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Touch Screen Gaming Headsets

Gaming Headset vs Regular Headphones

What makes a gaming headset special? The most obvious difference between a gaming headset and a regular pair of headphones is the built in microphone. Voice communication is vital in many multiplayer games, and a high quality gaming headset can help improve the experience for both you and your friends online. Gaming headsets also offer a sound signature that’s more tailored towards games – big explosions, spatial awareness, and passive noise cancellation. And finally, a gaming headset offers many conveniences as well such as in-line remote controls, detachable microphone, and even built in USB sound cards.

Background Noise Cancellation

Many gaming headsets are closed, which provide some passive background noise cancellation by isolating you from your environment. By reducing background noise, this can help provide better spatial awareness with more accurate sounds. Another benefit over open headsets is that excess noise will not be transmitted through your microphone.

Do I need a noise Cancelling Microphone?

You may not immediately hear the effects of a noise cancelling microphone, but all of your online friends will thank you. Noise cancelling microphones are great for reducing two types of noise – both active and passive sources. Active noises can include things like traffic, television, and other people in the room. Background noises include electrical interference from your motherboard, sound card, or even improper Gain settings. A noise cancelling microphone will be able to cut all of these things out, or reduce them, allow you to transmit your voice clearer.

Real and Virtual Surround Sound

A good gaming headset can fully immerse you into your game. With accurate positional audio, you should be able to pinpoint enemies exactly based on their just their footsteps. The difference between real and virtual surround sound is the number of speaker units inside the headphones. A real surround sound headset will have multiple speaker drivers in each ear, often angled and aimed in different positions for the best sound. Virtual surround sound headsets feature just one speaker driver per ear, like a regular pair of headphones, with the exception of a digital sound processor which virtually simulates the effect. Many of these headsets are powered by USB, and allow you to toggle and adjust the effects to your liking.

Are wireless headsets just as good?

A wireless headset’s obvious advantage is the lack of a cable tethering you to your seat. Even if you don’t plan on moving around, having a wireless headset is great so you never have to worry about snagging your headphone’s cable on something. Most wireless gaming headsets will come with either a charging base station or a USB connection so you can still use it while it’s charging. Wireless technology has gotten fast enough that there is no noticeable delay when it comes to transferring audio to your headset.

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