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M-AUDIO Studiophile AV40 Desktop 2.0 Speaker System 40W RMS Black

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M-AUDIO Studiophile AV40 Desktop 2.0 Speaker System 40W RMS Black - 1
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Part #: 9900-65140-00

SKU: 28063
Shipping Weight: 17.8 lbs

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Customer Reviews of M-Audio 9900-65140-00

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Experience: 3 Months


Excellent sound
Build quality
110/220V compatible
Wooden cabinets
RCA inputs
Power and bass-boost switches on back
Controls on left speaker not ideal for right-handed use
Could look nicer (black plastic front)
These speakers offer great sound quality for the money. The frequency response isn't flat, the bass is emphasized somewhat, but most people will find that pleasing. If one needs even more bass there is a bass boost switch on the back.
These also work very well connected to a laptop or MP3 player for listening to music, and as HTPC speakers if you don't need surround sound.
As other have said, these are quite large and heavy, but if you can afford $150 speakers you can afford a desk large enough to fit them!
The volume knob doesn't function as a power switch because that would mean re-adjusting the volume every time one turned on the speakers. Nevertheless, a front-mounted power switch would be more convenient.
NCIX's price is high, so price-match or buy elsewhere.

Experience: 2 Days


- Crystal clear sound.
- Auxiliary input.
They are big, especially if you're using them as desktop speakers. Not enough of a weakness though to knock it down to four stars though.
I was tired of the muddy sound I (unfortunately) had got used to with regular desktop speakers. I was expecting a clearer sound, but didn't expect this much of a difference. Wow.

Experience: 1 Days


Good sound quality esp. at high volumes
left speaker heats up really fast
as soon as i got it, i tested it to great heights
the sound is very very good especially at loud volumes
although its expected for a monitor spkr..
it is quite heavy but not as big as some would say it is..
the only problem i noticed is that it heats up really quickly! it feels like its at 90c or more after about 1hr (left speaker)..

Experience: 2 Days


Very clear sound, well built.
Would have liked power switch to be on the front.
I bought these for my HTPC to replce my 5.1 logitech z-640 speakers.I was having problems clearly hearing and certain other sounds. I had the same thing problem with some other sets I have had. Tried plenty of adjustments, but didn't have any luck.

I tested these with a movie scene that I could not pick out what the actors were saying on my Logitechs/ other speakrs. It went from very quiet and muffled, to very clear. I could also hear many new sounds as well like a crackling fire place in the back ground and a door squeaking.

Tested them out on some other movies and games. Same thing , very clear and I can hear sounds I could not before.

For the price matched $129 I paid I am very happy. I chose these of Logitech Z-2300's. My friend has a set and I thought they were good...which they are, but these are better.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Crisp sound
Great all round speakers
Bigger than normal computer speakers
I have this paired with the ASUS Xonar Essence STX and it is awesome. I find that im going through all my favorite songs because im hearing instruments and notes that never herd from other speakers. Im not a huge audiophile but bought this setup based off reviews. You will not be disappointed with these speakers, make sure you pair it with a good sound card.

Experience: 4 Months


Amazing sound, solid construction
I read positive reviews on this system from Macworld magazine. It was touted as the best 2.0 speaker system if you have the desk room. I agree. The sound beats many of the plastic flimsy computers speakers I've bought in the past. This is a solid set of speakers and weighs like wood should. If you have the room on your desk it certainly will please. As the reviews stated, a proper 2.1 system will beat it as you can't beat having a separate subwoofer - I didn't have any room for a sub. If you crank the bass on this it will get a bit boomy and muddled but for quiet and moderate volumes it is amazing. Don't forget to get angled speaker stands to get the sound at the right level of your ear.

Experience: 3 Days


-good sound quality
-just 2 speakers (no sub needed)
not much, maybe size if you are short of room on your desk
After researching for speakers within this price range, i decided to purchase this set. They sound amazing compared to the speakers i had previously. Would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone who is looking for high quality speakers at this price range.

This review was modfied by poster @ 02-05-10 10:51 AM

Experience: 1 Days


-Sound quality
-Blue ring LED
-Slight hum sound when no music playing
Coming from an Edifier S330D, I believe that sound quality has improved. These speakers are quite large, but at least I don't need a sub at the bottom of my feet.
This has a ring LED, so if you hate LEDs at night, you can't just tape over it. For the price, I'd expect no buzzing sound when you're not playing anything.

Experience: 2 Weeks


- No sub required
- Great clarity
- Price
- Well built design
- Great clarity
- You might have to upgrade a few things
- Power button on the back of the left speaker
- Right speaker is passive(I don't even notice though)
- Speaker size
- Cheaper than the Audioengine A5 speakers, and the sound quality is similar. I paid under $150CDN shipped from NCIX. :D
- More power than the Audioengine A2 speakers.
- Sound does not get muffled or distort if the speakers are turned up loud.
- The left and right speakers are well balanced considering the right speaker is passive.
- I'd recommend using a GOOD sound card with these speakers. Don't use onboard or anything made by Creative. I use an HT Omega Striker 7.1, but am considering getting an M-Audio card again.
- I'd also recommend upgrading the 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male cable with something better. I noticed an improvement in audio playback when I used a better cable. The one M-Audio provides is pretty basic.
- Try to put the speakers on a stand or mount of some sort. In one instance I left them on the desk, turned up the volume, and walked away. When I came back, I found the right speaker had fallen. The speaker must've been a few inches away from the edge of the desk too. Fortunately nothing was broken or damaged.
- You WILL hear imperfections in lower quality music. I'm actually in the process of upgrading all my music to FLAC files, since mp3s don't seem to cut it anymore.
I'd definitely recommend these speakers to anyone, and the price tag keeps them in an affordable price range. They look and sound great. The best part is, you don't need a sub. Both the Audioengine A2 and A5 speakers cost significantly more, and only the A5 "MIGHT" be better but I didn't really notice.

This review was modfied by poster @ 01-24-10 03:09 PM

Experience: 14 Months


Great sound.
I did lots of research and then got these. My only issue is very minor and that is the headphone jack requires that the speakers be on so I use the audio card output and turn off the speakers at night.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

4¡± polypropylene-coated woofers
1" diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome tweeters
OptImage III tweeter wave guides for superior imaging
20-watt-per-channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture
magnetic shielding
¼¡± TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs
1/8¡± headphone output
1/8¡± stereo auxiliary input
front-panel volume control
rear-panel on/off control
bass boost control
MDF cabinet with bass reflex port design

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

ype: two-way desktop reference monitor
Low-frequency Driver: 4" diameter, magnetically shielded and curved cone with high-temperature voice coil
High-frequency Driver: 1" diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome tweeter
Frequency Response: 85Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz
RMS SPL: 101.5dB @ 1 meter
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 90dB (typical, A-weighted)
Input Connectors: left and right RCA line input, left and right 1/4" TRS input and 1/8" aux input
Polarity: positive signal at "+" input produces outward low-frequency cone displacement
Dynamic Power: 20 watts continuous, per channel into 4 ¦¸
Input Impedance: 10 k ¦¸ unbalanced, 20 k ¦¸ balanced
Input Sensitivity: 100 mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL at 1 meter with volume control at maximum
Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn on/off transient, subsonic filter
Indicator: Blue power LED ring around volume knob on front panel
Power Requirements: 100-120V/~50/60Hz, 220-240V/~50/60Hz; powered via detachable 2-conductor line cord
Cabinet: vinyl-laminated MDF
Dimensions: 8.75" (H) x 6" (W) x 7.25" (D)
Weight: 14 lbs./6.34 kg

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URL: http://www.futurelooks.com/m-audio-studiophile-av40-desktop-speaker-sy
Comment: Reviewer liked them giving them 8.5/10. Some good pictures of the speakers as well.
Posted by: Mike_K @05/14/12
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