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Peplink Balance 20 DUAL-WAN VPN Router 2 Wan Ports Entry Level for Home User SMB Office

Peplink Balance 20 DUAL-WAN VPN Router 2 Wan Ports Entry Level for Home User SMB Office - 1
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Peplink Balance 20 DUAL-WAN VPN Router 2 Wan Ports Entry Level for Home User SMB Office - 57974_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: BPL-021

SKU: 57974
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

Customer Reviews of Peplink BPL-021

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Experience: 30 Days


This is very good for a professional installation. Using the InControl software and setting the Peplink up for remote administration gives the IT tech full control of his customer’s equipment remotely.

Their tech support and Community forum is outstanding.
I found the manual difficult to understand because it applies to their entire product line and much of it did not apply to what I was working on.
To be honest this product exceeded my expectations as a professional installer and I am very impressed with it. Having remote access from my office is unique in my mind and this has proven to be a valuable asset for my company.

Experience: 7 Months


Everything !
Our company completely switch from using/installing Cisco products to peplink for both routers and access points,
Please note, Do not get the balance 20 if you have a high speed connection higher than 100/100
For our typical 250/20 or 350/350 connections we install the ballance one

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Experience: 1 Years


.Very Fast
.Very Reliable for all the services (DHCP, DNS relay, NAT, upnp, Traffic Report, etc
.Very professional support on line
no PPP multilink
Very reliable and fast, this device has not been rebooted since more than a year, excellent balancing algorithm for dual internet connections, I also have a USB stick from WIND Mobile acting as backup , no issues at all

Experience: 2 Weeks


Low cost dual WAN solution that actually works!
Limited resources. Not for network newbies.
I've installed this product with 16 port D-Link switch that had 10 wireless Access Points & 3 PCs attached, connected to 2 X 50mbps Shaw Cable connection.
Worked flawlessly. At peak, we had up-to 30 devices using the internet at once. It worked like a charm.
Only bad thing is that there is manual that comes with the product. I had to search the company website to find manuals. Obviously, this product is not for newbies, but for seasoned professionals/experienced power user.
So far, I am very satisf
ied with the product performance. I've ran several stress tests, and it is more stable than Linksys, Cisco, D-Link, TP-Link and Trend routers at similar price range.
If you are considering to purchase a solid dual wan router, give Peplink a serious thought. I'm glad to find Peplink. I've ditched Cisco, and I'll never go back!

Experience: 1 Days


Simple setup for dual wan
load balancing works very well and failover is quick
very clean web interface
does dns caching on the unit so that dns requests that are repeats do not need to go out, should speed up surfing as 90% or more of dns requests are repeats
accepts a usb internet stick on top of the two wan connection
requires 2 static WAN ip addresses to be able to do true inbound load balancing, with one static and one non-static ip inbound traffic is tied to one wan connection, 2 users though get split one to each wan. I will have to get a static ip address set up for my one connection that does not have one so that it can combine the connections. But I suspect that this is the case with any multi-wan router.So this is probably not a real Cons!
My internet connection for web browsing is now way more responsive compared to the cisco RV042 that I was using that was actually slowing down my connections. Preliminary test with the dns caching enabled makes for a much smoother web browsing experience.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Feature Comparison

  Power User & Home Office Small Business Mid-Size Business Large Enterprise
20 30 210 310 380 580 710 1350

WAN Ports / Internet Links
2 3 2 3 3 (GbE) 5 (GbE) 7 (GbE) 13 (GbE)
Recommended Users
1-25 1-25 1-50 1-50 50-500 300-1000 500-2000+ 1000-5000+
Router Throughput ?
100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 200Mbps 400Mbps 800Mbps 1500Mbps
Core Functionality
Load Balancing / Failover
Load Balancing Algorithms
7 7 7 7 7 7
Drop-In Mode ?
Inbound Load Balancing ?
4G/3G Modem Support ?
VPN Functionality
Site-to-Site VPN Bonding
Number of S2S VPN Peers
2 2 20 50 300 800
Bonded VPN Throughput
30Mbps 30Mbps 60Mbps 80Mbps 150Mbps 350Mbps
Recommended PPTP VPN Users
15 15 50 100 200 500
IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)
Number of IPsec Tunnels
2 2 2 2 20 50 150 400
WLAN Control Functionality
Manage Pepwave AP One
Access Point Configuration
Maximum Number of AP Support
Advanced QoS Functionality
Bandwidth Usage Monitor
QoS for VoIP and E-Commerce
User Groups Bandwidth Control
Web Blocking
Hardware Features
LAN Ports
4 (GbE) 4 (GbE) 4 (GbE) 4 (GbE) 1 (GbE) 1 (GbE) 1 (GbE) 1 (GbE)
Power Consumption
15W 15W 15W 15W 50W 50W 70W 70W
1U Rackmount
High Availability ?
LAN Bypass?
Recommendation for sizing purposes only. No software restrictions applied.
Balance 20/30 features Weighted, Enforced, Persistence, Priority, and Overflow Load Balancing Algorithms. Balance 210/310/380/580/710/1350 features Weighted, Enforced, Persistence, Priority, Overflow, Least Used, and Lowest Latency Load Balancing Algorithms.
Number of peer Peplink devices you can connect using Peplink proprietary Site-to-Site VPN Bonding.
Balance 380/580/710/1350 features WLAN Controller Lite Edition for controlling up to two Pepwave AP One . To manage additional AP, a WLAN Controller Full Edition license (separate purchase) is required.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Technical Specifications

Specs and Weight

Balance 20/30
Height: 1.37 inches (3.5 cm)
Width: 10.2 inches (26.0 cm)
Depth: 5.24 inches (13.3 cm)
Weight: 2.2 pounds (1.0 kg)

Balance 210/310
Height: 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)
Width: 11.6 inches (29.3 cm)
Depth: 6.25 inches (15.9 cm)
Weight: 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

Balance 380
Height: 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)
Width: 16.8 inches (42.6 cm)
Depth: 10.7 inches (27.3 cm)
Weight: 7.6 pounds (3.5 kg)

Balance 580
Height: 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)
Width: 16.8 inches (42.6 cm)
Depth: 10.9 inches (27.8 cm)
Weight: 12.1 pounds (5.5 kg)

Balance 710
Height: 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)
Width: 16.8 inches (42.6 cm)
Depth: 14.9 inches (37.9 cm)
Weight: 12.1 pounds (5.5 kg)

Balance 1350
Height: 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)
Width: 16.8 inches (42.6 cm)
Depth: 15.7 inches (39.8 cm)
Weight: 14.4 pounds (6.5 kg)


  • Peplink Balance Firmware 5 4


  • Support for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
  • WAN Link Health Check
  • Bandwidth Allowance Monitor
  • USB 4G/3G Modem Support 4
    List of Supported Modems >>


  • DHCP Server for LAN Clients
  • Extended DHCP Option
  • DHCP Reservation
  • Support for Dynamic DNS services
    • changeip.com
    • dyndns.org
    • no-ip.org
    • tzo.com
  • DNS Proxy for LAN Clients

Load Balancing

  • Intelligent Failover
  • Session Persistence
  • Per-Service Load Distribution
  • Multiple Algorithms
    • Weighted
    • Enforced
    • Persistence
    • Priority
    • Overflow
    • Least Used 5
    • Lowest Latency 5

Complete VPN Solution 5

  • Site-to-Site VPN Bonding
    • Bandwidth Aggregation
    • Intelligent Failover
    • 256-bit AES Encryption
    • Pre-shared Key Authentication
    • Dynamic Routing
  • PPTP VPN Server
    • RADIUS, LDAP Authentication 4
  • IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network) 7

Advanced QoS 4

  • User Groups
    • Bandwidth Reservation
    • Individual Bandwidth Limit
  • Application Prioritization
    • By User Groups
    • Custom Application QoS


  • NAT and IP Forwarding
  • Static Routes
  • Port Forwarding
  • Many to One, One to One NAT
  • NAT Pool
  • SIP ALG, H.323 ALG
  • WINS Server

WLAN Controller 4

  • Support for Pepwave AP One devices
  • Auto AP discovery
  • Auto AP firmware management
  • AP Profile Configuration


  • Authoritative DNS Server 5
    • Support for A, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR, SOA, SRV, TXT records


  • DoS Prevention
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Web Blocking 1

Device Management

  • Web Administrative Interface
  • Email Notification
  • Active Client and Session Lists
  • Bandwidth Usage Statistics
  • Web Reporting Services
  • Syslog Service
  • SNMP v1, v2c and v3

Support and Warranty

  • 1-Year Standard Warranty
  • 1-Year Standard Support 6
    • Unlimited 8x5 Email Support
    • 90 Days Telephone Support
  • 1-Year Firmware Upgrade Details>>

Power Requirements

  • Universal Input
    • 100V - 240V AC


  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS


Feature not available in every model. Please refer to Feature Comparison for details.
Features not available on Balance 20/30.
Only valid for customers who have purchased Peplink Balance devices directly from Peplink.
Peplink IPsec only supports connection with Cisco, Juniper or Peplink devices.

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