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Steelseries Ikari Laser Ergonomic Professional Gaming Mouse USB

Steelseries Ikari Laser Ergonomic Professional Gaming Mouse USB - 1
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Part #: 62001

SKU: 26623
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Steelseries 62001

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Experience: 1 Years


Great tracking
Love the sensitivity adjustment options
Fits beautifully in my palm, glides effortlessly
Started registering double clicks with only one click (after only one year)
Loved this mouse for a year and even put my G7 away in favour of this. Absolutely great mouse until it started double clicking when I click once - making it pretty much unusable. Read on-line and you'll find I'm not the only one with this issue.

Time to hit up the support website. A wired mouse that costs this much should really have higher quality switches inside....

Experience: 1 Days


great tracking, very responsive buttons, nice cord, well designed
no such thing as one size fits all ergonomic, a bit light/not sturdy feeling as i'd like.
really like the mouse, but i wish it came in a size large, hah. i don't have super large hands, but it's definitely not perfect for me. i have to find a balance between control and comfort still. if i can find something similar that's about 20% bigger i would love that.

oh btw I am a 6 foot tall white male. and here i'll even give a bit of hand measurements in case that helps anyone:

wrist to middle finger tip: 7.5 inches. main fingers about 4 inches long from base knuckle. larger than average thumbs.

Experience: 2 Days


Comfortable with Extensive Usage
I cannot buy enough for all of my friends
Throughout the years, I own almost all models of the Logitech mouse. Coming from a die hard Logitech fan, this Ikari is the best mouse I (a palm grip user) ever use.

Steel Series is having a "Lend a Helping Hand" to Japan's Red Cross Relief Fund. 25% of the company's proceeds goes to help Japan survivors. This is just the kind of company I enjoy supporting. (Not sure about the forum rules, so I won't post link.)

Experience: 1 Weeks


comfortable, very well built, ui well done
none so far
excellent tracking, fits well in almost any hand, uber comfortable, love the ability to customize mouse and be able to unplug and plug into laptop in kitchen for breakfast web surfing/gaming and still have same settings.

just a very well built well thought out mouse, recommend over any other mouse currently on market on time of review not including new logictech g700 which i havent tried. paid 69.99
love every bit of it

Experience: 7 Days


- Very comfortable
- Sleek simple design
- Handy on the fly DPI settings
- Well laid out button scheme
- Easy to use software
- May take time to adjust to (as with any new mouse)
- Minor installation issues
I waited for about a week to really review this product. I felt that it would not be giving it a fair shake if I only gave first impressions.

I had been looking for a new mouse for quite awhile now, and I finally chose to go with this Ikari laser, especially since it was on sale at the time. The simple no-frill design that Steelseries has is what attracted me the most.

Coming from a Microsoft laser mouse, there wasn't too big of a difference from the tracking, but it was still very smooth and accurate. I found the laser to remain tracking even if lifted about 2-4mm above the tracking surface, which is great if you need to centre the mouse again. I personally use a slower DPI with a big mousing surface, so while I tried out the nifty high DPI settings, I was comfortable around 1050-500 DPI. The teflon pads on the bottom cover a very surface area, so the Ikari is always stable.

It did however take several days to get used to the ergonomics of the mouse - I had previously known that I had a "palm" grip style, so I figured the Ikari was perfect. Turns out I'm probably half and half, but within a few days I was getting used to having my hand so spread out. Now that I'm fully adjusted to the mouse however, I'm quite happy with the product.

The buttons on the Ikari are very well laid out and easy to reach, with no excessive buttons that get in your way, even when adjusting your hand. I did however have to get used to how sensitive the left and right (right specifically) buttons are; I found myself accidentally right-clicking frequently at first. There isn't a loud audible click in this mouse, so it can be difficult to hear the feedback on the Ikari.

The provided software is great, and is super easy to use. You can import other DPI profiles as well. The LCD screen on the base of the mouse tells you which profile you have selected too, which comes in handy. As for lighting, the white LED light on the side of the mouse indicating high-DPI or low-DPI is the only visible light from this mouse. It's very subtle, and if you don't like a flashy mouse, like most high end gaming offerings out there, Steelseries is certainly the way to go.

My only problem with this mouse was some minor installation issues. The Ikari's USB did not recognize any USB 3.0 ports I had free, so I had to use another USB 2.0 port. I'm not sure if this is just me, or a universal Ikari thing, but it's minor either way. After I had the driver up and running, the mouse worked and still works wonderfully.

As I said previously, I would certainly recommend the Ikari laser to anyone looking for a nice gaming mouse without all the tacky lights, sounds, and marketing around it. Overall it's well built, well designed, and comfortable with any "palm" type grip user. Extended sessions of use (10+ hours) leave no cramping, and I'm sure I'll be using this mouse for years to come.

Experience: 1 Years


Comfortable, Responsive & Smooth
DPI Switch, Great Tracking
I love this mouse, except one thing about it. The left/right click buttons are wearing off for me. I would buy it again once my old one stops working.

Experience: 9 Months


Nearly perfect mouse
breaks easily
suddenly stopped tracking
This is pretty much the perfect mouse for me, just need to make it reliable now. 9 months in and it stopped tracking. The laser just stopped working. I would buy it again just cause its so damn comfortable to use.

Experience: 5 Weeks


Large teflon feet
Easy to install software
Low arch
scroll wheel is small
I'm used to large arched shaped mouse. This mouse was a little uncomfortable because I need to adjust to the shape. Overall, it was easy to program and use.

Experience: 40 Days


decent design, good reviews*
mouse laser is broken and jitters when not touched.
i bought the ikari laser to replace my ikari optical which also broke (bought that one at my local pccyber and returned it there)

i notice the cursor jitters byitself on my desktop and thought it was a driver issue but it turns out its not. (it cant be the surface because im using a steelpad... and my deathadder worked fine on it)

it was passed 30days so i couldnt return it to ncix so i filed for RMA at steelseries. it took about a month for RMA to finally respond and the shipping to return it is $25bux so i nerd raged and threw it in the garbage.

will never purchase another steelseries product again. kinda sad because i have their headphone keyboard and mousepad.

Experience: 3 Days


perfectly fit your hand
best mouse i ever had. i had a razor gaming mouse before, compare to this one. Steel is more better. And the design is really cool, i think if you gonna play FPS games, you should try it out!

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


The SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse was specifically designed with RTS and MMO gamers in mind. Tournament gamers can program the mouse from home and the driverless features enables the mouse to remember settings and macros - even without installing drivers.

Quick Specs:
Movement Detection Laser
Movement Resolution 3200 dpi
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Pointing Device Connectivity Technology Cable
Height 1.4"
Width 3.3"
Depth 5.1"
Number of Total Buttons 5
Pointing Device Host Interface USB

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

General Information  
     Brand Name: SteelSeries
     Manufacturer: SteelSeries ApS
     Manufacturer Part Number: 62001
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.steelseries.com
     Product Line: Ikari
     Product Name: Ikari Laser Mouse
     Product Type: Mouse
     Pointing Device Host Interface: USB
     Additional Information:
  • 1.8mm lift distance
  • CPI high/low indicator
  • FreeMove technology
  • 40000 SPS for unbeatable tracking
  • Pressure points that reduce friction for optimized glide
  • Toggle between the users two predefined CPI settings
  • ExactSens allows adjustable CPI settings for perfectly matching the users reaction pattern (steps of 1 CPI)

     System Requirements:

Operating System(s):

  • Mac OS
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Physical Characteristics  
     Depth: 5.10" (129.54 mm)
     Height: 1.40" (35.56 mm)
     Width: 3.30" (83.82 mm)
Pointing Device  
     Movement Detection: Laser
     Movement Resolution: 3200 dpi
     Number of Programmable Buttons: 5
     Number of Total Buttons: 5
     Pointing Device Cable Length: 6.6 ft
     Pointing Device Connectivity Technology: Cable
     Limited Warranty: 2 Year

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URL: http://www.vortez.co.uk/contentteller/articles_pages/steelseries_ikari
Comment: The Ikari Laser Mouse offers rock solid performance straight out of the box, it may not look bright and dazzling but the beautifully crafted exterior will slip into your hand and provide you with a brilliantly balanced tool giving you that edge in game.
Posted by: Zenphic @12/09/09
URL: http://www.ocmodshop.com/ocmodshop.aspx?a=1052&p=2679
Comment: There are a few improvements that could be made, but these are minor gripes when compared with other gaming mice. The fact of the matter is that the SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse is streamlined to truly improve in-game reaction time and is the most comfortable gaming mouse available.
Posted by: kud0s69 @07/05/08
URL: http://techgage.com/article/steelseries_ikari_laser_mouse/3
Comment: a review on the mouse about specs, comfort, functionality, etc.
Posted by: You @06/14/08
URL: http://www.xsreviews.co.uk/reviews/peripherals/steelseries-ikari-laser
Comment: The idea behind the Ikari is for it to be used by professional gamers who are looking for accuracy and comfort.
Posted by: Arbb @02/12/08
URL: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2008/01/06/steel_series_ikari_mouse_a
Comment: include the mousemat review as well, but the mouse pulls of extremely well!
Posted by: Redbeaver @01/09/08
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