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Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5700DPI Laser Sensor

Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5700DPI Laser Sensor - 1
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Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5700DPI Laser Sensor - 64132_l.jpg Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5700DPI Laser Sensor - 64132_1.jpg Customer Photos (2)
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Part #: CH-9000001-NA/CH-9000005-NA

SKU: 64132
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Experience: 4 Months


sniper buttons
price point
dpi changer
unibody design`
i love this mouse so much. its best mouse ive ever felt before. feels like a tank vs those cheapy plastic mouses. i like a heavy mouse which this does the job. and changeing dpi on the fly helps me alot in games

Experience: 10 Months


Great feel in hand
build quality is out of this world
Reliable, no problems
the back and forward buttons could be designed a bit better
Wonderful mouse that I brought in from home to work and they stole it! we are running a few of these at terminals and we absolutely love them... one touch sensitivity adjustment is excellent for the not so techy to adjust to their needs

Experience: 5 Months


-Easy to Reprogram all buttons
-Use for Hours in Gaming and Don't Get Sore
Love the mouse got it on sale for $39.99. Needed a real gaming mouse, Corsair makes high quality products. used the mouse right out the box, of course had to get the software to customize the buttons, software was easy to setup. but over all I would get this mouse again if something happens to my current one.

This review was modfied by poster @ 06-29-13 09:15 AM

Experience: 1 Days


amazing build quality
nothing from ive seen
great build quality, the software is not as bad as some of the reviews say, i got used to it within 2-3 hours (im a tip grip gamer)

Experience: 1 Years


nice feel to it, love the adjustable weights
rough sandpaper feeling on the side has worn out in places (big chunks of it are gone) expected it to last longer than a year
love this mouse, got it for 34.99 after an MIR, gave it to my father who also loves it

Experience: 2 Weeks


Plugs in
Soft touch
nice braded cord
easy to scroll wheel
soft texture of top
sturdy and smooth
kinda wide
sandpaper grip on sides feels weird for the first couple days
Was getting sick of the double click on my performance mx, and just seriously sick of Logitech and their double click issues in general so decided to try something new after 10+years with top end MX mice, i was kinda worried about this mouse originally but i am pleasantly surprise, it is very smooth and sturdy, it does have a very wide stance so it takes some getting used to, but doesnt hurt your hand like some logitech gaming mice, i actually got it for 30 bucks with an instant rebate so cant go wrong, back and forward buttons are very east to hit for me, and there is a satisfying click each time you sclick, same with scrolling very effective and comfortable. the sand paper grip on the sides is rather annoying at first but over a week or so it has smoothed out a bit. Great mouse so far

Chi Hoon_S
Experience: 3 Months


Decent sensitivity
Driver is not working properly
Hard to setup
I have Sensei RAW from Steelseries and this mouse.
I prefer Sensei RAW over this and there is not much difference in the price

Experience: 7 Days


Good sale price ($39), excellent ergonomics for the "claw" type grip.
I decided a month ago to upgrade my old sidewinder X5 to a newer mouse. Picket up the Logitech G500 (great mouse), but I couldn't get used to the full palm type of grip that needs to be used on it.

I tried feeling up this M60 at NCIX, and find it perfect for the "claw" type mouse grip that I use. Feels very well built, braded cord, and excellent sensivity.

Experience: 2 Days


Nice looking, high DPI, tracks well, blue LEDs, sniper button, Durable build
None, better than most mice I've tried out, better than the plasticy Rat7's!
I have only owned this mouse for a couple days, but I love it. I've used a RAT7 mouse before, and it was nice but too plasticy. This is a nice and heavy mouse, I keep all the weights in. The blue Led's aren't too bright but look really nice! The scroll wheel is heavy and does not feel like it will break any time soon. Has a nice click to it, but does require more pressure than you would expect to click it down. Right and left clicks are very solid, I like the fact that it's stronger than some Logitech's where a small breath is all that is required to activate the buttons. The 2 side buttons have very nice feedback with a prominent click to them. Despite other reviews, I did not find that it was too far away for me to reach it. Very useful, in gaming holding it down to get that shot is very convenient. It is also nice for 3D animating, when you need to get that small little movement.
Overall, amazing mouse! Got it on sale $30 off, never used a better mouse!

Experience: 27 Days


Nice aesthetics
Good price
Solid construction
Scrolling is smooth and accurate
Teflon pads are superb, and seem durable so far as well
High quality braided cord (that isn't too stiff)
Button placement is not ideal
Adjustable weights don't allow for much fine-tuning
Scroll wheel requires too much force to depress (for my taste)
Corsair Vengeance software is horrible
Starting with the hardware: the build quality seems to be quite good, and clicks feel very clear and clean without requiring too much force for actuation. The shape, however, is just not quite right for my tastes. I can't seem to find a way to comfortably hold it. There's always a corner digging into my palm, or I can't get my thumb in a place where it can reach the buttons. Maybe I have freakishly long thumbs or something.

Now the software... It's painful to use, and lacks several features present with Razer and Logitech's offerings. Missing features include the ability to have one mouse profile assigned to several applications, and easy assignment of multi-key shortcuts. As well, most of the buttons in the UI aren't labelled, and the ones that are aren't very clear. If all you need to do is setup the DPI settings then you won't have any problems. If you're looking to customize button settings, create  macros or setup application profile switching you'll be in for an afternoon of frustration.

It's a decent mouse for the price, but I'd recommend spending the extra few dollars and picking up something else.

As a side note (which should be taken with a grain of salt) the 'sniper' button broke after less than a month of pretty light use. Could just be a lemon but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Enthusiast-grade 5700 DPI laser sensor

You get maximum precision and response from the Avago ADNS-9500 LaserStream™ Gaming Sensor, even on high resolution displays. Outpace and dominate opposing players with less accurate or slower gaming mice. 

Optimized for First-Person Shooters — Ergonomic design with a dedicated sniper button

Superior ergonomics and a dedicated sniper button will make the M60 laser gaming mouse your favorite weapon of mass destruction. It's functional design and soft-touch surfaces are comfortable in your hand, even for extended hours gaming sessions. The dedicated sniper button automatically lowers your DPI so that you can quickly adjust your aiming precision and precisely locate shots.

Unibody aluminum structure with adjustabe weight tuning

A unibody aluminum frame is the secret behind the M60's low weight, high rigidity, and optimal mass distribution. It also has three adjustable tuning zones, allowing you to customize your mouse's weight to have just the exact feel you want.

Lift Detection

When the action is fast and furious, you are constantly moving and repositioning your mouse. The M60's lift detection provides high precision tracking and reliable cursor placement even when lifted off of the mousing surface.

select able Response Time
Tune the performance for your desktop surface by choosing between four response times — 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8ms).

The M60's ergonomically placed sniper button adjusts the DPI for precision control of long-range weaponry.

High-mass scroll wheel

The solid metal, rubberized scroll wheel doesn't just feel great — it gives you the precision you need when select ing weapons. Precise tactile feedback and accuracy help make sure that you select  the right weapon every time.

PTFE glide pads and surface detection

The low-friction glide pads ensure swift, precise movement with low effort, and the Vengeance M60 laser gaming mouse automatically optimizes its performance for your desktop surface.


Corsair Vengeance: Designed for performance gaming


The gear that brings your gaming to the highest performance

Incredible responsiveness. Precise accuracy. Customizable, reliable controls. Intelligent design. The smallest details and the highly crafted refinements that make all the difference. Vengeance gaming peripherals aren't typical gaming devices, but elite mice, keyboards and headsets that allow you to perform at your highest level. Brought to you by Corsair — people enthusiastic about performance gaming.

The Corsair Advantage

With a long history of building enthusiast-grade memory and components, we've earned a reputation for quality, compatibility, and performance. Need help? We're available by phone call, email or web forum.

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URL: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Corsair-Vengeance-M60-Mouse-Rev
Comment: A nice review for this great mouse!
Posted by: Sigma520 @03/23/13
URL: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2404595,00.asp
Comment: Designed with first-person shooters in mind, the M60's combination of precision, speed, and customization is sure to bring out the killer in you.
Posted by: Babaghan @05/18/12
URL: http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=
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URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx8JxlznoOw
Comment: Linus's review of the Corsair M60 gaming mouse
Posted by: Oscar_L @01/05/12
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