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ASUS VG278H 27in 1080p 2ms 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD

ASUS VG278H 27in 1080p 2ms 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD - 1
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ASUS VG278H 27in 1080p 2ms 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD - 65348_l.jpg ASUS VG278H 27in 1080p 2ms 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD - 65348_1.jpg ASUS VG278H 27in 1080p 2ms 120HZ w/ 3D Vision 2 Lightboost Glasses HDMI DVI VGA LCD - 65348_2.jpg Customer Photos (0)

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Part #: VG278H

SKU: 65348
Shipping Weight: 25.4 lbs

Customer Reviews of ASUS VG278H

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Experience: 4 Months


3D Vision 2, Lightboost, émetteur 3D intégré et 120Hz !!!!
Le niveau des noirs, les couleurs de compagnie et aucuns driver fournit.
- Très bon moniteur gamer, la 3D est magnifique. 120Hz est très utile si vous jouer au jeu de Course/FPS. Les lunettes Nvidia 3D offres une bonne visibilité et sont de qualité. Par contre, il viennent à faire mal sur le nez après quelque heures de jeu.
- L'écran à besoin d'être calibré car les couleur sont beaucoup trop net et les noirs tirent vers le gris/bleu.
Aucuns drivers est fourni par Asus, ce sont les drivers Nvidia qui gère l'écran et la 3D.

Experience: 10 Days


120hz which is great for gaming...
27" is a good amount of screen real estate
Massive Light bleed at the bottom
Lots of light bleed at the top
I wanted a 120hz monitor to game with... OMG... such a difference in the way a game looks with over 100fps... I wish I had not waited this long for a 120hz monitor.
The game is so much more fluid at over 100fps compared to 60hz of my older monitor.

Because this is only 1080p I should have gotten a 24", Windows desktop looks really large on this size monitor.

There is a HUGE amount of light bleed at the bottom of this monitor, while there is gaming going on or windows desktop it is not noticeable, but as soon as there is black on the screen... it is very noticeable, if you want to use this for a lot of movie watching... I would go see one in person setup and running first... I don't plan to use it for movies, mostly gaming so it should not be too noticeable.

3D.. I used it for Battlefield 3 for about... 10 minutes... It takes getting use to playing in 3D but I will give it a try on my next FPS game ( I am only FPS ) but only for the single person campaign, I think the 3D would take away from the reaction times and bring my score down... but who knows, after some testing in single player, it might work out.

Experience: 2 Weeks


Awesome size. amazing brightness and super fast refresh rate. Integrated 3D IR emitter is very slick. 3D Nvidia glasses included in the price is a good part of this deal
Price, and propensity to breakage. It could stand to come down a good $100 to $150; then it would literally fly of the shelves.
Just like another of the reviews i read for this panel, when I recieved mine the backlight was not working and so I had to RMA and resend the monitor within 2 hours of when I recieved it. The wait and lack of updates from the normally very responsive Customer Service dept. drove me really crazy, but finally I have received a new and working monitor and I'm very pleased by the quality of the image and gameplay. Even if you are not into the whole 3D thing this is a very good monitor to own. The next best thing would be a 16:10 ratio, 27" monitor with 120Hz refresh rate, 2ms response rate and that, my friends, does NOT exist. Trust me I've looked everywhere. This is the monitor to get if you do a lot of gaming and you don't want to deal with a double or triple monitor set-up.

Experience: 3 Days


performs as advertised.
well designed with built in IR emitter.
3D vision 2 glasses are much nicer than first gerneration.
Compatability with the PS3.
High risk item for shipping damage!!!
Most likeley only 1 person at a time will be able to enjoy 3D.
I have recently receved my brand new ASUS VG278H 3D monitor with Nvidia 3D vision 2 glasses. I am very impressed with the improvement in picture quality and of course am having tons of fun playing games like MW3 and Diablo3 beta in full sterioscopic 3D. Unfortunately the first monitor was deffective the backlight was broken, most likely shipping damage but the RMA department at NCIX took great care of me. I got my second one it works beautifully. The only two drawbacks of this item is the price and of course the high vunerability to breakage.

Dave Mayo
Experience: 2 Weeks


Very Bright
Good contrast Levels
Even for 1080p resolutions images are clear
no ghosting with the trace free option (tested this extensively)
Great gaming monitor, 120hz does make a difference
unfortunately Im not sure if its a bad batch of these monitors going out but after a few days of use a Halo light oval image appears burned into the back of the screen.
If you google the Backlight bleeding halo issue there are literally hundreds of people with the same problem. As a premier VIP member, I've RMA'd this and NCIX is great and is sending me a new one (delivered tomorrow). Ill update  my post and let everyone know if the new one has the same issue. I've contacted Asus and they are aware of this issue. just not sure if there is going to be a recall or a second revision replacement yet. I just wanted to let everyone know before they purchase that this could Happen. Other than the Oval Bleed issue. The monitor Is absolutely AMAZING. definately the best monitor I've seen for 2d/3d gaming. And ive worked with the new samsung 950d's. 120hz makes a huge difference in fast paced games like shooters and such. Ghosting is virtually non existent in both 2d and 3d. Ill give this 4 stars because of the back light issue. Otherwise I'de give it 6 for being that damn good.

Experience: 3 Weeks


3D Vision 2 Glasses
Lightboost Monitor
120Hz / low input lag
Very Bright
Matte screen surface
Solid Stand with height and angle adjustment
Uneven Backlighting on black/dark screens
TN Panel
Shiny Frame scratches easily
This monitor received a great number of cursory reviews on the Internet which gave it high ratings.

The uneven back-lighting is a major problem and Asus is currently running their own tests to try to duplicate the problem. On screens that are fully black you will get a lightened oval/rectangular area in the center of the monitor after a few days of regular use. After three weeks the lightened areas will spread to help even-out the problem but this results in full-screen blacks being a little grayish.

Ghosting/Crosstalk is still fairly high with 3D movies. Crosstalk can be reduced substantially by lowering the contrast to 50-66 in 3D mode. I am running it at 50 to eliminate the worst of the ghosting.

This monitor was delayed for any months and I am somewhat disappointed in the back-light problem. The 3D aspect is still highly enjoyable. If you have patience, other manufacturers will be releasing Lightboost monitors.

Experience: 1 Weeks


- Great FPS at 120hz
- Great size!
- Low input lag
-Backlit L.E.D
- 1920x1080
- mildly duller colours
- bad viewing angles (as expected)
This monitor is probably one of the best ones that I have ever found. I went through a few monitors to finally find this one! I first tried the Samsung S27A950 in regards to the 120hz upgrading from my old BenQ VA panel, which was amazing. I liked the Samsung other than the fact that it was a glossy screen, and because it didnt have Nvidia 3D, but its own version of it. As I dont like glossy screen (as I found out) and I run a GTX 590 (which compliments Nvidia 3D), I decided I would return it to try a different one. I then tried the ASUS PA238Q IPS monitor. The colours, as good as they were, annoyed me to no end with the highly grainy AG coating. Other than the colours, which I found nice but not justified, the remainder of the monitor was just insufficient for gaming.

I then ordered this from NCIX as they were the only supplier that had some in stock and ready to ship. Needless to say, this is the monitor for me. The downsides of the monitor are few in comparison to the upsides. Although it may only be 1920x1080, have mildly less accurate colours and bad viewing angle, you must remember that the 120hz technology is still in development and to my understanding it cannot go beyond that resolution at this time. 2560x1440 is suppose to be in the works for 2012-2013. The duller colours may be seen right next to an IPS monitor as "intolerable", however after a bit of calibration, it will suit the needs of any gamer on its own. This is a TN panel, so do not expect amazing viewing angles (OBVIOUSLY!).

The Pros to the monitor are much higher in my opinion and outweigh the cons entirely. Being a 120hz/3d monitor was a huge factor. After trying the S27A950 then going to the IPS ASUS, I realized at that point I would not be able to go back. 120hz is so smooth in everything it does (even surfing the internet), this is the major pro to any type of gaming monitor (even over colour!). Not to mention the size of this monitor is huge!! Its nice spotting bad guys in BF3 with less effort! It also has a relatively low input lag with was actually rated better than the Samsung S27A950. Backlight bleed is a bit better than most with the backlit L.E.D.'s, but it is obviously still visible if your looking for it. Also to mention the matte screen was the cherry on top as it gave an AG that worked well with little to no graininess!

Overall, this was the monitor for me because it had relatively the most pros-to-cons which is what you ALWAYS compare in any component, especially monitors. This is a diamond in the ruff and if your looking for a high-end gaming monitor, this is the one to choose!

Experience: 2 Weeks


Very minimal ghosting with reduced contrast(better when compared to other 3D monitors); bright image regardless of adjusted contrast
Still minimal ghosting, but again, good when compared to current monitors
This monitor looks very good when the contrast is reduced to 55 in 3D mode. Thanks to Nvidia Light Boost the 3D image is brighter than my Samsung Syncmaster 2233 with almost non-existent crosstalk.

Experience: 2 Days


27", 3d vision 2, very adjustable, 3d receiver built into monitor.
Resolution of 1920x1080
Going from the BenQ XL2410T 23.6IN 120hz monitor to this has its pros and cons but if you dont have a 3D monitor and your going to get one this is your better investment.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Flicker-free 3D Images with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2
Enter an immersive 3D full HD 1080p world of games and movies with the VG278H. Through the use of the world's first NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses technology, it instantly takes you into another dimension - transforming all your gaming experiences and movies to 3D. With its new technology, it delivers twice sharper 3D images than conventional 3D technology. There are more than five hundreds popular PC game titles currently compatible with the NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit.

Quick Specs:
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Package Contents
  • VG278H Widescreen LCD Monitor
  • Dual-link DVI cable
  • VGA cable
  • Audio cable
  • Power cord
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Nvidia 3D Vision Kit
Contrast Ratio 50,000,000:1
Response Time 2 ms
Speakers Yes
Weight (Approximate) 17.64 lb
Color Black
Brightness 300 Nit
Color Supported 16.7 Million Colors
Screen Size 27"
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Screen Mode Full HD
Height 18.1"
Width 25.3"
Depth 8.7"
Number of Screens 1
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification ENERGY STAR 6.0 J-Moss (Japanese RoHS) ErP RoHS WEEE
VESA Mount Compatible Yes
Operating Power Consumption 65 W
Standby Power Consumption 1 W
Off-Mode Power Consumption 1 W
3D Type 3D
Energy Star Yes

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     Number of Speakers: 2
     Speakers: Yes
General Information  
     Brand Name: Asus
     Manufacturer: ASUS Computer International
     Manufacturer Part Number: VG278H
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.asus.com
     Product Model: VG278H
     Product Name: VG278H Widescreen LCD Monitor
     Product Series: VG
     Product Type: LCD Monitor
     DVI: Yes
     HDMI: Yes
     Headphone: Yes
     VGA: Yes
     Certifications & Standards:
  • BSMI
  • CB
  • CCC
  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • FCC
  • Gost-R
  • PSB
  • UL/cUL
  • VCCI

     Energy Star: Yes
     Environmental Certification: WEEE
J-Moss (Japanese RoHS)
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • VG278H Widescreen LCD Monitor
  • Dual-link DVI cable
  • VGA cable
  • Audio cable
  • Power cord
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Nvidia 3D Vision Kit

     Platform Supported: PC
Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Black
     Depth: 8.66" (220 mm)
     Height: 18.11" (460 mm)
     VESA Mount Compatible: Yes
     VESA Mount Standard: 100 x 100
     Weight (Approximate): 8 kg
     Width: 25.31" (643 mm)
Power Description  
     Off-Mode Power Consumption: 1 W
     Operating Power Consumption: 65 W
     Standby Power Consumption: 1 W
Technical Information  
     3D Type: 3D
     Adjustable Display Angle: Yes
     Adjustable Display Height: Yes
     Aspect Ratio: 16:9
     Features: Security Lock
     HDCP Supported: Yes
     Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170°
     Mount Type: Wall Mountable
     Number of Screens: 1
     Response Time: 2 ms
     Screen Mode: Full HD
     Screen Size: 27"
     Vertical Viewing Angle: 160°
     Brightness: 300 cd/m²
     Color Supported: 16.7 Million Colors
     Contrast Ratio: 50,000,000:1
     Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080

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Comment: Summary review of the monitor, rated 5 stars. This review helps with calibrating the monitor. "The Asus VG278H is the first member of a new generation of 120 Hz computer monitors, and it's been chosen by Nvidia as the testing ground for the second version of its 3DVision kit. The 27'&
Posted by: Charles-Olivier_M @11/16/11
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