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Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard USB LCD Customizable Backlighting Integrated Audio 18 G-KEYS

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Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard USB LCD Customizable Backlighting Integrated Audio 18 G-KEYS - 1
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Part #: 920-002530

SKU: 56602
Shipping Weight: 3.65 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Logitech 920-002530

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Experience: 2 Weeks


decent build quality keyboard
not good for price
Not a bad keyboard but not the best for its price. You can get a much better mechanical keyboard at this price point

Experience: 2 Years


nice feel on all keys
very customizable
Macro buttons (although i don't use them much.)
disable windows key is a nice feature.
Most G15 Applets work on this keyboard with no issues.
LCD screen can be hard to program for.
macro keys are to far away from left side of the keyboard to be any use to a game other then a turn based or MMO style game.
Upgraded from a Saitek Eclipse. After two years of use there are no ware marks on any of my gaming keys. unlike the saitek. i couldn't even see the letters anymore on the gaming keys.

the only game i use the macro keys for is Diablo III as the entire top set of keys is perfect for a few spells that are used.

I am able to monitor everything from temps and fan speeds to network stats and volume lvls.

over all a very nice keyboard.

Experience: 2 Years


-illuminated keyboard
-LCD screen
Keys wear out easy
Double clicking keyboard
Have always used Logitech keyboards. This one has great customizable LCD tracking everything from CPU and RAM usage to Headline news. Worth the buy for sure.

Experience: 6 Months


Backlit keys, nice screen
I bought a custom purple one, does the job well.

Experience: 2 Months


looks good
has useful media keys
spacebar consistently double spaces
headphone jack not so great quality for music
I have owned a G15 since the mid-90's and I have never had an issue with it. For the price of the G510, I was expecting the same quality. I thought that it was just me, but after doing a quick google search "g510 spacebar issue," it appears that the spacebar on this keyboard is horribly designed and it will quite often register two keystrokes when pressing it, resulting in many double spaces that I have to keep backspacing. It's a well documented issue with no apparent fix to it, and I'm surprised that none of the other reviewers here have noticed or mentioned it. This keyboard feels very cheap compared to the old G15, for the price that I paid, I would expect at the very least to get the basic functionality of a $5 keyboard out of it. Logitech has been going downhill lately.

Experience: 1 Days


good response
having up to 54 macros
mic and headset plug in on the keyboard
LCD screen (need to download applet for optimal use)
take a lot of space
macro key are a bit to close to usual keyboards key
I already pass a few hours programming my keyboard and so far i love it.
I can put some app on the LCD screen (fraps - for frame rate, core temps - for core temperature and mny more)

the only cons i see, its the keyboard take a lot of space
and the macros keys are a bit to close to the general keys, but at the same time if they were no that close the keyboard would have been bigger.

So far i love it

Experience: 1 Months


Nice feeling when u are typing with keyboard
black-light: you change it to any color you want and thx to macro profiles u can save 3 of them change instantly whenever you want
Almost none only problem which I consider not much a problem because of the macro keys keyboard is longer than standard it takes a while to get used to it a specially "esc" button when gaming and stuff. I had it almost a month now I am already used to it(I dont think it should take more than 1 or 2 months to get used to)
Macro keys nice but personally I don't think they make much a difference when gaming. There is a lot of space between macro keys and they are little far from "w-a-s-d" and tab is on right so you really cant really use them in game. If you need more keys for gaming I would slide your "w-a-s-d" to "e-s-d-f" or get a mouse with more keys. LCD screen so far I haven't downloaded any apps for it but default apps other than volume(u can see volume bar on LCD when volume is changed), I haven't found useful. There might be really good apps. On the other hand macro keys have been really useful when I am programming I saved some macros on it it helps quite a bit.
This is kind of a keyboard you need to spend time on it. If you actually put real effort on setting up macros, downloading apps and stuff, you will really fall in love with this keyboard. If you just wanna plug and play and hope macro keys and lcd will help you in gaming, you would just waste your money I would advice a cheaper keyboard.

Experience: 1 Years


solid, good key stroke.
way too many wrongs, if you have used the old g11, do not upgrade.
i bought this because i gave up my old z10 for z906, thus i lost the LCD screen display all the computer info. so i upgraded my g11 to this keyboard.
-keyboard is too high
-some of the keys are not functioning well. if pressed very slow and light, it won't register as a key-stroke. so i had to wait for a week for a new one, which is much better after Logitech gave me a new one.
-old g11 gave a bit space between the g keys and normal keys, so i can tell just by feeling. g510 does not, the space is too little. i know it's just a bit, but still not use friendly.
-why and why the media control in at the right corner? if i'm browsing a web site or doing w/e, i had to reach all the way to the top right corner with my left hand, or stop using the mouse and try to use the media control.
-usb headphone and mic slots are useless. when u plug in the slot, it will restart the keyboard. for what reason i do not know. then you have to go to your speaker set up to choose the keyboard usb in order to use it. complete useless if you just want to use a headphone for a bit.
there are so much more, but i kept wondering, why logitech can build a remarkable keyboard g11, and this g11 upgrade-g510 is suppose to be better. boy, was i wrong.
a good keyboard if you never used g11 or any gaming grade keyboard you liked. but if you did, do not think this is better than the current one you own. because it isn't

Experience: 2 Days


changeable color LED lighted keys.
LCD display is cool can have multiple options for this.
single level angle adjustment wish there was one more level
Keyboard is longer then what im used to i guess its like this to hold the extra 21 keys
Upgraded to this keyboard from a Office pro keyboard from like 8 years ago hopefully this one will last as long or longer.
Price was a little more than what i wanted to pay for a key board but i figured it was on sale and its the holidays right :-)
but either way im happy with this. I might not get this same model next time if i needed to, but still a very good keyboard.

Experience: 10 Days


Macro keys for gaming and various tasks. I'm using them to launch applications.
Keys are very mushy and took a bit of getting used to. Thought they'd be better coming from a $20 Microsoft keyboard. Single level on/off for keyboard backlighting. Would NOT buy the keyboard at full retail price and I'd even think twice about buy this keyboard at all... see summary.
Mac users:

- There are drivers for the LCD panel but they're buggy and won't initialize the LCD all the time especially waking up from sleep mode. The LCD defaults to displaying "G510."

- The keyboard takes time to "boot up" and thus you CANNOT select  a boot drive when your Mac starts. Holding down the Alt key does nothing. Keep this in mind if you intend to do any dual-booting with Boot Camp partitions.

- I'm using USB Overdrive to enable the media control keys for iTunes and the volume/mute control. Without USB Overdrive those keys will not work.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Get instant access to the tools and intel you need to win.

Core intel

The Game Panel LCD keeps you informed with notifications, player and server info, and lots more.

Pick your color

Custom-color character backlighting lets you personalize the keyboard to match your gear.

Clear talk

The integrated USB audio lets you strategize with teammates and trash-talk enemies in clear digital sound.

Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • G510 Keyboard
  • Palm rest
  • Software CD
  • User Documentation
Hot Keys Mute Volume Control Multimedia Programmable Page Movement
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology Cable
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification RoHS WEEE
Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface USB

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

General Information  
     Brand Name: Logitech
     Manufacturer: Logitech
     Manufacturer Part Number: 920-002530
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.logitech.com
     Product Model: G510
     Product Name: G510 Keyboard
     Product Type: Keyboard
     Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface: USB
     Hot Keys: Mute
Volume Control
Page Movement
     Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology: Cable
     Keyboard/Keypad Features: Integrated Backlighting
Palm Rest
     Environmental Certification: RoHS
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • G510 Keyboard
  • Palm rest
  • Software CD
  • User Documentation

     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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