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Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker Set 54W RMS Black

Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker Set 54W RMS Black - 1
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Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker Set 54W RMS Black - 46891_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $99.99  CAD
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Part #: M3300SF

SKU: 46891
Shipping Weight: 17.5 lbs

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Customer Reviews of EDIFIER M3300SF

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Experience: 2 Years

Edifier value dollar


Cable length
Volume controller
Thin design
Bright lights, need some black tape on that
Good overall, great value on sale. Passable sound with a good bass.

Experience: 5 Days


-long speaker cables
-big ass sound buffer
-good looking
-very useful remote
-headset and AUX jacks on the remote
-extension cable for mic
look at that price (65$) I cant find
I normally do not review products but I finally got smarter and understood that because of people doing reviews I got very cheap speakers and very good quality and I should do the same to the next human coming after me. I bought them at 65 or something like that in special , I had the choice between this and the one little more expensive from the same company but the other one had worst reviews. Guys this speaker is the bomb at the price I got it, the sound is crisp , the sound buffer is very big ,i'm not a music pro , just a normal guy looking for descent sound coming from my speakers for music/games/pron , but even an normal price its really a good idea.

Experience: 1 Weeks


flat speakers, handy remote, microphone extension cord
sub woofer bit tall, power indicator on remote too bright
Flat speakers fits well on small tables, the microphone extension cord is especially useful for headset users.
The sub woofer is a bit too tall, I can't fit it onto my overhanging table shelf so had to leave it on the table surface.
Power indicator on remote is too bright, had to cover it up with my finger when I need to check the volume indicator arrow.

Experience: 1 Weeks


-Looks good
-Very good sound
-Good bass
-Doesn't mute completely
-On/off not on the remote
I like this speaker set so far. I was hesitating between this set and the Edifier S330D. I ended up choosing this set because it's much cheaper and I've read more positive reviews about it than about the S330D. The M3300SF produces clear and crisp sound, even at high volume. It can get very loud. The bass is good and not overwhelming. The overall sound feels balanced.

For some reason the mute button doesn't silence completely the speakers; my left speaker still produces sound. Aside from that the remote works well. I haven't tried plugging headphones into the auxiliary port yet. I hope that these speakers will last me a few years.

Experience: 1 Years


-Aesthetically pleasing
-Great price
-Fairly balanced sound
-Some issues involving volume controller
-Dust prone
Very few 2.1 speakers can top this one in terms of price (after pricematch). Build quality is decent, but volume controller can cause sound issues, and may need replacing (through warranty).

Experience: 90 Days


great sound and good styling
pricematch available
good sound from this well made speaker set. volume control and a subwoofer with good base

Experience: 4 Months


Pretty compact, great sound for price
none so far
Were purchased to replace a set of speakers and are recommended for a decent price/sound combination.

Experience: 10 Days


very good sound quality, decent woofer, conpact
control pad is bit too light lol
i bought this to replace an old set of yamaha 2.1, much better sound quality and compact.best 2.1 speaker in this price range. can't go wrong with it. plus you can PM it if you find a better price.

Experience: 6 Months


No uniformity in the build of satelite vs sub
Tweeter in the satelite
Satellite are wall mountable
Not very powerfull
Sounds bad at low volume
Satellite feels cheap with base
I used to have my computer in the living room hooked to the TV and a lousy home theater setup for quite some time. So when I moved to a new house and made myself an office in the basement I needed to equip myself with a set of speakers.
The sound I am used to.
Like I wrote, my computer was hooked to a home theater system which consist of a cheapo Pioneer amp, 2 Quest towers, 2 Quest bookshelf speakers, the tv speaker as center and no sub. Also, please note that about 15 years ago I was equiped with a 2.1 Cambridge speaker set before upgrading to Monsoon MM-1000 2.1 Flat panel speaker set. Those where the best speaker I’ve ever eard in terms of clarity. I bought a set of Logitech Z-2300 for my brother in law and my mother, so I also got used to 200 watts RMS of power.
Tought choice.
I am not single anymore and can’t justiy spending big money on a speaker set that will be used almost exclusively by myself. I was asking myself what was the best speaker set I could get for less than fifty bucks CAD. After reading a little bit, I found myself in front of two choices : the Corsair SP-2200 and the Edifier M3300SF . There where more reviews that where praysing the SP-2200, but Bryan Waters at overclock3d.net tested the Corsair SP-2200 and gave it a bronze award with a rating of 7/10 for performance. Less than a month later the same reviewer tested the Edifier M3300SF and gave it a Gold award with a whooping 9/10 for performance.
Down to business.
The M3300SF is composed of 2 flat pannel satelites, a subwoofer, a control knob and a 3.5 mm audio cable extension.
Satellites : The two ways satellites are 12 watts RMS each and consist of a 3" driver and a tweeter. They have a nice piano black finish that fits with my Antec minuet case. Compared to the Monsoon MM-1000, the speaker are not that flat and feel very cheap. They really weight nothing compared to the Z-2300 and the Moonsoon satellites. In fact, they are so light that it makes them tip very easily. What is nice is that you can remove the ugly stand they come with and hang them on the wall. I really like that feature as it also saves me some precious desk space.
Sub : The sub is made of wood of some sort and has a better feel than the satellites. It doesn't have the same finish as most of it is matte instead of glossy and it doesn't look like it fit with the satellites, in that sense I would say the design lacks uniformity. A 6½" speaker brings the 30 watts RMS stated on the box. The bass control is in the back but the power button is on the front which is more usefull.
Control knub : I usually prefer controls directly on the satellite, but since I hang the satellites on the wall, I understand the use of a control knob. This one feel particulary good with nice buttons and the piano black finish. It has a volume control, a mute button , an auxiliary input and a headphone output. The only thing missing seems to be a treeble and a bass control.
Installation : Everything went smoothly.The only thing missing was the screws for the wall installation.
Sound quality.
Once everyting was installed, I started watching a music video on Youtube to get a quick peek of what quality sound quality looked like. The first thing I noticed is how bad it sounded at low volume, but as soon as I cranked the volume a bit up everything souded very nice. On the other side, when raising the volume higher the treeble started falling appart. Still the volume range where both the bass and treble are good is enought for most listeners, but it certainly doesn’t have the power of the Z-2300.
I tested the speakers using better sources. I listen to some rock, pop, metal, ska, dubstep, classical and can say the sound is nice for the price range, but both the bass and treble are not outstanding. I remember that using my Moonsoon, I was able to clearly ear the difference between the sound of an mp3 encoded at 160kbps versus one at 192kbps, with the M3300SF I can’t. Also when I watched movies and played games, I found the stereo effect not as good as on my Moonsoon set. But on the other side, I don’t find the same problem that was on the Moonsoon which was of having a sound so directionnal that if you where not in the exact sweet spot, you where having a sound greatly diminished.
I would lie to say that the M3300SF is the best speaker set I eard, but in the price range I can say it seems like a very good one. Everything sounds good on it, I find the bass and treeble of the same quality, but comming from a Moonsoon set, I was really spoiled with what is considered the best treble you can get in a speaker set. That makes me guess that most listeners would find the treeble better than I would and would find the bass the low point of the M3300SF. The overall quality of the build is ok if you hang the speakers on the wall, if not the satelite feels quite cheap with their very lightweight base. So if you can get this set like I did for around $50 it will blow any other speaker set available at that price. I would even say that at the full price of $99 you shouldn’t be deceived by it.
Bass : 3.5/5
Treeble : 4/5
Build quality : 4/5
Power : 3.5/5
Value : 5/5

Experience: 5 Days


Cheap, efficient, average sound
For the price, (50 buck) those are a amazing. Surely they cant compete with high end speaker, but they are decent and will produce a clear enough sound to be joyable. Woudl recommand

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


The super-sleek flat panel 2-way satellites are combined with a powerful 6½ inch subwoofer, making the M3300SF a spectacular performer for all audio sources. Vivid, deep sound is produced by the 3 inch midrange and 10mm tweeter satellites as well as the computer designed subwoofer, extracting every subtle nuance from all sources. The wired remote control with mute function incorporates a built-in headphone jack, perfect for late night movies, gaming and other audio applications.

Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • M3300SF Speaker System
  • Wired Controller
  • Audio Connecting Cable
  • User's Manual
Weight (Approximate) 15.65 lb
Color Black
Country of Origin China
Speaker Configuration 2.1
Bluetooth No
Wireless LAN No
Minimum Frequency Response 20 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response 20 kHz
RMS Output Power 54 W
Subwoofer Height 11.73"
Subwoofer Width 6.57"
Subwoofer Depth 11.14"
Satellite Speaker Height 7.36"
Satellite Speaker Width 4.25"
Satellite Speaker Depth 2.95"
Subwoofer Type Active
Wireless Speaker(s) No

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     RMS Output Power: 54 W
     Speaker Configuration: 2.1
     Subwoofer Type: Active
     Wireless Speaker(s): No
     Controls: Bass
Line In
General Information  
     Brand Name: Edifier
     Manufacturer: Edifier Enterprises Canada, Inc
     Manufacturer Part Number: M3300SF
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.edifier.com
     Product Model: M3300SF
     Product Name: M3300SF Speaker System
     Product Series: M
     Product Type: Speaker System
     Headphone: Yes
     Memory Card Slot: No
     Country of Origin: China
     Package Contents:
  • M3300SF Speaker System
  • Wired Controller
  • Audio Connecting Cable
  • User's Manual

Network & Communication  
     Bluetooth: No
     Wireless LAN: No
Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Black
     Material: Wood - Subwoofer
     Satellite Speaker Depth: 2.95" (75 mm)
     Satellite Speaker Height: 7.36" (187 mm)
     Satellite Speaker Width: 4.25" (108 mm)
     Subwoofer Depth: 11.14" (283 mm)
     Subwoofer Height: 11.73" (298 mm)
     Subwoofer Width: 6.57" (167 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 7.10 kg
Technical Information  
     Driver Type: 0.39" (10 mm) Tweeter
3.07" (78 mm) Midrange
6.54" (166 mm) Woofer
     Impedance: 4 Ohm Speaker/8 Ohm Subwoofer
     Magnetic Shielding: Tweeter
     Maximum Frequency Response: 20 kHz
     Minimum Frequency Response: 20 Hz

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URL: http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/audio/edifier_m3300sf_2_1_speaker_s
Posted by: Top1105 @07/26/12
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