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Protein & Supplements

Protein and supplements are nutritional enhancements that are created to give additional nourishment to the body on top of what is already provided in food. Protein and supplements are most often used by people focused on fitness who are trying to build muscle as the body uses protein to rebuild muscle fibres and convenience and portability were the leading factors contributing to the creation of protein and supplement bars. NCIX, your online discount computer store, is a proponent of good health, and proudly sells LCG Foods brand protein and supplement bars. At NCIX in Canada you can buy the best selection of buy dairy free supplements, gluten free supplements, soy supplements &vegan protein and muscle builders for sale at discount prices.

While protein and supplements are the main ingredients in a LCG Foods bar, carbohydrates are also another ingredient as the combination of carbohydrates, protein and supplements, especially after a workout, can boost energy levels and start the body on the cycle to recovery. The portability of a LCG protein and supplements bar is also great for when you are on the go for a quick boost or as a snack in between meals. With several great flavors to choose from these protein and supplements bars are great for anytime, however, you should be careful not to substitute a protein and supplements bar for a healthy meal as they can only go so far to help you maintain good health.

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