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Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK

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Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK - 1
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Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK - 54387_l.jpg Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK - 54387_1.jpg Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK - 54387_3.jpg Steelseries 7H Headset HI-FI Headphones 18-28000HZ 32OHM 10FT Cable w/ Mic -BLACK - 54387_6.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: 61050

SKU: 54387
Shipping Weight: 1.4 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Steelseries 61050

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Experience: 3 Years


Can be disassembled for transport, detachable cable, comes with long extension cable, in line volume controls. Mic retracts and hides away inside the ear muff.
Poor build quality. All plastic design makes it feel cheap. Loose flexing of the parts partly due to it's ability to dissemble.
I don't like to write reviews immediately after receiving an item, I'd much rather wait a good long time before posting. I purchased these headphones back in Oct 25, 2010 and am only posting this now because the headphones are still for sale on ncix and else where.

Ultimately they worked great for about 2 years of infrequent use, but considering that they are a mid range (price wise) headset and I paid $130 after tax & shipping, I expected them to last a lot longer.

After the first few months the glue partly separated on one side of the top padding. (See link to picture below)

Then the cord had a line break at the point at which the cable merges with the micro usb style end (the end that plugs into the left ear muff). I fully admit this was most likely my fault with the cord break. 2-3 times I had my headphones on and while sitting in my desk chair I bent over to pick something off the ground and yanked on the cord. Not enough to pull then off my head but enough for me to curse at my own stupidity. :P Even though they did not break after being yanked they did eventually stop working and I needed to bend and twist the cable to get the sound working.

I finally contacted steelseries support and was able to purchase a replacement cable for just $5 through paypal. I bought 2 cables just in case it broke again and I would not have to go through the replacement process another time.

Over the last year the right ear muff would periodically stop working. I would only have to twist the headphones on my head slightly to get them to work. I suspected at the time that it was a connection issue at the point where the top head piece clips into the right ear muff piece. There are 4 springy pins in the ear muffs that make the connection with the top piece. I thought there was just a lack of solid connection but the problem got a bit worse even after a bit of polishing/cleaning.

They finally died this last week when the right ear muff stopped working completely. I broke down and decided to take the right ear muff piece apart. I inspected the cable where the ear muff passes through the hinge that allows the muff to rotate 90 degrees and there did not seem to be any issues with frayed/pinched wiring etc. Before putting them back together I did adjust the wire routing slightly to give it more slack but it did not fix the issue.

Next I took apart the top piece. There were 3 screws holding either the connection points at both ends of the top piece and there did not appear to be any issues there. Then I peeled back the padding and tried taking off the plastic panel via 4 screws but there is 2 plastic weld points that prevented me from removing the panel. I suspect that the problems are hidden behind the panel but I can't get access to it without destroying the panel in the process.

Here is a picture showing the breaks in the plastic, glue separation, and stress points. http://www.createdbyx.com/image.axd?picture=2013/12/7hproblems.jpg

The glue separation is due to a combination of the heat from my head and the flex in the top part of the head band and never came apart more then what you see in the picture.

I rated this two stars because a 5 star headset is perfect, every part works until it has been used for a few years, and can take a beating. Based on my experience these are not able to take much of a beating in day to day use. I only ever used them periodically at night when other people were sleeping otherwise I prefer to use my 5.1 surround sound speakers. I used them a few times when traveling and kept them in a laptop backpack but always took care to ensure there safety.

All in all when they did work they worked great, but ultimately I won't be buying another steelseries headset product. I have nothing against steelseries but I am the type of person that expects more out of the products I buy. I'm sure others have had great experiences with there 7H's but I feel my experience was lacking. Buying headphones off the internet is always a crap shoot as you can only rely on on line reviews, and each person has different hearing and tastes.

I have since purchased a Logitech g430 based on the reviews, specs, and the fact it has a 3 year warranty.

Experience: 9 Months


-Comfortable for long periods
-Good sounds
-usb sound card is terrible
Only used for 5-6 month and one side of the headphone broke, the customer service via steel series is a bit lower than average.
Wouldn't pay for these again but aren't bad, the soundcard keeps making noises when talking via mic and seems to break easily. Overall though, if you're a gambler and these goes on sale, grab em.

Experience: 5 Months


quality product
amazing sound
great headphones even better when they are on sale! it's a steal for a steelseries product at this price anyday

Experience: 1 Months


really good item and good pricing
ive been using it for sometime and i really enjoy it

Experience: 9 Months


Super light, comfortable even WITH glasses. No big amps on the cord, just a simple sound scroller. Clear sound... no crackle.
Overall one of the best headsets I've owned in a while and I've owned many.
not true surround sound (although works just as well)

mic stopped working after 8 months... you can hear yourself slightly but its so low other people can't hear you, i tried re-installing my drivers and a different computer without success... rma-ing.
Overall, great buy with a decent price. Highly recommended. Maybe I had bad luck... other Steelseries stuff works great...

This review was modfied by poster @ 01-13-13 09:03 AM

Experience: 6 Months


Sound , build quality, etc
mini usb connection
These headphones are very nice. I like the sound and pretty much everything about it except that the mini usb connection on the headset is bad. After a couple of months the connection gets worn and if you move ur head a bit you cant hear out of one ear. It is very annoying. Would I buy this headset again? No.

Experience: 8 Months


Sound Quality
Retractable Microphone

Mini-USB connection to headphones
I have owned these since July and I must say they are amazing headphones. The only problem I have with them is the mini-usb connection to the headphones. Yes they are handy in case you accidentally pull them off the cord... But I have sent them in for a new pair and now have to do it again because something happens and only one side works now, unless i hold the usb in a certain sensitive spot. The RMA is fine, no problems at all but if you are a steelseries fanboy like myself (owned the siberias for about 4 years now and have to use them while i send these ones back) I would recommend the siberia V2.

Experience: 7 Days


- Relative "cheap" when on-sale for 89.99, given the sound quality.
- long cord, volume control, retractable mic... good for gaming.
- mid sound range is not as clear as would like to
- Need headphone amp.
Got this one on the sale, bought this one for gaming.

I use it on my PC with Asus Xonar Essense STX. It sound week, and dull when I did not turn the headphone amp on. Turning on the amp, this one come to life. Bass, treble is quite good, bass is not too loud but mid range sound need some tweak in sound balance to get the best results.

Brucey H
Experience: 1 Months


Great noise cancellation.
Great sounds.
I recommend this headset to everyone.

Experience: 6 Months


Good sound quality
Changeable ear cups
I've owned two pairs of these headsets, the first being defective because of the detachable wire causing the microphone to static up whenever the wire was touched. The RMA was.. alright, nothing too great. The whole RMA took about one month, and about 2 of the weeks it was in their hands "testing" the static problem. (This could be done in 2 seconds, honestly).

The static problem was fixed when I got the replacement. The headset looks great, and it feels very good after hours of playing games. In counter-strike, the sound is very clear and I can pin point locations. When I'm playing starcraft 2 or dragon age 2, it's just a nice listening experience to add to the battles.

The braided cord is very durable, I've probably run over it on my wheel chair like 10 times a day, since I use the extension that comes with the headset. The microphone is good, people say they can head me clearly, and it's also retractable.

The in-line volume control on this headset seems pretty cheap, but it does get the job done. I would maybe like a mute on this, since when I set it to the lowest possible volume, I can still hear my music or whatever is in the background playing. The volume sliding thing has a plastic over the actual spinning thing, and it seems to have fallen out of place.

Whenever I take the headset apart or whenever I adjust the size so it fits my head at that moment in time, the sound on the right cup just dies. I keep readjusting the right side cup and the sound comes back randomly. I'm not RMA'ing this again, because that's just going to be more of a hassle to me, and I don't want to deal with steelseries again.

The headset is alright, but for what I paid for it ($100), I'm not sure if I would purchase this again, or recommend it to anyone. The RMA was actually more disappointing than satisfactory, and added onto my cost to ship this back to them. I would actually probably give this 2 stars than 3, simply because I was more disappointed with the overall experience with this product than I was happy with it.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Quick Specs:
Battery Chemistry Alkaline
Package Contents
  • 61050 Trident Head Lamp
  • Elastic
  • Rubber Hard Hat
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
Color Yellow
Bulb/Tube Type Xenon LED
Battery Size AAA
Number of Batteries 3
Number of Light Source 4

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Battery Information  
     Battery Chemistry: Alkaline
     Battery Size: AAA
     Number of Batteries: 3
     Controls: Push Button Switching
General Information  
     Brand Name: Streamlight
     Manufacturer: Streamlight, Inc
     Manufacturer Part Number: 61050
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.streamlight.com
     Product Model: 61050
     Product Name: 61050 Trident Head Lamp
     Product Type: Head Light
     Package Contents:
  • 61050 Trident Head Lamp
  • Elastic
  • Rubber Hard Hat
  • 3 x AAA Batteries

Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Yellow
Technical Information  
     Bulb/Tube Type: LED
     Light Source Color: White
     Number of Light Source: 4

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URL: http://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/henry-butt/steelseries-7h-gaming-he
Comment: A fantastic product for LAN gamers and a good option for those looking for a high-quality gaming headset.
Posted by: BernardP @02/21/11
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