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  NCIX Cable 60MB Business Internet Service Prepaid 3 MONTH- BC (BC-INTERNET60-3MO)
  Get a free ION Cables 3FT Blue RJ45 CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable (a $6 value!)
  Get a free Thomson / Technicolor TC4300 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem for Cogeco ON/QC Rogers Shaw (TPIA Only) (a $85 value!)
  Get a free Mikrotik Routerboard Hex RB750GR3 5XGBLAN PoE 880MHZ 256MB RouterOS L4 Router (a $84 value!)
$299.94 BUY
Desktop Computers
  NCIX PC Entra HV400 Intel G4400 Dual Core 4GB DDR4 1TB HDMI USB3.0 Windows 10 3-YR Limited Warranty (Entre-HV400)
  Get a free Logitech MK120 Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo USB - Black (a $25 value!)
$559.99 BUY
  NCIX PC Entra HV770 Intel Core i7 7700 8GB 240GB SSD HDMI VGA DVD-R/W Windows 10 Pro 64Bit (Entre-HV770)
  Get a free Logitech MK120 Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo USB - Black - NCIX PC Only *Not for Sale* (a $32 value!)
$1,259.99 BUY
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