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PC4000 DDR Desktop Memory

Top 0 most popular PC4000 DDR Desktop Memory

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Top 2 most recent reviews on PC4000 DDR Desktop Memory

Customer Review of Mushkin Redline Frostbyte 2GB 2X1GB PC4000 DDR500 CL3-3-2-8 184PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory Kit

Experience: 8 Months
This ram is awesome there is nearly no end to the overclocking capability of this ram and it runs really cool to, i have my opty 175 running at 2.6GHz but can't go any higher cuz of a bad cpu binning » Read More About Mushkin Redline Frostbyte 2GB 2X1GB

Customer Review of Shikatronics Shikaxram 512MB Dual Channel 2X256MB PC4000 DDR500 Memory Kit CL 3-4-4-8

Experience: 3 Months
 Verified Owner
I have used this memory in an Asus A7N8X deluxe motherboard and a DFI 875P Infinity motherboard with disappointing results, whether to blame the motherboard or the ram is the question of the day. the DFI has been a real pain it undervolts the cpu and won't... » Read More About Shikatronics Shikaxram 512MB Dual Channel

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