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Apevia X-QPACK-BL/420 mATX Aluminum Case 2X5.25 1X3.5 2X3.5INT 420W BLUE-BLACK W/ LED Fan & Window

Apevia X-QPACK-BL/420 mATX Aluminum Case 2X5.25 1X3.5 2X3.5INT 420W BLUE-BLACK W/ LED Fan & Window - 1
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Part #: X-QPACK-BL/420

SKU: 15004
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Apevia X-QPACK-BL/420

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Experience: 3 Days


Cheap, nice colours and compact size.
Older power connections, clear case can lead to messy looking wiring.
I picked up this case cause it looked cool, and it is!

Pros: Awesome bang-for-the-buck, cause for the price it includes power supply and fan. The motherboard tray that slides out comes in handy. Everything lights up in a nice blue. You can tell once you have it in your hands it's made very well. Colour scheme looks like my Subaru! BYAH!

Cons: The screws that comes with it aren't labeled, almost messed up my motherboard. Bit of an older model now, power supply only has 1 SATA power connection, the rest are LP4. Probably the new model of this case is SATA, but got some adapters. Due to it's smaller size and clear case, once you get everything in there, the wiring can look kinda messy, but I used electrial tape and automotive wiring loom. And like the other reviews, don't bother using the handle.

Experience: 1 Years


kind of small
420watt PS small
front handle
3 side windows
1 large led fan
the led fan lights are dieing
no room for a large cpu heat sync
3 plastic side windows get worm
it's like a cube
i like this case but i can do without the many plastic windows, like come on it makes the pc hotter, it bends and scratches.

the front handle is nice but it's not that strong, but then again the case isn't very big anyways.

it's easy to install parts for the first time but then changing the video card can get hard, because it's hard to get to the power plugs on the mobo then slide the mobo tray out, then the gcard is huge, so you have to side the tray far out and the ps cords are short.

the large fan is good the air flow is great for a small case.

this case is kind of wide and kind of looks like a cube or box.

it's not a bad case, but i think next time i'll look for something that is not so cubic.

Experience: 2 Months


Fits any matx board. Removable motherboard tray helps the install.
Its a bit time consuming to install components due to its size, and the power supply has to be removed to do it.
Its cute and compact. The front handle is far to untrustworthy to carry it. Other than that it functions and looks good. Cooling is fine with low watt cpus and video cards.

Experience: 1 Years


Light, small and easy to lug around
back panel not very solid, annoying blue led in the p/s fan
Bought this for mobile computing and it is perfect and confortabe lugging. It even fits the airlines specifications for hand luggage. Bought a few more for customers. Everybody happy. Mine has been running more or less 24/7 uninterrupted for a year and is fully packed. It has become the home of my main workstation.

Experience: 90 Days


Nice Design
Light but solid
A little tight for space.
The MB is mounted on a plate that slides out the back, I got a Zalman CNPS7700-CU and it was a task to slide the board back in without damaging the heatsink.
I'm happy so far but after reading some of the other reviews I keep a spare PSU handy.
There is not a lot of room for expansion so if you plan to add a lot of hardware, this is not the case for you.

Experience: 1 Months


Very small and compact
Hard to fit everything in the cube
less expansion slots
I bought this Case because i thought it was nice to have a small computer but then when i received this and try to put my 3 hd it was swashed... had to turn back to towers

Charles E
Experience: 7 Days


Small, and very cool, versitile
None so far
Nice case the plexyglass is well protected to stop scratches. Comes with a fold in handle. I really enjoyed this case, if you are a gamer then this is for you. You can pack in all you need to game and you can easily carry it around. As for the power supply I havnt had any problems yet, but i have yet to run it continously over clocked. VERY easy to install your components and the blue lighting seals the deal.

Experience: 30 Days


windows on top left and right, temperature lcd on front
Feels "Plasticey", Handle feels like it's going to break, Clunky
I Bought this case thinking it would make a decent lanparty case, considering it's small size and the handle on the front. However, if my machine was any heavier, i think the handle would break, since it's made of plastic. The case is fairly nice and clean, good quality construction, and the temp guage for the cpu and the hdd comes is nice.
I find it a little clunk though as a lanparty case, but the thing is pretty big and more rectangular than cube.. it's no shuttle xpc cube for sure.

Poison Ivy
Experience: 2 Days


Good airflow
Stock fan is quiet
Can use full size ATX PSU
Good space inside
Multiple colours to pick from
Solid yet lightweight
Sliding motherboard tray
Crap-tastic and useless PSU
Firstly, if you buy this case, get rid of the PSU asap and buy a real one. Google some reviews of this PSU if you don't believe me.

Well, other than that, I love the case. Design is simple, and light. Although its really light, the case is solid and assembles/disassembles with relative ease.

If you want to use a full size PSU, you must get a short media drive. I put a 520w OCZ Modstream PSU along with an LG DVD drive, and have about an inch of space between the two, enough for both to fit comfortably.

So far, the case is great. It's got 3 clear sizes, but it doesn't rattle and everything is running quietly. The temp sensors work fine. I put the CPU sensor into the heatsink, and the HD tester I used a piece of clear tape to stick to the side of the HD. All in all a good value for the money, though I wish they'd charge less and ditch the crappy PSU that comes with it.

This review was modfied by poster @ 09-23-06 05:01 PM

UGMachine {appreciate points XD}
Experience: 20 Days


has a lot of space, nice fan.
weak psu and bigger than my expectation
this is a good case that has quite nice ventilation with a nice 12cm fan. My first time buiding.. this will be a good starting case for any one

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


If you are looking for a PC that is compact and dynamic that you can just grab it and go, then this Aspire X-QPACK is your perfect choice. The X-QPACK is designed with the idea of giving users to choose any Micro ATX motherboard and components in the market to build their own compact PC.

Quick Specs:
Motherboard Supported Baby AT Micro ATX
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Color Blue Black
Form Factor Cube
Height 9"
Width 11.2"
Depth 13.8"
Number of Fans Installed 1
Number of External 3.5" Bays 1
Number of External 5.25" Bays 2
Number of Internal 3.5" Bays 2
Power Supply Wattage 420 W
Number of Total Expansion Bays 5
Number of Total Expansion Slots 4
Total Number of USB Ports 2
Total Number of FireWire Ports 1

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

     Number of External 3.5" Bays: 1
     Number of External 5.25" Bays: 2
     Number of Internal 3.5" Bays: 2
     Number of Total Expansion Bays: 5
General Information  
     Brand Name: Apevia
     Manufacturer: Apevia Corporation
     Manufacturer Part Number: X-QPACK-BL/420
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.apevia.com
     Product Line: X-QPack
     Product Name: X-QPack 420W Chassis
     Product Type: Computer Case
I/O Expansions  
     Number of Total Expansion Slots: 4
     Front FireWire: Yes
     Front USB: Yes
     Total Number of FireWire Ports: 1
     Total Number of USB Ports: 2
     Additional Information:
  • Motherboard Size: up to 9.6" x 9.6"
  • Compact, portable and tasteful design
  • 3 x side see-through windows
  • 1 x front LCD temperature readout
  • 1 x 120mm blue UV LED fan at rear
  • Removable motherboard tray for easy installation
  • Sturdy aluminum constructed for best cooling
  • Case Material: Aluminum 1.0 w/ ABS plastic front panel
  • Window: Acrylic window panel (3 sides)

Power Supply Connectors:

  • 1 x 20/24pin Main Power
  • 1 x 12V (P4)
  • 4 x Peripheral
  • 1 x Floppy
  • 1 x SATA

Front Panel Switch:

  • Power
  • Reset

Led Display:

  • Power
  • HDD

Power Supply:

  • +3.3V: 20A
  • +5V: 25A
  • +12V: 20A
  • -12V: 0.8A
  • -5V: 0.3A
  • +5VSB: 2.0A

Physical Characteristics  
     Color: Blue
     Depth: 13.80" (350.52 mm)
     Form Factor: Cube
     Height: 9" (228.60 mm)
     Width: 11.20" (284.48 mm)
Power Description  
     Input Voltage: 220 V AC
110 V AC
     Power Supply Wattage: 420 W
Technical Information  
     Motherboard Supported: Baby AT
Micro ATX
     Number of Fans Installed: 1
     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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