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Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case

Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case - 1
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Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case - 58474_l.jpg Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case - 58474_1.jpg Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case - 58474_2.jpg Fractal Design Define Mini mATX Computer Case - 58474_3.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Fractal Design
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SKU: 58474
Volumetric Weight: 28.33 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Fractal Design FD-CA-DEF-MINI-BL

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Experience: 8 Days

nice case for the money


looks nice
good case for the money

Experience: 2 Months


Quiet, roomy
Fan controller mounts on rear of case
Excellent case, my rig is noticeably quieter when playing graphically demanding games

Experience: 1 Weeks


Quiet, well built, plenty of hard disk space, fan controller
A bit on the pricey side.
Needed a "not so big" case for a file server that could hold 6 HDs. Thrust me, there are not that many choices. This case is also very easy to swap drives contrary to my previous Cooler Master Elite 343 who was a pain because the RAM and HSF would interfere. I added a 1650 XSPC fan on the back and plugged all the fan to the controller so I can choose the best noise performance ratio. This especially important as this is not the best ventilated case.

Experience: 2 Months


Great Design, sleek, easy to work with. Slim enough for specialized mounts.
Not tall enough to fit SLI/Crossfire config. Ended up having to get an ATX case. Corsair has SLI/Crossfire friendly matx cases.
Great case, very solid. It is more refine than the define atx series. comes with foam plugs on the side and top fan slots if you choose not to use them, which is a nice plus.

Can't fit 2nd video card, which is the only bad thing about this case. But if that isnt one of your requirements, very nice overall.

Experience: 2 Weeks


Looks great!
Awesome Build quality!
Easy build
Rather have the included fan controller on the front but it's no big deal
Great case to build in and the air flow is really good. Although I can hear my loud gpu, it reduces the noise a lot. I'd recommend this case to anyone who is thinking of building a M-atx.

Experience: 2 Days


somewhat well thought out case internals, heavy
plastic parts have cheap look and feel to it.
looks good from a distance, but fails the 2ft test due to cheap looking plastic. this case does it well 80% of the way, but then fails at the end giving an overall crappy look.

if you are going for a nice case, then you want 100%, not 80% nice.

Experience: 1 Weeks


Great style
HDD Trays (I like the removable rack for airflow)
Looks good from the inside out
Cable tray in back is fairly roomy
Fan Controller comes with it, plus mount options.
Not As silent as I was expecting
Extremely short Reset cable
HDD Trays (not really a problem, but they're not tool-less)
Loose grommets in the cable management system.
I recently bought this case for a new build for one of my parents. Earlier in the year I had bought the ATX-sized midtower on special and fell in love with the looks. I still haven't used that case in a build yet, but I knew from reviews and having one in my posession that it was a look I wanted for my mom's next PC.

Overall, it's a great case, well built and durable. I haven't noticed any paint flecks yet even on the grooves for the doors, so quality looks good there as well. The smaller case size compared to the R4 s also nice.

Problems I have with it: The cabling for the front power buttons is all the correct length, except for the reset button. I noticed while building that these cables hung down a bit and were in the way for the top 5.25" bay. I thought maybe the reset cable was just twisted; but no, the cable is actually shorter than the rest. I had also built the system with an Eco Cool-it water cooler, and after the build I could hear a noticable hum from the unit.

I had bought the premium case due to the silent nature of the case. I built with quality parts (Noctua fans set to low speed, Seasonic fanless PSU, etc) but found that I could still hear the water pump. For a premium price, I was expecting that this case would take care of all of the minimal noise from the low noise equipment I had put in. I was planning on rating this three stars.

I now realize why I can still hear the hum from what should be one of the least noisy parts: vibration. The motherboard stands have no rubber grommets like the HDD trays, since the pump itself would vibrate more than a standard air-cooled system, it would make sense why this is still audible. No case that I'm aware of currently puts grommets on their motherboard stands meaning this isn't really an issue of the case being lacking, instead it being a side effect of water cooling.

I've still taken the one star off for the other nagging issues of the system; namely the reset cable and HDD trays. Overall I would recommend getting this case, but not at full price.

S u P a D o N k E y
Experience: 2 Weeks


Removable HDD cage
Good cable management
Compared to Corsair 300R, same dimension except shorter height
CPU cutout is small
I initially installed Noctua D14 then I wanted to change it with CM Hyper Evo. Problem was that CPU cut out was not wide enough and I had to take out motherboard to change it. With removable HDD cage, I was able to install Sapphire 7970 which was apparently longer than Powercolor and XFX 7970...

Experience: 2 Days


Easy to work in
Very silent
Easy to clean out filters
2x triple HDD cages
Partially removable HDD cage
Cable organization
Somewhat cheap thin steel panels and frame
Somewhat cheap painting job for white parts
What can I say? This is quite a good case.

The layout is well thought out and has plenty of potential for almost any kind of build. Room for 6x HDDs, or more if you're creative, room for a massive graphics card, massive CPU cooler, grommets for water cooling tubes. Really, it has plenty of potential for a gaming machine, HTPC, SOHO or as a quite office machine. The downside, is that you get to choose only a few of those applications, as there are some size restrictions when you use, say a large graphics card that protrudes beyond the motherboard, which may interfere with the removable HDD cage.

Speaking of size, this case is actually quite large and is about the same volumetric size as a smaller ATX case. Slightly shorter, but also slightly deeper.

Moving along, we come to the build quality. It doesn't feel like a cheap case, but it also doesn't feel like a quality case. It actually feels a bit cheap, compared to say, antec NSK cases. The fit between panels and various parts is good, however every single one of them feels like it has been skimped on. The steel panels sure aren't as thick as the stuff used on antec cases. The white parts have some primer showing. Everything is "just enough" and "this will do". Plainly, it's built down to a price.

And yet, it works! The case is sturdy and silent when fully assembled, all the filters are easy to get to and it's nice to work inside it.

It looks great too, for a tool. It's not gaudy, the lines don't go everywhere and there are no ultra bright lights to bedazzle your neighbors. Definitely a page taken from antec performance series, which is a good thing.

Definitely 4 stars. I'd give it 5, if it didn't feel like it was built cheaply and to a price point.

Experience: 3 Months


Sleek, compact, amazing cable management system and QUIET
Not sure of why the odd person is giving this 4/5 stars, as this is truly the best case I've ever owned, let alone seen.

The 2 case fans that come with this unit are SILENT.

I'm running a 7970 video card in here with both hard drive bays in without a problem, so lots of room. I also wanted a QUIET case, as I heard the fans on the 69x and 79x series of video cards can be quite loud. Well - My system is completely silent!

The cable management system for this case is amazing! I opted for a non-modular gaming P/S, so I really was hoping for a decent cable management system. It's truly the best ever.

I'm going to be ordering another one of these for my kids' PC as I'm so impressed with it.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


The Define series is reaching new heights in combining stylish, contemporary design with maximum functionality and noise absorbing features. The minimalistic, yet stunning front panel design, fitted with noise absorbing material on the inside, creates an aura of exclusivity.

Quick Specs:
Motherboard Supported Micro ATX Mini ITX
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Weight (Approximate) 20.94 lb
Color Black
Form Factor Mini-tower
Height 15.6"
Width 8.3"
Depth 19.3"
Number of Fans Supported 6
Number of Fans Installed 2
Number of External 5.25" Bays 2
Number of Power Supplies Supported 1
Number of Internal 3.5" Bays 6
Number of Total Expansion Bays 8
Number of Total Expansion Slots 5
Total Number of USB Ports 3
Total Number of Audio Out Ports 1

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     Number of External 5.25" Bays: 2
     Number of Internal 3.5" Bays: 6
     Number of Total Expansion Bays: 8
General Information  
     Brand Name: Fractal Design
     Manufacturer: Fractal Design
     Manufacturer Part Number: FD-CA-DEF-MINI-BL
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.fractal-design.com
     Product Line: Define
     Product Model: FD-CA-DEF-MINI-BL
     Product Name: Define Mini System Cabinet
     Product Series: Mini
     Product Type: Computer Case
I/O Expansions  
     Number of Total Expansion Slots: 5
     Front Audio In: Yes
     Front Audio Out: Yes
     Front USB: Yes
     Total Number of Audio Out Ports: 1
     Total Number of USB Ports: 3
Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Black
     Depth: 19.29" (490 mm)
     Form Factor: Mini-tower
     Height: 15.55" (395 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 9.50 kg
     Width: 8.27" (210 mm)
Power Description  
     Number of Power Supplies Supported: 1
Technical Information  
     Motherboard Supported: Mini ITX
Micro ATX
     Number of Fans Installed: 2
     Number of Fans Supported: 6
     Limited Warranty: 2 Year

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Comment: The Mini delivers good satisfaction to buyers and gives you a sleek and silent chassis in return.
Posted by: Babaghan @04/19/12
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