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Find the Best Prices on CPU Heatsinks & Cooling from NCIX

Complete your custom gaming PC or workstation build by choosing the best CPU cooling solution and heatsink for a fast, quiet and reliable system. Avid gamers and overclockers can choose from wide selection of high performance tower CPU cooler from Noctua or Cooler Master. For added performance and greater overclocking headroom, NCIX Canada also offers closed loop dual radiator liquid CPU coolers from the Corsair Hydro and EKWB Predator series.

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Top 4 most recent reviews on S604 CPU Heatsinks

Customer Review of Dynatron H6HG 2U CPU Fan for Intel SOCKET604 Single Core Xeon CPU

Experience: 1 Months
I heard that this thing is not that great.but for more i really like it. I think it was what i wanted to be. » Read More About Dynatron H6HG 2U CPU Fan

Customer Review of Thermalright HR-01 4U Heatpipe Cooler Socket 603/604/771 Heatsink for 4U Servers *No Fan Included*

Experience: 10 Months
Have two of these bad boys topping off xeon E5472s.Don't be deceived by the fan retaining clips they are sted fast,Not sure if I even need fans but have scythe KAZE-JYUNI Slip Stream 120mm X 20mm on just to ease my mind.Everything runs cooooooooooool.& Loo... » Read More About Thermalright HR-01 4U Heatpipe Cooler

Customer Review of Thermalright HR-01 X 6 Heatpipe Cooler for Intel 5000 & 7000 Series S603 S604 S771 *Fan Not Included

Experience: 7 Days
 Verified Owner
I bought this for my Core i7 system after reading about it at the Silent PC Review web site. It has a more open fin design than more other heatsinks, which is said to be optimized for passive cooling or for use with low-speed fans. I bought this model beca... » Read More About Thermalright HR-01 X 6 Heatpipe

Customer Review of THERMALTAKE VENUS K450 CL-P0075 HEATPIPE & HEATSINK S604 S754 S940 S939 80MM

Experience: 60 Days
 Verified Owner
I can't say how well this unit would work with extreme overclocks but my AMD 64x2 4200+ a2.53 GHz runs 40-41 C at idle, 46-48 C at 100% load, even after 45 minutes. The fan is nearly silent at idle, noticeable but not too loud under load. Small footprint is ni... » Read More About THERMALTAKE VENUS K450 CL-P0075 HEATPIPE

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