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Create your own product bundles at NCIX.com and save even more!

Now you can buy selected items from NCIX.com at even better prices. Selected items throughout NCIX.com's inventory has special "Build a Bundle" pricing, lower than our regular prices.

These deals are only available at the special bundle price when:

  • when you have $1000 or more of non-bundled items in your shopping cart
  • have at least one other item in your shopping cart (must be at least two different SKUs)
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NCIX is the premier online computer store for custom built computers and online computer bundles.

NCIX has the best prices for custom built computers and computer components, computer accessories, and computers parts like video cards, RAM, memory, hard drives, monitors, and other laptop and laptop accessories.

So for the best online computer shop and online computers store NCIX also have locations across Canada with bricks and motor stores to buy computer desktops, PC tablets and computer supplies.

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