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Logitech Z-5300E Speakers 5.1 280W RMS 560W THX /W Wired Remote

Logitech Z-5300E Speakers 5.1 280W RMS 560W THX /W Wired Remote - 1
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Part #: 970102-1403

SKU: 13448
Shipping Weight: 43 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Logitech 970102-1403

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The Nach
Experience: 6 Years


Amazing bass. Very clear sound.
Absolutely love these speakers. I bought them in 2006. A few months ago, 2 of the speakers finally crapped out. They still work but they're cracked thus crackle really bad. I abused these to no end with very high bass music. I think it was actually a humidity issue that caused these to go at the high strain, if it weren't for that they'd probably still be fine.

Wish I could order another set. If anyone is getting rid of them let me know!

Experience: 7 Days


good bass, nice looks, price
bass can't be turned down low enough
no way to mount center speaker on monitor
overall i really like these speakers. i got the to replace a set of logitech x540's which i thought were a little cheap. these are definitely nicer and have a much fuller sound. i had to get some velcro to mount the center speaker on my lcd monitor, something i expected to be able to do from stock, but that's no big deal. i'd recommend these to someone looking for a reasonably priced set of 5.1 speakers who still want pretty good sound.

Experience: 4 Weeks


Amazing clear sound quality, big upgrade from my X-540. Looks very clean and nice speakers, doesn't feel cheap (remote is a bit cheap feeling, but is still very nice).
If I had to choose, the sub is heavy :P.
It's perfect! I have no need for the Z-5500's features and these are astounding sounding speakers. Music sounds very very good, gaming & movies too. I'm on a budget, so these speakers were perfect. I could've bought the Z-5500, but it's too pricey and most of the features I wouldn't be able to use.

But honestly... after hearing these, what more could I want? I'm definitely not upgrading PC speakers for a long time. When I do eventually buy new surround, it would be a home theater setup.


Experience: 3 Days


Good sound
Base cannon may cause minor earthquakes
Easy installation
Corded remote (would be nice if was cordless)
CAUTION: These speakers may cause deafness or an eviction!!

These speakers rock! Got them on sale for $89.99 + tax. The sub is huge and will make the walls shake. They have very good sound and the cables are fairly long but you may need an extension depending on your set up.

In truth, I was not planning on buying such a large sound system but the one I was going to get was not in stock & these were only $10 more on sale. In the end I am glad I purchased these, they may not be the best of the best but they are pretty bold speakers. My only complaint is the volume control is corded rather than cordless but I'm sure I can manage :)

Experience: 4 Years


Decent sound, cheap
5.1 mode destroys stereo imaging in music.
I had these sent to me as a replacement for my blown z560's (which I loved) for these, which I'm lukewarm about.

They're decent speakers that will do you no harm, but they're nothing to write home about.

Head and shoulders beyond most computer speakers, but there are better out there. The z5500's dominate these, as a reference point.

Experience: 4 Months


Excellent value for the price. These work great for games and movies, and can definitely annoy your neighbors if you live in an apartment! ;)
Included cables are not overly long, the subwoofer overpowers the rest of the system (2 minutes in your sound card's configuration program will fix that however)
Bought them on sale for $140 for our media/game machine, and I've very happy with the purchase. Didn't see any reason to spend the extra $100 on z5500s.. might as buy a real audiophile-grade speaker if you're spending that much money.

Experience: 4 Days


Good sound from a compact system.
When wall mounted angle is to low.
All in all not too bad for the price. Digital would be nice though. I would recomend these to others.

Experience: 5 Months


OK sound for its price
it's not z-5500...
Do yourself a favour and get a z-5500. The differences are well worth the extra $100.
I know 3 other people with this speaker and they are all not satisfied.
The set has some white noise problem as well as time goes.

Still, for its price it is a very good set.

Experience: 6 Months


Very good base, surround sound
These Speakers are amazing 5.1 speakers for under $200, very nice base and nice sound quality, the remote control is easy to use with quick volume, sub, fader, center control, i am very impressed with these speakers if you want nice speakers get these.

Experience: 5 Months


Good bass, surround sound, great for gaming
These speakers are amazing the 5.1 is very good. The sub-woofer is a little overpowering though, and I've had to turn it all the way down on both the remote and in the computers equalizer to make the higher tones audible. The sounded pretty good with my onboard sound (A8N-E) but sound even better now with a Creative X-Fi and probably any other standalone sound card.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Its patented dual chamber subwoofer pounds out twice the bass of conventional designs to deliver deep, loud and powerful bass. Polished aluminum phase plug satellite drivers project superb high-end and rich mid-range tones for balanced sound. Its full-featured SoundTouch wired remote provides convenient controls for quick adjustments. Rotating pedestals allow easy installation on wall or desktop.
Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • 5.1 Speaker System
  • Power cord
  • Color coded audio cables
  • Owner's Manual
  • SoundTouch remote control
  • Video game console adapter
Power Source Power Supply
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Color Silver Black
Speaker Configuration 5.1
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification RoHS
Minimum Frequency Response 35 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response 20 kHz
RMS Output Power 280 W
Front Speaker Height 8"
Front Speaker Width 3.75"
Front Speaker Depth 3.50"
Rear Speaker Height 8"
Rear Speaker Depth 3.50"
Rear Speaker Width 3.75"
Center Speaker Height 5"
Center Speaker Width 6.63"
Center Speaker Depth 3"

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     PMPO Output Power: 560 W
     RMS Output Power: 280 W
     Speaker Configuration: 5.1
     Controls: Input Selector
Rear Volume
Center Volume
Surround Volume
Subwoofer Volume
Master Volume
General Information  
     Brand Name: Logitech
     Manufacturer: Logitech
     Manufacturer Part Number: 970102-1403
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.logitech.com
     Product Model: Z-5300e
     Product Name: Z-5300E Speaker System
     Product Series: Z
     Product Type: Speaker System
     Headphone: Yes
     Additional Information:
  • Audio Amplifier: Integrated
  • Speaker Type: Active

     Certifications & Standards:
  • THX

     Environmental Certification: RoHS
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • 5.1 Speaker System
  • Power cord
  • Color coded audio cables
  • Owner's Manual
  • SoundTouch remote control
  • Video game console adapter

Physical Characteristics  
     Center Speaker Depth: 3" (76.20 mm)
     Center Speaker Height: 5" (127 mm)
     Center Speaker Width: 6.63" (168.28 mm)
     Color: Silver
     Front Speaker Depth: 3.50" (88.90 mm)
     Front Speaker Height: 8" (203.20 mm)
     Front Speaker Width: 3.75" (95.25 mm)
     Rear Speaker Depth: 3.50" (88.90 mm)
     Rear Speaker Height: 8" (203.20 mm)
     Rear Speaker Width: 3.75" (95.25 mm)
Power Description  
     Power Source: Power Supply
Technical Information  
     Maximum Frequency Response: 20 kHz
     Minimum Frequency Response: 35 Hz
     Limited Warranty: 2 Year

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