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S754 CPUs / Processors

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Which Processor Do I Need?

A computer processor, or central processing unit (CPU), is the brain inside your computer. And the right processor for you will depend on your needs. If you’re a light computer user who just needs something for emails, websites, and YouTube, then a simple dual core processor is an excellent choice. If you’re a gamer, or starting to get into some basic photo and video editing, then look into a quad core processor. Finally, if you’re an industry professional looking for the best, look towards processors with 6 or more cores for the best performance.

How Many Cores Do I Need?

The more complex your task, the more cores you will need. For most general users, two cores will be plenty. But for more intensive tasks such as gaming or photo editing, you will need a quad core processor to keep up and maintain smooth performance. Certain Intel processors come with Hyper Threading, which simulate virtual cores to allow for better multitasking.

Do I Need to Buy a Separate CPU Cooler?

Most processors will come with a stock CPU cooler that is more than adequate to cool the processor. The main reasons to upgrade from a stock CPU cooler include lower temperatures, lower noise levels, and even just something that looks better. The best bang for your buck is a new tower style CPU cooler with heatpipes, while the absolute best cooling performance usually comes from liquid cooled solutions. Aftermarket CPU coolers often come with larger fans which have higher airflow, higher static pressure, and lower noise levels. Finally, some high end processors do not have a CPU cooler included as power users tend to upgrade these anyways.

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Top 5 most recent reviews on S754 CPUs / Processors

Customer Review of AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ Processor S754 1MB 1.8GHZ 81.5W OEM *Heatsink Not Included*

Experience: 5 Years
good cpu for the price » Read More About AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+

Customer Review of ASRock K8UPGRADE-NF3 NFORCE3 S754 ATX DDR AGP 4PCI SATA Sound LAN Motherboard

varge S
Experience: 1 Months
This item is really good good quality good price worth it » Read More About ASRock K8UPGRADE-NF3 NFORCE3 S754 ATX

Customer Review of ASUS K8V-VM mATX S754 K8M890 DDR PCI-E16 1PCI-E1 2PCI SATA Video Sound LAN Motherboard

varge S
Experience: 1 Months
This item is really good good quality good price worth it » Read More About ASUS K8V-VM mATX S754 K8M890

Customer Review of ECS 761GX-M mATX 761GX & Sempron 3000+ CPU DDR 1PCI-EX16 3PCI SATA Sound LAN Video CPU W/ HSF Combo

julie w
Experience: 1 Months
I have nothing to say this item i like it so much that I might buy another one. Its a good price and good quality » Read More About ECS 761GX-M mATX 761GX &

Customer Review of ECS GOAL3+ mATX Sempron 3000+ S754 PCI-E16 2PCI SATA Video Sound LAN CPU Bundle No CPU Fan

Sheng Chun_W
Experience: 1 Weeks
 Verified Owner
For a budget build and if you do have extra ddr ram on hand. This build is for real light gaming and work only. I don't suggest this build for photo shop and other usage that use a lot's of system resource. I build the whole system for around 200 dol... » Read More About ECS GOAL3+ mATX Sempron 3000+

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