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Complete your custom gaming PC or workstation build by choosing the best CPU cooling solution and heatsink for a fast, quiet and reliable system. Avid gamers and overclockers can choose from wide selection of high performance tower CPU cooler from Noctua or Cooler Master. For added performance and greater overclocking headroom, NCIX Canada also offers closed loop dual radiator liquid CPU coolers from the Corsair Hydro and EKWB Predator series.

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Top 5 most recent reviews on Socket A CPU Heatsinks

Customer Review of Thermaltake Slim Volcano 8 Copper Base 4800RPM 27CFM 30DBA Up to AMD 2800+

Experience: 7 Days
I have an Athlon xp2200 ,running at 41C before and 35C after installing the cooler sweet:)The fan is slim and not so noisy.It runs between 4850 - 5100 rpm This review was modfied by poster r 10-22-07 11:34 AM

This review was modfied by poster @ 10-22-0... » Read More About Thermaltake Slim Volcano 8 Copper

Customer Review of Zalman CNPS3100+ Copper Flower Heatsink SocketA W/ 92MM Fan

Experience: 7 Days
 Verified Owner
The CPU Heatsink was extremely easy to install. The FAN shaped Heatsink is long but I had no problems with clearance. My case is screwless so mounting the fan bracket was a little bit of a challenge. I used Arctic Silver thermal grease and the AMD XP2400+ CPU ... » Read More About Zalman CNPS3100+ Copper Flower Heatsink

Customer Review of Glacialtech Silentbreeze 462 III SocketA Copper 1700RPM 25CFM 19DBA

Experience: 4 Days
 Verified Owner
Had to replace an old Volcano cooler that sounded like a vacuum cleaner and this did the trick. It's very quiet and runs the CPU a bit cooler then stock. If your looking to replace a noisy or faulty CPU fan on an old computer this will do the trick. It also... » Read More About Glacialtech Silentbreeze 462 III SocketA

Customer Review of Coolermaster Jet 7 SocketA Blower Fan Aluminum 1900-3500RPM 12-22CFM

Experience: 2 Years
Over all better than stock, looks nice, not to loud on low, but loud on high. I would buy another if the cpu wasn't getting to hot. » Read More About Coolermaster Jet 7 SocketA Blower

Customer Review of Coolermaster Hyper 6+ Copper Alum Heatpipe CPU Heatsink Fan 1800~3600RPM 31.33-72.14CFM 20.6~46.4DBA

Lynn B_P
Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Installation of this big on my Socket "A" mother board is a bit lengthy, but not hard. Instructions were good. There are a good selection of backing plates for easy install on other Mother boards. WIth this CPU Cooler/fan I can comfortable over clock my CPU ... » Read More About Coolermaster Hyper 6+ Copper Alum

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