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Planet 2.4GHZ 802.11N Wall Plug Universal WI-FI Repeater

Planet 2.4GHZ 802.11N Wall Plug Universal WI-FI Repeater - 1
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Planet 2.4GHZ 802.11N Wall Plug Universal WI-FI Repeater - 76801_l.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: WNAP1260

SKU: 76801
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Ideal High Speed Wireless Range Extender with Flexible Wall-Plug Design
To minimize the effort of wireless network deployment, PLANET provides an ideal Wireless Range Extension solution ¡V the WNAP-1260 Wall Plug Universal WiFi Repeater. With the compact-sized and wall plug design, the WNAP-1260 is easy to plug into any electrical outlets of any place for 300Mbps High Speed wireless network sharing. It can operate in various environments by the Hardware Switch Modes including AP, Repeater, and Client, which helps users to immediately set up a wireless network without software configuration. The wall plug design and operation flexibility make the WNAP-1260 suitable for wireless LAN range extending.

Multiple Wireless Network Technologies for Greater Access
The WNAP-1260 features 802.11n radio with 2T2R antenna technology compliant with 802.11b/g/n standards. With the 300Mbps High Speed transmitting rates, the WNAP-1260 is easy to integrate the wireless devices with existing wired network. Compared with general wireless routers, the WNAP-1260 offers more powerful and flexible capability for home and business demands to access Internet and range extension of wireless network.

One-touch Secure Wi-Fi Extension
In order to simplify security settings for home and SOHO network, the WNAP-1260 supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) with configuration in PBC and PIN type. Just push the WPS button or key in the PIN code, the secure connection between the WNAP-1260 and the Access Point can be built immediately, which offers users a convenient and fast method to extend a secure wireless network.

More Flexibility and Mobility
With the tiny-sized and wall plug design, the WNAP-1260 is easy to plug to wall outlet for wireless access in any place. It can operate in various environments with the hardware switch modes including AP, Repeater, and Client, which helps to immediately set up a wireless network without software configuration. The wall plug design and operation flexibility make the WNAP-1260 suitable for range extending.
Wide Range of Wireless Security Support
To secure the wireless communication, the WNAP-1260 supports most up-to-date encryptions including WPA / WPA2-PSK with TKIP/AES. Made to fulfill enterprise and various applications demand, the WNAP-1260 enhances security and management features such as multiple SSID support. It can create  up to 5 virtual standalone AP with 5 different SSID according to individual security levels and encryption scheme of various wireless devices.

Internet Broadband Sharing
The WNAP-1260 provides home and SOHO users a reliable and cost effective wireless solution by featuring WAN Internet access and high speed IEEE 802.11n wireless transmission. The WNAP-1260 is equipped with one LAN/WAN port for connection to local network or for wired cable / xDSL service connection. It provides a more flexible and easier way for users to share an instant wireless network service via range extension wherever at Home, Hotspot, or in public places like transportation, outdoor events, and etc.

Advanced Firewall Security
In the Router mode, the WNAP-1260 supports NAT functions allowing multiple users to access Internet via only one single legal IP. It provides Port Forwarding and DMZ for LAN PC to act as an application server. Furthermore, the advanced firewall by the WNAP-1260 can protect your Intranet clients from unauthorized accesses and various DoS attacks from the Internet. In aspect of the firewall, the WNAP-1260 provides IP / MAC / Port / URL filtering to prevent possible hackers attack.

Easy Setup Anywhere with Wall-Plug Design
Built-in small power-supply brick with integral male plug, the WNAP-1260 can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Thus it can plug to any electrical outlets to repeat the existing poor Wi-Fi signal by just pressing its WPS button. Besides, uses also can easily apply any operating modes by switching the
Hardware Mode Switch. With the universal design and compatible with any brands of router or access point, the WNAP-1260 provides the easiest way to eliminate wireless dead spots in office or home wireless network.

High Speed and Secure Wireless LAN Connection
The WNAP-1260 is an ideal solution to provide 300Mbps high speed wireless networking to all residential and office users. Locate the WNAP-1260 at the central point in an office or home, and connect it to an xDSL / cable modem, then the WNAP-1260 can provide high speed Wireless Internet access for the office or home network. Furthermore, the WPA-PSK / WPA2-AES mechanism of the WNAP-1260 can effectively prevent the information from eavesdropping by unauthorized users. For secure enterprise applications, the WNAP-1260 also provides up to 5 SSID allowing users to access different networks through a single AP.

Home Wireless Range Extender
The WNAP-1260 is characterized of Wall-Plug design and advanced 2T2R MIMO technology which reduces the effect of dead spot, so that it can get better coverage of the existed wireless network. The WDS and repeater modes supported by the WNAP-1260 help to minimize the effort of installation and cabling cost.

Industrial Compliant Wireless LAN & LAN
- 300Mbps wireless transmission rate with MIMO technology
- IEEE 802.11n, 802.11b/g standard compliant
- Equipped with 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ports for LAN/ WAN, Auto MDI/ MDI-X supported

Fixed-network Broadband Router
- Supported connection types: Dynamic IP / Static IP / PPPoE / PPTP / L2TP
- Supports Static Routing, IGMP Proxy
- Supports multiple sessions SIP ALG, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP VPN pass-through
- Supports DMZ, Port Forwarding and Port Triggering for various networking applications
- Supports DHCP Server, UPnP, Planet Dynamic DNS

Wireless Network Range Extender
- Multiple Wireless Modes: AP, WDS, Repeater, Universal Repeater, Client
- Supports Multiple SSID to allow users to access different networks through a single AP
- Supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), Wireless QoS
- Supports IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol), Wireless Roaming

Secure Network Connection
- Advanced security: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES)
- Built-in NAT firewall features, with SPI function to protect against DoS attacks
- Supports IP / MAC / URL / DNS Filtering

Easy Installation & Management
- Web-Based UI and Quick Setup Wizard for easy configuration
- Remote Management allows configuration from a remote site
- System status monitoring includes DHCP Client, System Log

Flexible Usage & Compact Design
- Hardware switchable operation modes: AP / Repeater / Client
- Easily extends secure wireless network by One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
- Quickly repeat Wi-Fi signal to anywhere through its Stylish Wall-Plug Design

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Model WNAP-1260
Hardware Specification
Interface LAN/WAN: 1 x 10/100Mbps Auto MDI/MDI-X RJ45 port
Antenna Gain: 2 x Internal 2dBi Antenna
Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical
Button / Switch - Mode Selection Switch (AP / Repeater / Client)
- WPS Button
- Reset button
* Push about 3~6 seconds to reset to factory default settings
LED Indicators PWR, WPS, Ethernet, WLAN
Material Plastic
Dimension (W x D x H) 55 x 75 x 40 mm
Weight 80g (gross weight)
Power Requirement 100~240VAC
Plug Type EU / US
Power Consumption On-state: 2.1W
Low power state: 1.5W
Wireless interface Specification
Standard Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Frequency Band 2.4~2.4835GHz
Extend Frequency DSSS
Modulation Type DBPSK, DQPSK, QPSK, CCK and OFDM (BPSK / QPSK / 16-QAM / 64-QAM)
Data Transmission Rates
802.11n(40MHz): 270/243/216/162/108/81/54/27Mbps
  135/121.5/108/81/54/40.5/27/13.5Mbps (Dynamic)
802.11n(20MHz): 130/117/104/78/52/39/26/13Mbps
  65/58.5/52/39/26/19.5/13/6.5Mbps (Dynamic)
802.11g: 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps (Dynamic)
802.11b: 11/5.5/2/1Mbps (Dynamic)
Transmission Distance Indoor up to 100m
Outdoor up to 300m (Depends on the environment)
Channel America / FCC: 2.412~2.462GHz (11 Channels)
Europe / ETSI: 2.412~2.472GHz (13 Channels)
Japan / TELEC: 2.412~2.484GHz (14 Channels)
Channel Width 20 / 40MHz
Max. RF Power 802.11b: 17¡Ó1.5dBm
802.11g: 14¡Ó1.5dBm
802.11n (20MHz): 14¡Ó1.5dBm
802.11n (40MHz): 14¡Ó1.5dBm
Receive Sensitivity 802.11b: -92dBm @ 1Mbps; -85dBm @ 11Mbps, PER < 8%
802.11g: -88dBm @ 6Mbps; -73dBm @ 54Mbps, PER <10%
802.11n: -90dBm @ MCS8; -70dBm @ MCS15, PER <10%
Software Features
Operation Mode - AP/Router
- Repeater
- Client
(Switchable by Hardware)
Wireless Mode
* Universal Repeater(AP+Client) * Repeater(WDS+AP)
* WDS PTMP(Point to Multipoint) * WDS PTP(Point to Point)
* Client * AP(Access Point)
Encryption Security - WEP (64/128-bit) encryption security
Wireless Security Provides wireless LAN ACL (Access Control List) filtering
Wireless MAC address filtering up to 16 entries
Supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
Enable / Disable SSID Broadcast
Wireless Advanced WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia): 802.11e Wireless QoS
Multiple SSID: up to 4
Wireless Isolation: Supports Wireless Isolation
IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol): 802.11f Wireless Roaming
Provides Wireless Statistics
Max. Clients Wire: 253
Wireless: 32
Internet Connection Type Shares data and Internet access for users, supporting the following internet access:
* Dynamic IP * PPTP
* Static IP * L2TP
* PPPoE  
Firewall NAT firewall with SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
Built-in NAT server supporting Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, and DMZ
Built-in firewall with IP address / MAC address / Port / URL filtering
Supports ICMP-FLOOD, UDP-FLOOD, TCP-SYN-FLOOD filter, DoS protection
Routing Protocol Static Routing
VPN Pass-through SIP ALG, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
LAN Built-in DHCP server supporting static IP address distributing
Supports UPnP, Dynamic DNS
Supports IGMP Proxy
System Management Web-Based (HTTP) management interface
SNTP time synchronize
Easy firmware upgrade
Standards Conformance
IEEE Standards IEEE 802.11n (2T2R, up to 300Mbps)
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11i
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
Others Protocols and Standards CSMA / CA, CSMA / CD, TCP / IP, DHCP, ICMP, NAT, PPPoE, SNTP
Environment & Certification
Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 45 Degree C
Storage: -20 ~ 70 Degree C
Humidity Operating: 10 ~ 90% (Non-Condensing)
Storage: 5 ~ 90% (Non-Condensing)
Regulatory CE, RoHS

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