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Audioengine 2 Mini Bookshelf Style Powered 30 Watt 2.0 Desktop Speakers for PC or Mac - Black

Audioengine 2 Mini Bookshelf Style Powered 30 Watt 2.0 Desktop Speakers for PC or Mac - Black - 1
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Audioengine 2 Mini Bookshelf Style Powered 30 Watt 2.0 Desktop Speakers for PC or Mac - Black - 63650_l.jpg Audioengine 2 Mini Bookshelf Style Powered 30 Watt 2.0 Desktop Speakers for PC or Mac - Black - 63650_1.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $229.99  CAD
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Part #: A2-B

SKU: 63650
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Audioengine A2-B

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Experience: 13 Days


good sound, quality built speakers
volume knob located on back, not that convenient if you need to use it
Great pair of speakers, powerful for their size. Minimalist design with beautiful satin black finish. good for people with limited desk space who also do not want a subwoofer on the floor.

Experience: 2 Months


Small speakers, look great, good quality
None found yet
I have been looking for a quality pair of speakers that aren't 73 pieces including 45 satellites and 14 subwoofers. Finally, I can listen to my computer games at nice volumes without needing to hear low quality bass that overpowers everything else.

I'm no audiophile, but the difference between these and a typical computer speaker set of similar price (aka logitech) is like night and day. A perfect example of quality over quantity. And since it's only 2 pieces the wiring is a lot nicer than 47 piece speaker sets.

No contest, these are amazing speakers and if I needed more, I would get more of these in an instant

Experience: 2 Days


RCA or 1/8" TRS input
Looks great; feels solid.
Cables are adequately long.
Standard speaker wire connects the two together.
No headphone jack, though once you've heard these you may not want to use your headphones.
Comes wrapped in both plastic and cloth. For environmental purposes, it would be worth it to not use plastic.
Slight hiss, but you likely won't notice it unless your ear is within 3-4 inches from the speaker.
I was thinking about buying a Bose Companion 2, but decided against that after having a bad experience with the Bose Wave Multi CD Changer, and actually hearing the Companion 2, which only sounded adequate. So I looked further and found these.

For a lover of classical and "classical crossover" music such as myself, the Audioengine 2 sounds fantastic. Highs are crisp and clear and lows sound deep and powerful - just as good as some 2.1 systems I've heard.

Experience: 1 Days


Sound quality, big sound (2x+ their size!) build quality, small size, possible volume levels are still impressive
bass fluttering at high volume and bass maybe a little muddy - but I haven't broken em in yet, only 15 minutes use so far...
I just unboxed these and plugged them in after waiting impatiently for them...
I AM COMPLETELY BLOW AWAY!!!! A solid 5+ stars!!!

Let me start off by stating that I am a pro musician since 25 years with a pro home studio and my dad was a successful high-end stereo salesman so sound quality and good ears run in my blood... I have more quality speakers, wattage and headphones than my wife is comfortable with... (5'' ribbon studio monitors + 15'' sub, KEF + HK living room stereo, JBL EON 10's for a PA / V-drum monitoring, Etymotic HF5 & Klipsch S4i ear buds for on the go, bass/keyboard/guitar amps, DW drums, Sennheiser HD280 + HD205 heaphones, etc.)

I bought these to replace some Logitech Z2300's that I had to replace the broken satellites on with considerably worse Logitech satellite speakers and the second subwoofer around my desk just took up too much room. Getting rid of the subwoofer is what got the wife's approval for the replacement... :)

Everything about them is impressive, except the cons mentioned, but then again, what can you expect from their small size? They don't call them the laws of physics for nothing...

These sound way closer to my ribbon monitors (upon comparison) than they do to my Macgyvered Logitechs which are going up on Craigslist ASAP... That says a lot to have them hold their own to quality ribbon studio monitors. The A2s are much more musical speakers for everyday use though and much more convenient to turn on, etc....

The A2's 2.75'' woofers can already start to rumble around half-volume and push considerable air out the ports that I can feel the breeze 6' away! Louder than that and they may start to distort with bass-heavy music and ideally the bass would be a little more defined but it's definitely musical and acceptable at ideal volume levels... There's not much happening musically under 100hz anyways...

When paired up with my 15'' sub (without the matching ribbon monitors), it's absolutely incredible!!!! Without the sub, there is still enough bass levels for a small room or casual, convenient listening and also late night use, be it for music, gaming or movies. I would even bring these outdoors if I wanted to play music with friends over for a bbq on the back porch... the unexagerated bass levels would definitely be neighbour-friendly...

I would definitely NOT host a house party with these little guys.

Ok, time to build speaker covers for these little bad boys since I don't want my 2 year old boy poking anything into them...

I can't wait to hear how they sound after sufficient breaking in...

Do yourself a favour if you have the cash and need big sound in a small space: don't read another review and buy these now... If you have the desk space, a larger room and the extra cash, get the A5's, as I can only imagine how good those sound... If you need any more bass, get the matching subwoofer but personally I would only do so with the A5's since I feel it would be overkill with the A2's considering their 15W output limit (like when I mix in my 15'' sub). I just love listening to music on them and it's only been 20 minutes!! Just mind-blowing... I almost want to just sit here and listen forever, cancel next week's beach vacay in Mexico too! Ok maybe not cancel the vacay, but I'm definitely not thinking about the money I spent on them anymore!!!


PS. I think I will play a prank on my friends when I play music on these speakers for them where I will have my sub on and say that it's not! ;)

Experience: 2 Days


great sound
great build
not that i can find
well this is the first time I ever write a review on anything
but this time i think i really need to write something about these speakers. well i properly owned more than 20 pair of speakers from the pass price range from 4000$ to 50$ and this is the first time I got impressed. For the money you spend on these and the sound you get ...all i can say is this Audioengine A2 worth you money !!

Experience: 2 Weeks


Great look and build quality
Good dynamics
Nice soundstage
Sound is too coloured towards low end
Rolled off highs
Buyers remorse
These were recently on sale and I jumped to get a pair after reading a considerable number of positive reviews and in particular the Stereophile Magazine review.

I had mine hooked up to an Asus Xonar Essence via some Kimber RCA cables.

It seems they have a considerable built in bass boost which unfortunately affects the midrange of the music. In particular male voices sounded thin and muddy, and it was almost like you were listening to your neighbours hi-fi with your ear to the wall. It was like a certain portion of the music had just gone missing. As well as the high bass EQ it seems there is some sort of processing to extend soundstage that tended to make things sound airy or washy.

I can understand having some enhanced bass in speakers this small but I had hoped for some clear mids and highs from these but it was not to be. They just sounded off to me.

It wasn't all bad though and these speakers had some really good stereo separation and dynamics. I couldn't live with the muddy sound though and returned them.

Experience: 2 Years


Amazing sound. Build Quality. Size. Price.
Only stereo.
From the moment you open the box you can tell that these are going to be a great product. All the gold plated cables and the speakers themselves are packed in fabric bags. The speakers are fairly heavy for their small size and are very solid. The connections and volume knob feel very solid. Everything says this is a product that AudioEngine takes pride in. Now, when you plug them in and turn them on you will be blown away. Unless you've owned high end speakers before, you'll be amazed when listening to your favorite music. Instruments and voices each take on their own presence. Small details are clearly heard. Oh, and these speakers can easily fill our living room and kitchen with sound (at just past half volume). We bought these to replace a stereo cd player that broke. We bought an airport express to stream our music from any of our three computers to these speakers. It has completely changed music for our house. We have months of top quality music at our fingertips anywhere in the house. I reccommend these speakers pair with an airport express to everyone.

Experience: 2 Days


Quality materials
Beautiful minimal aesthetics
MDF casing
All wires included, set-up was simple
Felt bags for the speakers/accessories
Tweeter finish on right speaker not as smooth as the left.... the MDF cabinet is handmade so I can forgive that. only noticeable if I'm like 1 inch away.

No speaker stands included. Currently propping up on some black fabric, might get the audioengine foam stands in the future, but shelling out 40 bucks doesn't feel right.
Coming from a 2004 era z2200 these blow them out of the water. I was worried there wasn't going to be enough bass, but it filled my room with plenty of power to spare. I could feel the air being blown against my hand they were driving so hard.

The music was bouncy and relatively flat once you mess with the EQ (Try lowering 120/250 levels, reduces the muddyness in the bass)

I was using the auzentech x-meridian 2g soundcard- highly recommended if you use these speakers. Everything was sharp and crisp with every genre. Blasting some electro while playing Starcraft 2 worked out amazing. I recommend it for gaming as well.

When the speakers are close against the wall, the bass is just enough. If you're into serious dubstep wub wub stuff I would consider the A5's or add on an subwoofer later on. I wont be getting a sub anytime soon though.

Bottom line:
Need a room to fill with quality sound? Consider the A2's
Larger space? get the A5's... or some passive bookshelves with an amp

Best thing I've bought in months!

Experience: 2 Days


This is the perfect speaker for a small room. (bedroom)
Best speaker on the market for their size
Lack bass (but i can be a feature if you have neighbor:)
Volume control on the back.

This is the best portable small form factor speaker on the market.
If you plan to buy the perfect speaker for a small room, this is it. There is no point to buy a more expensive pair of speaker. More expensive speaker wont give you better sound, they will only fill a bigger room.

well, except maybe for the bass, it is just physically impossible for a speaker this small to produce big bass. Audioengine provide a subwoofer to complete these speaker for people who want more bass.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

2 audio inputs (RCA and mini-jack)
Built-in power amps (left speaker)
Kevlar woofers for super low end
Silk tweeters for smooth highs
High-quality speaker connectors
Auto-sleep power-saving mode
Hand-built cabinets
Cables included
Included Accessories:
Included accessories
Power supply
Speaker cable (16AWG), 2 meters (~6.5 feet)
1/8" mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 feet)
1/8" mini-jack audio cable, 20cm (~8 inches)
Drawstring power supply bag
Drawstring cable bag
Drawstring speaker bags (2)
Setup Guide
Works with:
iPod and all other music players
Internet radio and network music systems
Apple Universal Dock and other docks/remotes
Desktop computers, laptops, notebooks
Flat panel TVs with an analog output
Mobile phones and PDAs with music players
CD and DVD players
Videogame consoles
Digital radio and satellite receivers
All products with 1/8" mini-jack or RCA outputs!

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URL: http://www.stereophile.com/budgetcomponents/1207ae/index.html
Comment: The subjective portion of the review (by Robert J. Reina) is very positive, but John Atkinson's measurements expose hard-wired equalization that is far from neutral.
Posted by: Lsi @05/18/12
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