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"This memory works great! On an ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe w/ P4 3.0C CPU & 9800XT, the system is running ultra ..."
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Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi

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Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi - 1
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Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi - 92885_l.jpg Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi - 92885_1.jpg Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi - 92885_2.jpg Minix Neo X7 Arm Cortex A9 Quad Core Android 4.2.2 2GB RAM 16GB Smart Media Hub HDMI FHD 1080p WiFi - 92885_3.jpg Customer Photos (0)
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Part #: NEO-X7-216A

SKU: 92885
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of MiniX NEO-X7-216A

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Experience: 1 Days


Fast to deal with apps.
The remote is not sufficient.
Overall, the unit is very capable of doing what I purchased it for.

Experience: 11 Months


Worked fine
Broke after 11 months
Device worked fine for 11 months, until breaking last month(no physical damage, but won't boot up).

I've sent an email to the manufacture, I will update  this review when they get back to me about replacement.

Experience: 7 Days


Runs Kodi, Netflix and other Android apps fine
Included controller insufficient, upgrading OS software is for hackers only
This is an interesting box. It comes with Android 4.2.2 though there are many variants of firmware available online, including 'official' distributions such as KitKat 4.4.2. Out of the box it works fine (at least for the brief period I used it this way) but the newer firmware is purported to have many fixes, and probably better longevity (e.g. for future Kodi versions) so there is a lot of incentive to upgrade it.
The process for upgrading the firmware is pretty involved, and very difficult if you don't have the right version of Windows handy (e.g. using Windows 10- you're out of luck). Mac users have no option. In the end I used Linux, which involved command-line applications to flash the firmware. Not for the faint of heart or even regular consumer use. Why Minix operates this way is hard to understand.
I have been using it with Kodi and Netflix connected to my TV and it works quite nicely. I have used WiFi, which was pretty OK and I think better than many of these little android boxes. Now that I am using it longer term, I have it plugged into wired ethernet. Also having 3 USB ports is nice- one for the Minix Air controller (main interface) and another for a Logitech wireless keyboard, for when more typing and control is needed.
Not a consumer friendly replacement for an Apple TV, but interesting.

Experience: 30 Months


Amazing little box!
Requires firmware update to display 1080p in kodi
Great box, good speed, remote is sufficient. You will have to update  firmware to properly display 1080p in kodi. The included Xbmc works fine at 1080p. Highly recommend!

Experience: 6 Months


Great unit no problems running xbmc and price is right
I have ordered meny of these unit for friends and haven't had any problems

Experience: 5 Months


Cheap, Powerfull, good looking, well made
No support for video acceleration on Linux
Android was working great on my unit (including XBMC on Android) but I bough it to install Ubuntu 12.04 on it. It was fairly simple enough.

I've made some test with Ubuntu 14.04 but the Mali GPU lack of proper driver for video acceleration. So Unity 2D run well but Unity 3D is unusable for now. Since Ubuntu 14.04 don't comes with Unity 2D, it's not working great. As soon as driver are available for Linux, this will be a great box for small use like web browsing, email, xbmc, etc. Same goes for the wireless chip included (no driver yet for linux). I have to use a USB wi-fi adapter.

As other have said, the remote is useless and included cables are cheap but the unit is well made and the power supply that come with it is powerful (5v-3a).

Experience: 3 Days


Looks good ON PAPER
Doesn't work for me
(NCIX doesn't like when we put up bad reviews, so I give a 3, but it's a ZERO. I.E. DO NOT BUY.)

The hardware part is good.

The software part is TOTAL GARBAGE.

- Google Music doesn't work, crashes or plainly refuses to play music
- XBMC barely works, I get sound delays, passthrough works only with an optical cable, not HDMI, and it's a pain to setup correctly
- Remotes like Logitech Harmony are useless, they didn't bother with mapping anything like pause, stop, play, etc. In Android apps, it's unusable. You have to use a mouse keyboard combo or their air mouse. For a tv box, it doesn't work.

I have 2 Apple TV1 hacked with a hardware decoded and running XBMC over Linux (CrystalBuntu). These 2 are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS (like for a start, THEY WORK, stream 1080p, play Google Music, and play nice with remotes!!!). I'm not new to Android, and not new to hacking. Yeah, with a lot of time, and if you void your warranty, you will probably get it to work with a third party Android distro/firmware. But if you don't have 40+ hours to WASTE on a POS that may never work correctly, stay away. Get something else... I don't know what. An Apple TV1 with a Crystal HD Decoder and CrystalBuntu (XBMC/Kodi) is still way better than this and can be found on eBay for less...

Experience: 3 Days


-Pretty snappy machine
-Pre-loaded with XBMC
-Good firmware support from Minix
-Compatible with many remotes/keyboards/mice
-Uses very little power
-Plays every video format I've thrown at it.
-Strong Wifi thanks to the large antenna.
-Remote is pretty junky (expected)
-The HDMI cable it came with was faulty (picture constantly) cuts in and out)
-Only outputs RGB Full Range 0-255 with no way of changing it.
This is a very capable machine. Browsing the net, using XBMC, or even gaming on this thing is smooth. It has played every video format I've thrown at it.

Bought a K400 to use with this and it works great. Most of the keys function as you'd expect (media keys, power button, two finger swiping/scrolling etc.). The included remote is pretty junky and is very basic in functionality, so I'd highly recommend either a K400 or air/gyro mouse.

Firmware support for this unit is also great, both from Minix and unofficial firmware.

The problems I have with this unit are that it only outputs RGB Full range, with no way of changing it. That's not really an issue for me, but it is for people who have displays that don't support RGB Full. My problem is that depending on the application, the video player may output RGB Full or RGB Limited. MX Player, for example, outputs Limited 16-235 while XBMC and the system output RGB Full Range.

The HDMI cable I received with this unit was also faulty. One of the ends of the cable would cause my unit to constantly the video signal.

Other than that, I'm quite happy with this android box, especially for the price.. It's stable, snappy and a very capable little box.

Experience: 6 Days


HD 1080p, easy to set up, lots of ports, speedy. Once you download the latest firmware/software it runs pretty smooth. XBMC is great and runs very well. Web browser, games, VOIP suppport, etc etc. Can't go with this Android box
Remote control sucks, but you can pretty much use any wireless mouse or keyboard with the box
I would recommend to this box to anyone who wants to run XBMC and eventually cancel Cable.

Experience: 7 Days


Available custom Firmware runs very nicely on this box.
Stock remote is awful !!!
Stock Firmware has slow video playback issues, and streaming lag
Bought this to replace outdated popcorn A200 box. XBMC works fairly well, but is work in progress on Android ARM. KitKat available to test on Neo X7, but also a work in progress. Stock Remote is practically useless.
I ordered a Rii mini N7 remote, and so far working quite nice. Tons of Apps for the Android, and continue to get better, and better.
Overall, I recommend this to someone considering HTPC, or media player.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

MINIX NEO X7 is our first Quad-Core smart media hub, 
and is based on a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, a Quad-Core Mali-400 GPU and the latest Android 4.2.2 OS. The NEO X7 is the new flagship device in our MINIX NEO Media Hub series, and further enhances the user experience of its predecessor, the NEO X5.
• Small - ideal for Digital Signage (as a media player)
• Access Control (to remote control other devices over the Internet)
• Video Conference
• NAS - storage over LAN (by attaching USB drives)
• Surveillance & Monitoring (as a viewer client)
• Notification Device (over IP)
• Voice over IP
• Network Appliance (as a WiFi hotspot)
• Personal Computer (to check e-mail & browse the Web)
• Thin Client Terminal (as a business computer)


MINIX NEO X7 comes with Ethernet, Bluetooth and Dual-Band Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dual-Band Antenna

MINIX NEO X7 comes with an external Dual-Band Wi-Fi antenna (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz), and provides superior Wi-Fi signals. This is the first smart media hub of its type to come with such a feature, and demonstrates MINIX¡¯s passion to drive the market forward and continuously deliver state-of-the-art devices to you.

Maximum Entertainment 

MINIX NEO X7 is an immensely powerful smart media hub that allows you to play the latest Android games, stream HD movies, play back video, make Skype or other VoIP calls, listen to internet radio, and much more!

NEO X7Maximum Experience 

MINIX NEO X7 comes with Android 4.2.2, and delivers an array of new features. It supports Miracast and AirPin, which enables you to share media contents such as videos, music and photos between your smartphone, tablet, laptop and your TV. No longer do you need to crowd around a small screen on your tablet or smartphone - instead, you can share all your media contents with the entire family by streaming your favorite HD movies on your TV.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]


Quad-Core Cortex A9 Processor (1.6GHz)


Quad-Core Mali 400.



Internal Storage

16GB NAND Flash

Wireless Connectivity

802.11 b/g/n Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.0GHz), Bluetooth support, USB 3G dongle support (not included)


Android™ Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Video Output

HDMI™, Full HD 1080p

Audio Output

HDMI™, two channel

Peripheral Interface

RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/00Mbps) 
SD/MMC card reader (SD 3.0, MMC V4.41) 
USB 2.0 HOST port x 3, Micro-USB OTG port x 1 
Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack 
IR receiver (built-in, remote included) 


DC 5V, 3A adapter included (CE, FCC, CCC certified)

Supported Video Formats


Supported Audio Formats



6.5 x 3 x 6.5 inch.

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