
great functionality
quality product
cam software and stickiness of tape
overall great product

one thing i have experienced an i think a lot of people are unaware once you set the colors using cam you can shut the program down and you dont lose settings

this is very helpful i found cam very annoying dont like it as a monitor i use afterburner i hated how it opens on boot it made for slow boot times and i hate it running in the back ground as well so i have set it to the color/colors i liked and shut the software down and used windows config to disable its open on boot function i would strongly suggest this as i didnt like the added stress it put on my system in the back ground

just my two bits i give it 5 stars because the hardware is good just annoying support software however i found a way around it

Experience: 2 Days

Amazing controller Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Beautiful saturated colours
True RGB
Good magnets and adhesive
Many cables ad accessories in box
A lot of cables to manage
The white LED on the controller should be RGB with functions as well!
Molex power...
Best one iv'e ever used, good software, smooth transitions. Could be brighter, and have SATA power.

Experience: 1 Days

Great device Verified OwnerVerified Owner


Lights up my case super bright
Too many cables coming out of the hue+
Lights up my phanteks enthoo TG like no other LED.

Experience: 1 Weeks



Magnets are great
Bright LED
Great Customization
CAM Software is great (Even tho it has some bugs but it's constantly being worked on)
Nice looking module
When adding another LED, it's best to restart CAM since it might not always work without a restart of the program. My set up is Channel 1 with 1 LED at the bottom and Channel 2 with 1 LED at the top of the case. Bottom LED has Candle effects and the top i usually have it in fade or breathe with colors from white, purple and sometimes red to match my set up. Definitely satisfied with the product even though its pricey but for the features included for an LED strip, i think it's worth it!

Experience: 2 Months


One of the few (almost) fully customizable RGB strips out there, system I built only needed 4 Would be nice if they sold extras since larger systems might use more.
Sticky pads on the back peel off too easily, i.e when trying to peel the paper protecting the sticky adhesive it sometimes peels off everything Magnets obviously are still there but ya.

Also wish it was programmed to boot with the last configured color scheme instead of white.
Good product, glad NCIX carries it as its hard to find. Would recommend for anyone looking for RGB case lighting or spectrum lighting. (RAINBOWS)

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

  • Dual-channel illumination with support for up to 40 LEDs per channel
  • Numerous lighting modes and countless customization options
  • Digitally controlled with CAM software
  • Simple and versatile installation with daisy-chained design
  • Smart Lighting mode enables lights to react to changing PC conditions
  • Visualize PC’s sound output with Audio mode

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Model Number AC-HUEPS-M1
Dimensions 345mm x 300mm x 300mm
Material Steel, Plastic, PCB
Included Accessories
1 x 500 mm Extension cable
1 x 300 mm Extension cable
2 x 100 mm Extension cable
4 x Screws
5 x Cable ties
LED Color Color Changing RGB
Form Factor 2.5¡± Drive Bay
UPC 815671012517
EAN 5060301692804
1 x Molex power
1 x Internal micro-USB cable
2 x 500 mm Connection cable
Cable Finish Black Rubber
HUE+ Body: Screws
LED Strip: 3M Double-sided tape
LED Modes Presets, Smart, Custom, and Audio
LED Strip Length 300 mm, 10-LED
Control Method CAM Software

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