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ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook

1 Year Global Warranty & 1st Year Accidental Damage Warranty
ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 77127_l.jpg ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 77127_1.jpg ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 77127_2.jpg ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 77127_3.jpg ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Intel i7 3517U 6GB 500GB+24GB SSD GT620M 13.3in IPS FHD Win8 Ultrabook - 77127_4.jpg Customer Photos (0)

Reg. Price: $1,205.69  CAD
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Part #: UX32VD-DH71-CA

SKU: 77127
Shipping Weight: 7.6 lbs

Customer Reviews of ASUS UX32VD-DH71-CA

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Experience: 2 Weeks


- Good build quality
- Speakers are awesome
- Specs (1080p IPS display, dedicated GPU, etc)
- Easily upgradable
- Minor backlight bleeding
- Doesn't have an SSD
- Magnets aren't very strong to keep the lid closed
- CPU temperature
- Bloatware
- SD cards stick out of the laptop
- Battery life (~4h)
I bought this laptop before reading the reviews, and man was I scared after doing so. A lot of them were talking about huge backlight bleeding, huge keyboard flex, CPU throttling due to heat, fan noise problems, laptop being extremely slow, etc. Turns out the only real problem I have is minor backlight bleeding which is barely noticeable. CPU does get hot (~45 degrees idle, 55-60 while browsing and 80-85 while gaming), but it does not seem to throttle. I would be weary though if the intended use of this laptop is gaming as 80-85 degrees during prolonged periods at frequent interval might have a non negligible effect on CPU lifetime.
As for the battery, i get around 4h when using the laptop for browsinw, chatting and mild work (programming in visual studio) with brightness set to low, everything on power saver. It does the job I guess, but for a laptop that is rated at 7h use time, I was a bit disappointed.
Other than that, there are only a few minor details that are by far outweighed by the build quality, power and the amazing speakers on that thing (seriously, the sound is crystal clear and you don't have to put it a 100% to actually hear what people are saying in movies/tv shows)! For people wanting to put an SSD in it and upgrade RAM, it is very easily upgradable if you have the right screwdrivers for the job (torx T5 for the outside screws, and Phillips #00 for the inside screws).

Experience: 2 Months


- Fantastic build quality
- Ultra-Portable
- Great Display
- Included dongles
- Great performance
- Light Gaming Capabilities
- No SSD
- A bit of flex in the Keyboard
- Charger Light died after a few days (still works and charges)
- Touchpad issues
- Fair amount of bloatware
The UX32VD is everything I was looking for in a laptop. Light, portable and has enough horsepower for light gaming (Dota 2, Tomb Raider, etc). Wish it came with an SSD built in but considering the fact is FAR cheaper than the Macbook Air and more powerful.

Experience: 2 Weeks


1. Very Light in weight
2. Can upgrade RAM and HDD to Solid Disk HDD (recommend getting samsung 830 Pro the 7mm fits in easily. other SSD are too big 9mm height )
3. Comes with nice case and 2 adapters
4. I have display setting set to the low...so I get 5-7 HRS use with wifi on average
1. Fan problem even with BIOS updates. Had to install custom software.
2. Comes with Windows 8 OS. Two annoying bugs that requires custom registered keys installation to deal with the Battery control and display
3. Downgrade touchpad driver
4. Bleeding (make sure you run full test)
5. No recovery DVDs. Only option is to create  a ISO or USB recovery
It requires customization to get the laptop running perfectly and running a few test to ensure you didn't get a bad batch laptop I will give it a 3.5 but round it to 4

Experience: 5 Days


-Full HD screen
-Good Graphics Card
-Visually appealing
-HDD a bit slow
Bought this laptop and upgraded the 500Gb HDD to a 240Gb SSD, and it became a lot faster. I'm not a fan of windows 8, would've preferred if it came with windows 7. Overall, very good buy!

Experience: 2 Weeks


great screen, beautiful hardware, good specs, ssd & ram upgradable
lots of asus preinstalled programs that makes everything go slow, hdd instead of ssd, touchpad is a pain in the ass if you dont configure it the right way.
This laptop is overall very good. The screen and the hardware is beautiful. For the price you get good specs. The only thing is, that you have to delete  everything preinstalled by asus. The cpu only runs at 3% maximum while off battery because asuss power4gear does that by default. So everything was very slow at the beginning, but after configurating everything, this ultrabook becomes awesome. Also upgrading the hdd to an ssd (7mm), which i recommend, is an option that only this zenbook offers. You might also have some difficulty with the touchpad at first, but after deleting some features of it, it will do fine. In my opinion, if you are willing to work a bit on configurating and upgrading the hdd and the ram, this ultrabook becomes one of the best you can get on the market as of today. (If anyone hates the fact that theres no start menu on the desktop page, download classic shell)

Experience: 1 Weeks


Good looking laptop. Very nice screen. Very fast after installing SSD. Comes with a nice carrying pouch
Not level with flat surface, there's a little bit of a pivot when resting hand on laptop.

Most annoying noise made by the laptop when picking it up. Read the rest to find out
update : Received replacement after 2 weeks. There's still a slight cracking noise near the edge but it's significantly less annoying. Putting the laptop on a flat surface shows the bottom is not completely level and pivots somewhat.

Installed an SSD on it. It makes a huge difference in responsiveness. If you do get an SSD, make sure to get a 7mm drive. The PC boots up from complete shutdown in 7.5 seconds in Windows 8.

Do NOT update  the BIOS to version 213 after installing the SSD, it will refuse to boot and you will end up disabling fast boot and UEFI in bios settings to get it to boot again since there's no way to downgrade. Hopefully a future bios update  will fix this.

When picking up the laptop, the bottom of the laptop flexes and makes a super annoying popping noise. Literally just took the laptop out of the box and it made the noise. Here's a video of it:
This is totally unacceptable for a $1200 laptop
I will edit this review once the RMA is accepted and have received a new replacement.
Note: It turns out I'm not the only one:

This review was modfied by poster @ 02-09-13 08:37 PM

Experience: 17 Days


- Full HD IPS Screen
- Nice Keyboard Feel and it's backlit
- Lightweight
- Upgradable RAM and HD
- Speedy
- Pre-Installed Clickpad Drivers
- Laptop opens when carried
- Only 100Mbps (not gigabit) Ethernet
My last few laptops have been Macs, and I feel despite paying less than an equivalent Apple laptop, that the Asus is competitive with them. The distinguishing feature of this laptop to me is the high quality IPS screen and it really does not disappoint. Although I have not used quad core i7 computers, the computer is speedy to me and runs Photoshop and Lightroom flawlessly.

The bloatware bears some explanation -- the Asus clickpad driver was very poor -- the clickpad was jumpy and inaccurate. So, after uninstalling the Asus driver and installed the Elantech driver things were better but the trackpad was now too sensitive. So the next step was to use a utility (not accessible via the control panel) called ETDaniconf.exe (this is available through the Elantech driver download package) and change the sensitivity settings. The clickpad works great now, but that's a lot of steps and it's certainly not intuitive.

Also when carrying the laptop on the hinge side, the laptop tends to open up which you should be careful, since the magnets are not strong enough.

Overall, would purchase again and have no regrets, but really wish the clickpad was better configured out of the box.

Experience: 20 Days


-Nice matte 1080P IPS panel: one of the best in laptops. I don't think anything can beat it in this price range.
- RAM and hard drive can be upgraded by the user which is a huge cost saving comparing to the competition.
-Feels solid with metal construction.
-Light weight and looks slick.
- Slow out of the box: opening a simple Windows file manager takes about 5 seconds. Too slow to be usable.
- Gets hot with just doing simple tasks like watching a video. Fans go on and off too often which is annoying.
- The touchpad's performance is below reasonable standards.
- Light bleeds from the sides of some backlit keys: on the small keys (the top row and the arrow keys, I can see the light source which is annoying.
- Both the installed Windows system and the recovery partition are infested with bloatware. Windows is not tuned properly.
Out of the box, opening a simple file manager windows takes about five seconds which is unacceptable. This is potentially a great laptop if Asus had not screwed their product with neglecting some obvious flaws: bloatware making the laptop slow, inadequate cooling system, a not so good touchpad and keyboard light bleed.

They have even put all the bloatware on the recovery partition so an attempt to reset the Windows will bring back all the bloatware. I have been searching Internet for the past week to find a way to do a clean install of Windows 8 but it seems I have to spend another $100 to buy a Windows 8 disk. But why should I pay $1200 for a system where from day one I have to fight with useless unwanted software that is the manufacturer's fault not mine. My three year old Macbook Pro with an older generation CPU (on a 32bit system vs 64bit and less RAM: 4GB vs 6GB) performs smoother and doesn't get quite as hot as the Asus. So two stars lowered for these problems.

On the positive side: side by side comparison of the Asus to my Macbook pro 1280x800 TN glossy panel, the Asus display is far superior: much sharper, better colors and no annoying reflection. According to reviews, the Asus panel covers %99 of sRGB color space which is an advantage that should not be taken as granted.

Post Edits:
I replaced the stock hdd with a 256GB Samsung SSD (and upgraded the ram to 10GB). Now the laptop has satisfying performance.

When I opened the laptop to replace the HDD and RAM, I noticced there is an obvious flaw in the design of the 'heatsink' that cools the CPU and GPU: I wouldn't even call it a heatsink since it is only a heatpipe without fins. I can't believe Asus engineers thought fins weren't needed for low voltage CPU/GPU. I think even a set of short fins (like 1cm) could have solved the laptop's overheating problems.

This review was modfied by poster @ 01-23-13 10:29 AM

Experience: 30 Days


Love this little laptop. Fast right out of the box. I installed a Samsung 256GB SSD 840 PRO Series hard drive. Now it is very fast...boots up in seconds.
Do not like Windows 8... installed Windows 7 on the SSD ... like it much better.
Great laptop for the price ... even right out of the box.

Experience: 3 Weeks


Light, fast, decent battery life
Still could be cheaper
I got this as a back to school present from my parents, and I'm loving it.

It will handle all of your everyday tasks, and it can even be used for light gaming.

If you are looking for a reliable and fast ultrabook, this is it.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Luxury and looks made even more affordable

Measuring 5.5mm to 18mm and weighing just 1.45Kg, artistically-crafted ZENBOOK presents a delectable hairline spun metal finish with precision-etched concentric circles. These reflect the infinite nature of Zen contemplation, and are accentuated by the use of light yet durable aluminum throughout the monoshell build. All these ensure that despite a more affordable price tag, ZENBOOK retains the premium quality of its series-mates.

Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • ZENBOOK UX32VD-DH71-CA Ultrabook
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
Input Voltage 220 V AC 110 V AC
Number of Cells 6-cell
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Standard Memory 6 GB
Weight (Approximate) 3.20 lb
Color Silver Aluminum
Operating System Windows 8
Processor Speed 1.90 GHz
Processor Type Core i7
Screen Size 13.3"
Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Processor Model i7-3517U
Height 0.7"
Width 12.8"
Depth 8.8"
Processor Core Dual-core (2 Core)
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification RoHS
Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB
Processor Manufacturer Intel
Graphics Controller Manufacturer NVIDIA
Graphics Controller Model Geforce GT 620M
Bluetooth Yes
Wireless LAN Yes
Optical Drive Type No
Graphics Memory Capacity Up to 1 GB
Graphics Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Graphics Memory Accessibility Dedicated
Maximum Battery Run Time 7 Hour
Display Screen Type LCD
Display Screen Technology In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
Solid State Drive Capacity 24 GB
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11 a/g/n
Network (RJ-45) No
Operating System Architecture 64-bit
Total Number of USB Ports 3
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 3
Front Camera/Webcam Yes
Processor Generation 3rd Gen

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Battery Information  
     Battery Capacity: 6570 mAh
     Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
     Battery Energy: 48 Wh
     Maximum Battery Run Time: 7 Hour
     Number of Cells: 6-cell
Built-in Devices  
     Front Camera/Webcam: Yes
     Microphone: Yes
     Speakers: Yes
Display & Graphics  
     Aspect Ratio: 16:9
     Display Screen Technology: In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
     Display Screen Type: LCD
     Graphics Controller Manufacturer: NVIDIA
     Graphics Controller Model: Geforce GT 620M
     Graphics Memory Accessibility: Dedicated
     Graphics Memory Capacity: Up to 1 GB
     Graphics Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
     Screen Mode: Full HD
     Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
     Screen Size: 13.3"
     Wi-Di Technology: Yes
General Information  
     Brand Name: Asus
     Manufacturer: ASUS Computer International
     Manufacturer Part Number: UX32VD-DH71-CA
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.asus.com
     Product Line: ZENBOOK
     Product Model: UX32VD-DH71-CA
     Product Name: ZENBOOK UX32VD-DH71-CA Ultrabook
     Product Series: UX32
     Product Type: Ultrabook
Input Devices  
     Keyboard: Yes
     Keyboard Backlight: Yes
     Audio Line Out: Yes
     HDMI: Yes
     Network (RJ-45): No
     Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 3
     Total Number of USB Ports: 3
     VGA: Yes
     Memory Card Reader: Yes
     Memory Card Supported: SD
     Memory Standard: DDR3-1333/PC3-10600
     Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
     Standard Memory: 6 GB
     Environmental Certification: RoHS
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • ZENBOOK UX32VD-DH71-CA Ultrabook
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • AC Adapter

Network & Communication  
     Bluetooth: Yes
     Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth 4.0
     Wireless LAN: Yes
     Wireless LAN Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/g/n
Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Silver Aluminum
     Depth: 8.78" (223 mm)
     Height: 0.71" (18 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 1.45 kg
     Width: 12.80" (325 mm)
Power Description  
     Input Voltage: 220 V AC
110 V AC
     Maximum Power Supply Wattage: 65 W
Processor & Chipset  
     64-bit Processing: Yes
     Cache: 4 MB
     Chipset Manufacturer: Intel
     Chipset Model: HM76 Express
     Direct Media Interface: 5 GT/s
     Hyper-Threading: Yes
     Processor Core: Dual-core (2 Core)
     Processor Generation: 3rd Gen
     Processor Manufacturer: Intel
     Processor Model: i7-3517U
     Processor Speed: 1.90 GHz
     Processor Type: Core i7
     Operating System: Windows 8
     Operating System Architecture: 64-bit
     Software Included:

Microsoft Office 2010 (To use the full-featured buy Office software on this PC)

     Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB
     Hard Drive RPM: 5400
     Optical Drive Type: No
     Solid State Drive Capacity: 24 GB
     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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