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Linksys PLSK400 Powerline Internet Adapter Kit 200Mbps 1 Port + 4 Port 10/100 Homeplug AV

Linksys PLSK400 Powerline Internet Adapter Kit 200Mbps 1 Port + 4 Port 10/100 Homeplug AV - 1
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Linksys PLSK400 Powerline Internet Adapter Kit 200Mbps 1 Port + 4 Port 10/100 Homeplug AV - 68922_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: PLSK400-CA

SKU: 68922
Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Linksys PLSK400-CA

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Experience: 2 Years


easy to set up, work well, supports multiple Ethernet cables
a little bulky
Perfect solution for our smart TV. Though they get in the way of the top outlet slightly

Experience: 10 Days


Quick, simple and painless to set up
Takes up all of the electrical outlet
A great product to wire your whole house without the use or need to drill holes and run Ethernet cables. Quick, simple and painless to set up

Experience: 3 Weeks


easy to connect
low bandwidth cap
it says 200mbps, but not at my place. With minimal electricity being used in my home (no appliances running, a few lights and a TV) the PC connected to the PoE was getting 2mbps from my ISP on a bandwidth test. Upstairs in the office through the same route, I get 20mbps on the same test. No other factors to be attributed, my wifi speed is faster than this setup.

these units do not provide 200mbs of service across a very small electrical system as advertised.

Experience: 2 Months


Quick and easy setup! (2 minutes...including un-boxing!)
4 Ports allow for connection of multiple devices without having to invest in a separate switch. (for same price as other models with a single port)
Has provent to be more reliable and faster connection than 802.11N (2.5 and 5Ghz) in same locations in my home.
Great price when on sale. ($49.99)
Not as fast as CAT5.
No power pass-through. (other brands offer a power pass-through but not with 4 ports)
I purchased this because I was having increasing problems with WiFi devices in my home theatre setup, in particular devices that only support 2.5Ghz. I can often 'see' as many as 6 other 2.5Ghz networks from neighbors and I have 6-10 WiFi devices in my home connected to the network at any given time. Just too much interference for reliable and consistent performance! :-(

Before investing the time/money in a long CAT5 cable, drywall, paint, wall plates and switch to install proper Ethernet drop s in the basement I thought I would try this for the price of the cable alone.

Installation was simple, take them out of the box, plug-in the two adapters, press the sync buttons...in under 2 minutes it is ready to use! I plugged my router into the single port adapter, and three home theatre devices (HTPC, AppleTV, BluRay) into the 4-port adapter (will be 4 when I get an Ethernet dongle for my Wii). No other network configuration needed, it just worked!

Performance is reasonable and reliability is great! I consistently get between 30 and 32 Mbps (testing with file transfers between PC's over the powerline), faster than I could get 802.11N (2.5 or 5 Ghz) in the same locations of the house, and I have never had the connection drop  while using this PowerLine adapter. I have 25mbps cable internet, I typically get between 18 and 25mbps on SpeedTest.net. I get identical SpeedTest.net results over the powerline compared to connected directly to the router, perhaps a 1 or 2 ms difference in latency. I am achieving my objective of being able to take full advantage of my internet bandwidth from my Home Theatre using this powerline kit. Speed is not as fast as a 'real' Ethernet connection, transferring large files is relatively slow (max 32mbps), but it is fast enough for any media streaming that I have tried: Netflix 1080p, iTunes 1080p, YouTube 1080p, 24mbps 1080p MKV. Have yet to have a movie be interrupted by "buffering" since swapping to this powerline kit.

My house is newer (built in 2001), but the basement is on a separate sub-panel from where my router located. I still had no problems getting this to work at the performance levels stated above.

Having 4 ports on one end is a great feature of this kit, allowed me to plugin all my home theatre devices without having to invest in a separate switch. Removing 3 devices from WiFi in the basement seems to have improved reliability for other WiFi devices in the basement such as tablets. An unexpected benefit! :-)

A great product! Performance will vary with quality/age of your homes wiring, but if you are having WiFi issues it is worth the couple minutes and small $'s to give it a try in your home. Don't expect CAT5 performance but if it does not provide better service than WiFi you can always take it back. ;-) My only regret is that I did not try PowerLine sooner.

Experience: 6 Days


- Easy Configuration
- Durability
Bought this device on sale for 49.99 + tax hooked it up not knowing if it would work in my house. Sure enough pushed the sync button on both of them and was online within seconds works wonders with my Dlink Router also.

Experience: 5 Months


Good speeds from different floors of the house. Easy to setup
See below.
The pros I listed were of a replacement unit after I did an RMA on it.
My first one had extremely bad disconnection issues (approximately disconnects for 30sec every 30 minutes, even disconnected while talking to tech support once) which after going through Linksys tech support, allowed me to RMA the PLS unit in the package and get it replaced. Linksys tech support was really great in handling the problems, it was what came after that was hell.
Their RMA offered me several options to replace the unit;
1. They contact the store I got it from (NCIX) and switch the product there
2. Regular replacement (I send defect back and upon receiving, they send me replacement) and
3. Advance replacement (They send me replacement, and I send them back the defect when I receive it. A hold is placed on my credit card in case I don't send back.)
I initially picked option 1, but according to Linksys, they couldn't contact NCIX, or NCIX wasn't returning calls, so I decided to go with option 3.
I got the replacement, used it and everything was fine and dandy, no disconnects, so I packaged the defect and sent it back (with tracking number). A couple days later, I checked the tracking number, says it was received, thought everything done and over with.
A little under a month after this, I see a charge on my credit card for $99 (cost they said to replace the unit). Confused, I called them, they said they never received the unit. Luckily I kept the receipt with my tracking number so I told them the tracking number and Linksys checked again, and said they received it and will be reimbursing my credit card in ~2 business days. That never happened.
It's been about month and a half since they charged my credit card, and still no reimbursement, I've already called them a second time after waiting for my statement to see if the money would show up at my statement date. They said the same thing, they'll be reimbursing my credit card in ~2 business days and would be sending a confirmation email. I got a "confirmation phone call" a day later, but no email, and more importantly no money.
TL;DR, great product if it isn't defective, Linksys RMA sucks.

Experience: 1 Months


Very clean, fast speeds, easy to set up once on a viable line.
Doesn't work through power bars, slides around in outlet.
I spent quite a while fighting with this unit, I thought it wasn't going to work for me and that the wiring in my building was one two circuits. It turns out that these don't work through powerbars (or maybe just surge protectors). After I plugged them directly into the wall outlets, they connected just fine.

The prongs don't fit tightly into the wall outlet. So it's hard to get them to sit straight in an outlet. If they are behind your tv stand or under your couch this isn't an issue, but if they are somewhere visible (as is the case with my setup) it can take some work to make the adapter sit straight in the wall socket. And once you do, you'll curse aloud if you nudge it by mistake because it will sit at a 10º angle on your wall after doing so.

Despite all this, this is a MUCH better solution for me than wireless. And since the initial install, I've had no issues whatsoever.

Experience: 1 Months


very easy to set up
i've the older version of sling powerline adaptor this one blow the speed out the water! highly recommand

Experience: 2 Days


Fast and easy installation. Reliable connection, at-least more than WI-fi in my experience.
So far I have found very little that is bad about this product. The only possible thing I can think of... Is the size, and that is nit picking. It's a big adapter and will prevent you from using a full outlet if the plug is bigger than a standard plug.
I bought this kit hoping to finally move out of my disgusting laundry room I had to play my games in. Hooked her up, and ran a few speed tests. This thing is awesome. It was worth every penny. I really do recommend it as a alternative to people who want a wired connection, without the expense and time it takes for Ethernet cable to be ran throughout a house.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

High Speed - Up to 200 Mbps*

HomePlug AV Technology for faster transfer rates. Get a grip on buffering and lag: With speeds up to 200Mbps* over your home's existing wiring, your Linksys Powerline network can handle all types of network traffic. From transferring large files to streaming 1080p HD video to your TV, your Powerline network will provide a smoother experience no matter what device it's plugged into.

Easy setup (No CD needed)

Simply plug the adapters into wall outlet or power strip for connectivity.

Universal Connectivity

Connects to any device with enabled Ethernet network port. With a standardized network connection, your Linksys Powerline network can connect to any type of device that is Internet enabled. By connecting to a Linksys Powerline network your devices can now harness the online capabilities they were designed for.

Push button security

Device pairing at the push of a button with no software required. To ensure that no other Powerline adapters are added to your network and your connections are more secure, you simply need to press the security button on each device to lock out any potential unwanted users. With 128-bit encryption between the adapters, you can rest assured your network is more secure.

Plug and Play

Use existing electrical outlets to connect to your network - simply plug the adapters into the wall for connectivity. By simply plugging one Powerline adapter into the wall outlet and your router, and then adding a second one to a wall outlet, you can create  a wired internet connection anywhere in your home. It's as easy as plug and play.

Multi Port Connectvity

With four Ethernet ports available, the Linksys PLS400 will allow you to bring to life all those devices in your home that weren't previously online. Plug each device into the four ports on the PLS400 Powerline Adapter and take advantage of the online content now available.

* Maximum performance for the Powerline AV Network Adapter is derived from HomePlug Powerline Alliance HomePlug AV specification. Performance depends on many factors, conditions and variables, including volume of network traffic, home wiring construction, operating system used, mix of networking products used, interference from other electrical devices, age of home wiring, wireline range and coverage as determined by wiring route or path between devices and other adverse conditions. Power outlets and electrical wiring must all be part of the same electrical system.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Model: Linksys PLSK400
Standards: Homeplug AV 200 Mbps
Switch Port Speed: 10/100
Ports 1 PLE400, 4 PLS400
Buttons: Standby/Reset, Pairing
LEDS: Power, Ethernet, HomePlug
Minimum System Requirements: PC or other device with Ethernet network port, AC Power Outlets
Package Contents: 1 Linksys PLE400 Powerline AV 1-Port Network Adapter
1 Linksys PLS400 Powerline AV 4-Port Network Adapter
Quick Install Guide
2 Ethernet Cables

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