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Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30IN Widescreen LCD Monitor IPS 2560X1600 7MS 100000:1DC DVI DisplayPort HDMI

Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30IN Widescreen LCD Monitor IPS 2560X1600 7MS 100000:1DC DVI DisplayPort HDMI - 1
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Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30IN Widescreen LCD Monitor IPS 2560X1600 7MS 100000:1DC DVI DisplayPort HDMI - 56804_l.jpg Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30IN Widescreen LCD Monitor IPS 2560X1600 7MS 100000:1DC DVI DisplayPort HDMI - 56804_1.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Dell Computer
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Part #: U3011

SKU: 56804
Shipping Weight: 33 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Dell Computer U3011

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Experience: 7 Years

Was great back in the day


Had three of these on eyefinity at one point and none of them had any issues.
Bright and hot panels!
Was a great time back in the 2000s to own one of these. IPS, true colours, and 1600p....

Experience: 3 Days


Great if it works.
Breaks in 2 days costing me further shipping money and time.
One would expect better from such an expensive product.
Have to rate 1 star because 2 says "it works".

Experience: 1 Months


Big screen sharp color
Expensive and a little hot
very good overall. Worth the money .

Experience: 7 Months


Big and bright, lots of inputs and lots of tweaking control
Image scaler could be better. Not an issue if you only run native resolution.
I could go into glowing prose about the Dell monitor, but I opted for a short anecdotal review. You can read all about the specs and the features elsewhere. The real question is how does it compare to other monitors in real world use?

The Dell u3011 is my third 30" monitor and the best of the bunch.

My first 30" monitor was a Gateway XHD3000, and I loved it. Alas, after nearly two years of use something started going thermal and I could not get it repaired.
My replacement for the Gateway was a Samsung 305T. After about a year, it too started acting up. The issue was repairable with the change of a clocking board and Samsung was great with this repair, but while the monitor was down and out I purchased a new Dell U3011.
While I don't think the Dell input scaler is as good as the one in the Gateway (pretty much meaning driving the Dell at native resolution), the panel technology is the best of the three. Image quality has been excellent and colours bright and accurate.

If I was to choose another big monitor, based on personal experience, today the order would be:
1) Dell U30121
2) Gateway XHD3000 (no longer manufactured)
3) Samsung 305T

Experience: 1 Weeks


multiple inputs, high resolution
missing pivot vertical
This is a super high resolution monitor. I got this to use mainly for photo editing. The large screen with high resolution really help. the color from factory preset it's a bit warm for me, but after a color calibration it looks great and sharp. If you are in photo editing, this is a monitor to consider. The only thing missing that I would like is a pivot stand that can use the monitor as portrait mode.

Experience: 2 Weeks


Good color reproduction, hi res, multiple inputs
Dead pixel issues
I would like to write this review to make other buyers aware of the issues with this line from Dell. I have bought Dell 2407 and 2408s in the past so I thought by going for a Dell 30" instead of my four year old Samsung 305T I would get a much nicer monitor. That is partially true, but at the expense of the product's quality.

I bought the Dell U3011 about two weeks ago in-store from NCIX. After I took it home, I noticed two stuck pixels when on a black background. Two days later, two more stuck pixels showed up. All the stuck pixels were near the centre of the monitor and so pretty hard to ignore. Hence, I went back a week after purchasing it and exchanged it for another U3011. It was the same story for the replacement. After using it for an hour, a stuck pixel almost right at the centre of the monitor showed up and did not go away. I used it for a week but decided this is not worth the trouble and returned it accepting the restocking fee penalty on the refund.

I do not blame NCIX since they do not make the product and did give me a new exchange, and would have probably given me another. However, it was clear to me the whole line or at least the lot I bought from has manufacturing issues causing stuck pixels. Now, before anybody else says I should have dealt with Dell, I actually did. In parallel between the first and second monitors from NCIX I got a replacement monitor from Dell Canada, which was the worst of all and I simply had to send it back. The colours were just wrong (having the NCIX monitor and the Dell replacement side by side with a cloned image), and it was not new even though they claimed they would send me a new one (the metal base was full of dust, as if somebody had used it).

Overall, I am very dissatisfied with Dell and will look somewhere when I need IPS panels with no stuck pixels. I simply cannot accept any stuck or dead pixels at the price this monitor sells for. I really wanted this to work out, since now I'm left with no good replacement for my 305T.

NOTE: I would give this review 1 out of 6 stars, but when doing the product exchanges I was not left with any of the original receipts and apparently you need the order ID to give reviews with 1 or 2 stars. I'll try to get the correct order ID so I can update  the score on this review.

Experience: 5 Days


-Factory settings
-IPS quality
-Cheaper than Dell Website
-Once you start the 2560x1600 path, it is too difficult to go back down to a lower resolution and will cost you big time... but it's worth it!
I impulse bought this monitor because my 30" Gateway crapped out on my while playing BF3. I should have bought this one along time ago instead because the quality of this panel is far superior to the Gateway. It has a much sleeker footprint and way smaller power supply. It doesn't come with a sound bar like the Gateway but the sound bar wasn't that good anyways. The factory settings were pretty darn good so I haven't changed any of the picture settings yet. There are so many outputs on this thing and even a memory card reader. I even love how the menu LED doesn't glow until your finger is close to the sensor. I still stand by buying the best monitor possible before buying anything else. Now I need to upgrade the GPU for this thing to really shine. Something tells me my GTX 285 isn't cutting it anymore. :(

Experience: 15 Days


Big, Beautiful. Great OSD. Infinite ways to connect it to a PC. All cables included!
Price. But you get what you pay for, and you get a lot.
Purchased for Gaming. Its just a great monitor, so hard to look at cheap LCD's now. I havent seen any ghosting playing COD MW2, Black Ops or BF3 Beta. Driven by 2 6950 2GB's Runs amazing.
Would love to buy another two for eyefinite.
It is expensive, but its worth every penny.
Fully adjustable, amazing colour reproduction.

Experience: 1 Days


Epic Screen resolution
More than enough varied inputs
Very user-friendly on-screen settings.
Really dumb place for a power switch (front lower right corner) - turned it off adjusting the tilt - but at least it shines blue.
Picked this up mostly for Eve Online as well as for web development. In Eve I have more space for necessary windows without taking away my central viewspace, and I'll take all the extra realestate for coding that I can get.

It's hard to say anything bad about this monitor. I was worried about the very white-looking DELL decal on the front (seen in the pics) but from head-on it blends in as black - it only shows up from side-view reflection. Nice!

If this weren't so expensive, or I so poor, I'd have another one or five arrayed around it.

Experience: 3 Days


Large size
High Resolution
Wide gamut
I purchased this 30" unit to replace 3x Samsung BX2440 24" 1920x1080 monitors on my gaming Eyefinity setup.
The system is an i5-750 OC, 8GB Mushkin 1600, HD 6970 2GB.
I work in the game development industry.

Originally I had the Eyefinity in landscape (5760x1080) but switched it to portrait (3240x1920) and the portrait mode won out on all games due to the higher resolution vs the landscape's wider aspect (most games stretch too much on the side monitors). So to get away from the triple-monitor bezel issue in portrait mode I decided to go with a 30" ultra resolution monitor.

The difference is very noticeable.
The main advantage is that the 2560x1600 resolution reduces/removes the need for anti-aliasing in games due to the very small screen pixel size. Even older games like UT3 Black, Doom3, and even FEAR look amazing on this monitor at native resolution. Many current game engines do not support AA due to the way that the renderer composites/defers scene sections, so even forcing AA does not AA all of the scene -- a high-resolution monitor like this [reasonably] solves this issue.

The unit has the trusted Dell quality. It is very well built; has a heavy duty stand with height,pan,tilt; includes a large number of input connectors plus media/USB; includes one of each standard cable; good on-screen setup menus let you adjust the monitor settings; this is the first monitor I have received that had the screen set up properly for bright/contrast/color!; the factory calibration settings are less than 2 delta on both sRGB and adobeRGB!; plus the unit I received has no-none-0 dead or bright pixels! which is excellent (and rightly so considering the price).

I notice no visual lag or ghosting with the slower 7ms.
Gaming looks just amazing on this unit.

This is definitely a monitor I would recommend to any hardcore gamer, and in my opinion superior to using Eyefinity for most cases.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Let your ideas play on a grand stage
Experience amazing wide-angle viewing and color consistency with the DellTM UltraSharpTM U3011 30" Monitor with PremierColor. Extensive connectivity features and customization via CustomColor mode make the U3011 an ideal choice for professionals in CAD/CAM, graphic design, gaming and other fields where color precision matters.

  • IPS (in-plane switching) technology for minimal color deviation across a wide viewing angle
  • 30" (76cm) display with 2560x1600 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio for clear images and exceptional multitasking
  • 117% (CIE 1976) color gamut with excellent AdobeRGB and sRGB coverage for rich, lifelike visuals
  • Easy, versatile adjustability and some of the latest connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D, USB ports and a 7-in-1 media card reader
Quick Specs:
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Built-in Devices USB Hub Card Reader
Contrast Ratio 1,000:1
Response Time 7 ms
Weight (Approximate) 20.50 lb
Brightness 370 Nit
Color Supported 1.07 Billion Colors
Screen Size 30"
Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1600
Height 17.8"
Width 27.3"
Depth 3.7"
Number of Screens 1
VESA Mount Compatible Yes
Operating Power Consumption 250 W
Standby Power Consumption 2 W
Height with Stand 22.49"
Width with Stand 27.34"
Depth with Stand 8.32"
DisplayPort Yes

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Built-in Devices  
     Built-in Devices: Card Reader
General Information  
     Brand Name: Dell
     Manufacturer: Dell Technologies
     Manufacturer Part Number: U3011
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.dell.com
     Product Line: UltraSharp
     Product Model: U3011
     Product Name: UltraSharp U3011 30" Monitor with PremierColor
     Product Type: LCD Monitor
     Component Video: Yes
     DisplayPort: Yes
     DVI: Yes
     HDMI: Yes
     USB: Yes
     USB Standard: USB 2.0
     VGA: Yes
Physical Characteristics  
     Depth: 3.7"
     Depth with Stand: 8.32"
     Height: 17.8"
     Height with Stand: 22.49"
     VESA Mount Compatible: Yes
     Weight (Approximate): 20.50 lb
     Width: 27.3"
     Width with Stand: 27.34"
Power Description  
     Operating Power Consumption: 250 W
     Standby Power Consumption: 2 W
Technical Information  
     Adjustable Display Angle: Yes
     Adjustable Display Height: Yes
     Aspect Ratio: 16:10
     HDCP Supported: Yes
     Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178°
     Number of Screens: 1
     Panel Technology: In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
     Response Time: 7 ms
     Screen Size: 30"
     Screen Surface: Anti-glare
     Vertical Viewing Angle: 178°
     Brightness: 370 Nit
     Color Supported: 1.07 Billion Colors
     Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
     Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1600

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URL: http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Displays/Thats-not-monitor-monitor-Meet-D
Comment: This particular display is a CCFL backlit H-IPS TFT, using an LG LM300WQ5 panel and does indeed have a full 30” viewing area, the actual monitor is over 32” horizontally with the bezel included, something to keep in mind if you plan on using multiple displays.
Posted by: Aselwyn1 @05/03/11
URL: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2382757,00.asp
Comment: The Dell UltraSharp U3011 is a top shelf 30-inch monitor offering loads of neat features, very good overall performance, and a hefty price tag.
Posted by: Lord Babaghan @03/30/11
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Posted by: MG @01/23/11
URL: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/dell_u3011.htm
Posted by: MG @01/23/11
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