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Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI

Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_l.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_1.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_2.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_3.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_4.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_5.jpg Samsung U28D590D 28IN 4K UHD LED Monitor 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 DisplayPort 2x HDMI - 95635_6.jpg Youtube viedo Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: LU28D590DS/ZC

SKU: 95635
Shipping Weight: 16.31 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Samsung LU28D590DS/ZC

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Experience: 5 Months


Nice Display
Waste of Money | Useless | Better Models out there for cheaper.
Bottom line it is a nice monitor, however it is a rip off. Not 1 week after purchase they announce UE590 which comes with freesync FOR CHEAPER. I would not buy this now as the freesync version is cheaper.

First and Last Samsung monitor.

PS: I wrote and called Samsung about this and they told me too bad. No upgrade option. Say goodbye to $700 if you buy this.

Experience: 7 Months


watching 4k material on the web
display crisp and clear
4k gaming if you got the right rig
power button and controls are one button on the back of the monitor, like searching for light switch in the dark.
so far after buying in april it's still standing good.
Still cheap for getting into 4k monitors

Experience: 9 Months


4k resolution, appropriate size for resolution
Light weight
Doesn't pivot
If using DisplayPort, will need to be either turned on after computer is turned on, or reset after computer turns on.
Purchased on sale after christmas, works very well with games (even if some only run at 1440p) and is great for working with 4+ windows open at once.

Experience: 1 Days


I didnt buy 2.... :(


yeah its pretty good...

Experience: 20 Days


Huge resolution
quality, lots of bleed through, doesn't look as good as my no-name (nixeus)27" monitor next to it.
Right away from the first time I powered it on I was kind of disappointed. I had huge bleed through on top and left side and a different kind of bleed through across the the whole left side that I could press on the monitor and change it's shape. I find the shiny non display part of the surface reflects the monitor across the top. so all my maximized tabs have a reflection across the top. I played with the colours a lot and just could not find anything that made things look very good, I had to change my chrome theme to be able to read the tab names as my regular grey theme just didn't have the distinction needed to see it clearly. I love the resolution, but you had better have a way to get pretty close to your screen to fully use it. Pretty disappointing I must say, wished I either got a cheaper lower resolution or a more expensive better quality one.

Eric L
Experience: 3 Weeks


-4k capable
-fairly good colors, with 10bit color which is impressively good; more colors than normal monitors especially TN film based.
-overclocks to 70Hz nicely (Display port) n 80hz image tearing/artifacts appear
-2560x1440 res looks like a good balance and scales well at 1080P as well
-Good enough for gaming at 1080P and likely 2560x1440 with a fast enough video card
-colors are fairly accurate out of box, running standard mode.
-very bright, turn brightness down from default.
-no dead pixels
-TN film color shifting
-4k makes text and icons super small, luckily have windows 8.1 and scaling works well.
-no TN panel compares image quality wise to an IPS that actually has better viewing angles and colors that pop out.
-Stand only has limited tilt, makes the colour shift of a TN panel more of an issue if not directly infront of it
-Noticeable Ghosting with fast movement when gaming (image smearing). Not horribly so but my 5ms IPS monitor was better than this.
-anti-glare coating or other factor gives games and movies a grainy look.
Overall this is a nice screen, certainly not perfect. No TN panel is perfect but as far as TN panels go it is a good value 4K with good images scaling to 1440P and to 1080P with rather good image quality when setup.
Weaknesses are color shifting when not viewing straight on but not a big issue when viewing movies at a distance. 4K res makes everything look too small especially text, that is the fault with the screen size, it is too small for 4K without using windows 8.1 scaling settings in control panel. Also there is some noticeable imaging smearing with fast movement.
After having used IPS panels, TN panels just aren't as nice due to viewing angles.
My next panel will be a 120hz IPS (for pixel response speed, image quality and great gaming experience)
In the monitor itself go to menu > Samsung magic angle to group view, contrast to 75 and brightness to 35, the image boldness and quality are impressive at this setting...
However for brighter black range use Samsung's magic bright > standard but you lose the Bold popping colors. Gamma1 I find looks best; keep sharpness at max. If using display port I recommend 1080P or 1440P and overclock monitor to 70Hz.

This review was modfied by poster @ 03-03-15 12:09 AM

Experience: 2 Months


High Resolution
60HZ (using displayport)
Good Quality
Color slightly off and need calibration but decent enough
This far exceed my expectation.
I have multiple monitors setup 1 24" HD monitor, + 1 27" 2k Monitor plus this Samsung 4k Monitor. It surprise me it works kind of OK under windows 8.1 without much hassle. With the Windows 8.1 scaling, text is not too small, it adjust the size of the app when I drag across each monitor... It's not perfectly smooth but quite usable.

The color is not as great as my 2k Dell IPS monitor (which was more expensive than this 4k monitor) but much better than my cheap Benq monitor.

Experience: 21 Days


UHD 4k resolution
Incredible value
While it is a high quality TN panel... it's still TN.
Underwhelming stand that has no adjustments that does little to stabilize the display.
The UHD resolution displays incredible detail, it has respectable brightness and contrast for the TN panel, and includes an on-screen display that is both easy to use and efficient when it comes to making display/mode adjustments. It is defiantly not the perfect panel for everyone, though for 4k gaming this represents an incredible value.... highly recommended.

Experience: 1 Months


Best UHD e amazing price
Stand not adjustable
Always wanted to push my top of the line MBP to its limits, so got this 4K monitor figure that I spend a lot more time in front of my laptop than TV. Great resolution and colour. Can't tell any colour degradation compared to my 4 other 24" IPS Dell monitors. Got it for $500 with taxes during Black Friday and slept in on boxing day The only downside is having to raise the monitor higher to my eye level. Other than that, you can't go wrong with getting this monitor and be a bit future-ready.

Experience: 15 Days


Beautiful screen, high resolution, good refresh rate
Dead pixels, cheap stand
I ordered two of these monitors at the end of November 2014. I received both, set them up and to my dismay after a few days of using them they both have dead pixels. While being the least expensive 4K monitors around, they aren't cheap at $500 a unit. They are beautiful, the refresh rate is good. I can't be bothered with a set of screens that has an annoying set of dead pixels smack in the middle of the screen - on both units!

If you get one in good condition, I would highly recommend it. However, in 15+ years of buying LCD screens I've never had a dead pixel until now. This series, I get two and both are defective. Good luck out there.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Discover the detail of stunningly realistic UHD picture quality

You've never seen a picture this realistic before. Your UHD monitor has an ultra-high resolution that's 4 times greater than Full HD, delivering stunning images that use a staggering 8 million pixels. With the highest brightness level of 370 cd/m², it's also more vivid and brilliantly clear. See your 4K content the way it was meant to be seen, with a new level of lifelike detail that makes you feel like you're really there. Experience the realism of glorious Ultra High Definition.

World best-in-class fast response time at 1ms!

Your Samsung UHD monitor can handle all the excitement of action movies, games and sports easily thanks to a faster response time of 1-millisecond. You can see even the fastest on-screen motion clearly and smoothly without any motion blur, judder or ghosting. There's no lag during gaming, so it won't let you down at a crucial moment. All the details are right there before your eyes in astonishing UHD clarity and realism.

Each and every colour richly detailed and truly brilliant

Get richer and more vivid colours that were meant to be seen in 4K. Many monitors only offer you 16.7 million colours, but a Samsung UHD monitor gives you 64 times more - for an incredible 1 billion colours. That means everything you see is accurate, detailed, natural-looking and so vivid that it will take your breath away. There's also a smoother transition between different tones, passing through more shades in between. Let the UHD monitor show you everything that there is to be seen.

Sharpen your content with UHD upscaling

Bring out the best picture quality possible for all your favourite content and make them worthy of your UHD experience. Samsung's technology automatically detects the content's original resolution and improves it with noise reduction and up-conversion to create clearer, sharper images. Thanks to UHD upscaling, it brings all your entertainment and other content up to a new UHD-level.

Multi-task and watch everything in its true glory

The latest Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology lets you multi-task and watch videos that maintain 100% of the source resolution. Whether it's 1080p, 720p or 480p, PIP 2.0 doesn't downscale contents and maintains the exact same resolution as clear and crisp on its own. It supports resolutions up to Full HD and you can adjust the PIP resolution and position to fit your needs. There's no loss in quality, so you can really have everything you want with no compromises.

Use only one UHD monitor to see 2 different contents

This advanced multitasking technology lets you do things you could never do before. With Picture-by-Picture, you can connect two PCs to the same monitor and see the desktops of both simultaneously on one screen that's divided into two. Thanks to PBP and the UHD resolution size you won't have to worry about losing any of the glorious picture quality and resolution. Plug in your laptop and your desktop and use both easily without needing to keep looking between different monitors - it's all there at a glance.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     Speakers: No
General Information  
     Brand Name: Samsung
     Manufacturer: Samsung
     Manufacturer Part Number: LU28D590DS/ZC
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.samsung.ca
     Packaged Quantity: 1
     Product Model: U28D590D
     Product Name: 28" UHD Monitor With Premium Metallic Stand
     Product Series: 590
     Product Type: LCD Monitor
     DisplayPort: Yes
     DVI: No
     HDMI: Yes
     USB: No
     VGA: No
     Energy Star: Yes
     Environmental Certification: ENERGY STAR
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Matte Black
Metal Silver
     Depth: 2.55" (64.70 mm)
     Depth with Stand: 6.67" (169.40 mm)
     Height: 16.14" (410 mm)
     Height with Stand: 19.15" (486.30 mm)
     VESA Mount Compatible: No
     Weight (Approximate): 5.67 kg
     Weight with Stand (Approximate): 5.65 kg
     Width: 26.02" (660.90 mm)
     Width with Stand: 26.02" (660.90 mm)
Power Description  
     Operating Power Consumption: 32 W
Technical Information  
     Aspect Ratio: 16:9
     Backlight Technology: LED
     Number of Screens: 1
     Response Time: 1 ms
     Screen Mode: 4K UHD
     Screen Size: 28"
     Brightness: 370 cd/m²
     Color Supported: 1.07 Billion Colors
     Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
     Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160

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