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Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB Force Feedback Leather W/ Pedals & 6 Speed Gear Shifter

Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB Force Feedback Leather W/ Pedals & 6 Speed Gear Shifter - 1
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Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB Force Feedback Leather W/ Pedals & 6 Speed Gear Shifter - 20923_a.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: 963416-0403

SKU: 20923
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Logitech 963416-0403

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Experience: 2 Weeks


Sturdy design
Stiff brake pedal
Racing games were meant to be played with a wheel. The option of being able to use either the paddle shifters, h pattern, or sequential shift mode is great depending on what you like and what you are playing. Although I enjoy using it, my biggest pet peeve is that either it gets in the way when it's not in use or that it takes a fair amount of space to store.

Experience: 3 Months


nice finish, shifter is the coolest thing
none so far
By far the best wheel ever. It is probably the best accessory i've ever purchased. If you are into racing games this is a must. the only weakness is the stiffness of the brake pedal - I have to push it so hard it slides on the wood floor :(

other than that, it is a fantastic purchase.

Experience: 2 Months


Leather, steel wheel and pedals, clutch, amazing force feedback. Works on PS3 as well as PC of course.
Clutch and brake are too close together for my tastes. No 360 support but thank microsoft for that.
Best wheel there is bar none, can't wait for GT5 now that I have it. Grid is just so much better with a wheel, and that goes for all racing games. Great sale price.

Experience: 3 Weeks


Quality materials and construction.
Force feedback.
Wheel a bit small for those with big hands.
Not wireless (though with FF, could it ever be?)
I've only used this with GRID for PC so far, but it adds a whole new dimension to the game. The pedals are great and absolutely destroy a gamepad with digital 0/100% only acceleration. No real cons, since I got it for $199 on sale (besides having to re-learn how to drive and temporarily driving like a rookie again!)

Experience: 2 Weeks


-Got it at a good price on sale
-Very good build quality
-Pedals have different resistance like in real cars
-Great forcefeedback
-900 degree rotation
-Pedals are slightly close together
-Lot of wires
This is probably one of the best wheels you can have to experience racing games at the moment. It has excellent forcefeedback and a very good build quality overall. I've tried this game with Live for Speed, GTR2, and Grid so far. It works beautifully with LFS. I definitely recommend this to driving enthusiasts.

One major downside for me was the amount of wires needed to hook this up. Since I don't have a permanent set up, this becomes a hassle.

Experience: 3 Weeks


Force Feedback
Awesome H shifter
Clutch, brake and gas pedal
Amazing workmanship, very high quality parts and real leather for the wheel
I bought this wheel to play racing games the way there are meant to be playedThis is by far the best steering wheel I have ever used. It adds a whole new dimension to racing games. Grid, TDU, NFS are much better and fun to play with the wheel. All the parts are high quality and feel right, just like in a car. It's great that there a clutch, brake and gas pedal. Also the H shifter is the best. Also the force feedback is great. I would highly recommend this wheel :)

Alter3d Reality
Experience: 3 Weeks


- Strong Force Feedback
- Awesome shifter
- Clutch pedal!
- Amazing workmanship; very high quality parts
- None so far!
This is, by far, the best steering wheel I've ever used. It adds a whole new level to racing games (whether they're actual driving sims, or simple arcade games like Need For Speed: Carbon). It works great on both my PC and PC3 (Gran Turismo 5!), which is a great bonus.

Pedal movement is smooth, shifting is solid, and the wheel is just plain awesome to use -- very powerful force feedback, great movement and the leather is just a nice added touch.

The only thing I wish they had included is force feedback on the clutch + shifter, for extra realism during driving.

Highly, highly recommended overall.

Romlet Don_S
Experience: 5 Days


Pretty Sturdy, Doesn't feel cheap overall! Awesome once you get use to it... Currently playing GT5P on my ps3...
Supports FF, clutch, all the buttons are programmable.
The Shifter feels a little weaksauce.. What I mean is...it doesn't feel too realistic...I've seen some videos on youtube of users Modding it..making it stiffer and harder to shift..but that will obviously void your warranty.
It's easy to misshift so get some practice in and you'll be a pro in no time.
The wheel does feel a little small but you'll eventually feel normal with it after a couple of hours.
Overall this is pretty awesome. It's my first time purchasing something like this.....but I'm very pleased. I play more GT5P now than in the past... It's nice having 3 pedals and a 6 H shifterIt's currently mounted on a desk, but honestly looking into buying an actual game chair to mount on.Those go about 120-600 depending on quality and brand I guess.
I do recommend racing finatics to purchase this... if you're still unsure I would go on youtube and watch some of the people play...

Roland of Gilead
Experience: 8 Months


Strong, full featured and the best bang for the buck in the sub- $1,000 wheel+ category. Pedals are "pods" that can be interchanged (hint* you can mount the unit upside down in a race frame after flipping the pedal pods around so that the pedals are more "car-like" having the pivot point up top)

All in all, the entire unit is quick and easy to setup and takedown and the wheel and shifter mount securely and quickly to a desktop or table.
shifter has a slight "loose" feel to it in h-pattern shifting.
I use this unit on a PC and I play GTLegends, GTR, GTR2,RFactor, NASCAR Sim Racing, Race 07 and GRID and I love it. My laptimes have improved considerably from using a keyboard and the fun-factor is off the chart.

GRID gave me the most problems to configure the unit to work for my driving style, but a little googling and testing yielded good results.

Overall this is a "can't miss" good purchase for those with a budget below $1,000. Much better than the less expensive wheels, and great bang for the buck when compared to the expensive steering wheel/ shifter/ pedal units.

Experience: 3 Days


Realistic, metal, true to life.
I have been a racing Sim enthusiast for many years now and I can tell you this product is Exceptional! I have never use a wheel that is more realistic. Basically it is like they took the wheel off of a race car and adapted it for the PC.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Premium materials. Hand-crafted components. A team of racing fanatics dedicated to providing the most realistic driving experience possible. With the G25 Racing Wheel, Logitech is taking sim racing controls to the next level, and we'd like you to come along for the ride. The G25's unique dual-motor force feedback transmission delivers powerful, high-fidelity force effects to the hand-stitched leather wheel, so you can feel under and over-steer before you're on the barrier. Sit down, turn off the lights, and crank up the sound. You're not playing games anymore, with the G25, you're racing.

Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • G25 Racing Wheel
  • Shifter Module
  • Gas, Brake, Clutch Pedals
  • Power Supply
  • Software CD-ROM
  • User Documentation
Buttons & Controls 3 x Pedal 1 x Tact Switch 1 x Gearshift Lever
Platform Supported PC PlayStation 2
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Color Silver Black
Connectivity Technology Cable
Force Feedback Yes
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification RoHS

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

General Information  
     Brand Name: Logitech
     Manufacturer: Logitech
     Manufacturer Part Number: 963416-0403
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.logitech.com
     Product Model: G25
     Product Name: G25 Racing Wheel
     Product Type: Gaming Steering Wheel
     USB: Yes
     Additional Information:
  • Six-speed shifter
  • 11-inch leather-wrapped steering wheel rim
  • Sequential shift mode
  • 900 degrees of wheel rotation

     Environmental Certification: RoHS
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • G25 Racing Wheel
  • Shifter Module
  • Gas, Brake, Clutch Pedals
  • Power Supply
  • Software CD-ROM
  • User Documentation

     System Requirements:


  • Pentium processor or compatible
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 20 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • USB Port
  • Windows XP/Vista

Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Silver
Technical Information  
     Buttons & Controls: 3 x Pedal
1 x Tact Switch
1 x Gearshift Lever
     Connectivity Technology: Cable
     Force Feedback: Yes
     Platform Supported: PC
PlayStation 2
     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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URL: http://www.boxgods.com/dept/hardware/index.php?Action=Article&ID=223&P
Comment: The Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel has lapped its predecessors and even the offerings from other companies that sell racing wheels in the under $1,000 price segment. No small accomplishment for a product with an MSRP of $299 USD.
Posted by: Carlos_T @09/12/07
URL: http://techgage.com/article/logitech_g25_racing_wheel/
Comment: We have worked with the G25 racing wheel for just over 3 weeks now and there hasn’t been a time where we have been disappointed. There have been friends come over and use it too and the return was all smiles. Logitech has hit a home run here and if the price can stay in the mid $200s, we at Techgage
Posted by: wlee @03/26/07
URL: http://www.hardware.info/en-US/articles/am9nZmpvZA/Logitech_G25_racing
Comment: Without a doubt the G25 is the best racing wheel that Logitech has ever produced. The steering is accurate to a tee, the force feedback is unparalleled and the feel of the pedals is realistic, all this combined greatly improves the experience you will get from any race game. The attachment options f
Posted by: wlee @03/26/07
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