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Logitech Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote Control - 1
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Part #: 966191-0215

SKU: 16643
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping estimate: $5.99*
*Via NCIX selected courier.

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Customer Reviews of Logitech 966191-0215

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Experience: 2 Weeks


Très beau design.
Price matché pour 74$ avec une autre boutique en ligne de Vancouver...
Retroéclairage bleu bien calibré.
fonctionne comme un charme avec mon système cinema maison (écran Plasma Samsung, graveur DVD de salon Samsung et récepteur 5.1 Yamaha HTR-5050)
Base de donne de télécommande pratiquement infini de Logitech.
Philosophie d'utilisation par genre d'application au lieu que par type d'équipements pas mal plus pratique et plus simple pour les gens qui connaissent peu le domaine audio/video.
Logiciel pas vraiment convivial et pas vraiment facile à utiliser.
Des piles AA seraient moins cher et plus durable que les piles AAA qui viennent avec cette télécommande.
Les boutons de volume et de canneau trop petit, en plastique dur et pas vraiment bien placés.
J'ai acheté cette télécommande pour comme la plupart des gens pour opéré mon système cinéma maison le plus simplement possible sans à avoir 3 télécommandes entre les mains. Cette télécommande fait très bien le travail et peut l'avoir pour 74$ après avoir déniché un prix plus bas d'un concurant... Une fois programmée, c'est surprenant de voir que les boutons et les fonctions des menus sont tous et entièrement compatible avec les fonctions des télécommande substituées. Bravo Logitech!

Experience: 5 Months


+ High wife-approval factor
+ High Cool/tech toy factor
+ Fun to program
+ Price (got it on sale)
+ Battery life (4-6 months)
+ Backlight display
+ Overall style
- Channel +/- and Volume +/- buttons uncomfortable to press because they are hard plastic
- Somewhat cheap construction, remote creaks, however not a big issue
I had just bought a receiver and began suffering remote overload with 4 remotes, knew there had to be a good solution. Enter the Harmony 520.

Unlike other reviewers, I had no problems using Logitech's web-based application, but only that you need to be very patient since you'll like be programming and updating the remote over and over trying to get the perfect setup.

The remote itself is really stylish, even more so than higher priced Harmony remotes which is a bonus. The backlight display works well and battery life is respectable. Only downsides are the hard plastic buttons and the creaking body of the remote. If you can look past or willing to work around those issues (ie. program channel +/- buttons on the soft > buttons) this remote is definitely one you should consider!

This review was modfied by poster @ 08-11-06 02:51 PM

Experience: 5 Months


Easy to configure
Controls everything
Remembers the state of your devices
Activity based - one button does everything!
Feels very... cheap!
The idea behind the Harmony remotes is awesome. Everything is controlled at the touch of a button. The Harmony remotes are activity-based, meaning you push one button (Watch TV, Watch a DVD, etc) and the remote configures everything for you.
In my case, when I press Watch a DVD, it turns on my TV, sets it to the Video input, turns on my receiver, sets that to the DVD input, and turns on the DVD player. That's 5 steps, which before would have been completed by pressing 5 different buttons on 3 different remotes. Harmony. And the remote is so configurable, I could add a sixth step to Watch a DVD -- automatically open the DVD tray.
Also, the remote remembers what state everything is in, so if you're in the Watch TV activity and switch to Watch a DVD, it knows your TV and receiver are already on, so it won't try to send a signal to turn them on (which would result in turning them off). Genius!

Just one major downside: the Harmony 520, although it looks good, feels like a piece of crap. It feels like you could easily break it in two, the volume and channel buttons are tiny and very difficult to press, and already one of my activity buttons is getting less and less responsive, requiring a harder push. Overall, I was disappointed with the build of this remote, considering it retails around the $100 price point, depending on where you get it.

Experience: 1 Days


Programs everything !
It's For Geeks
No Internet ? No Work !
Very Small Buttons.
It's More Gadget , Less Pleasing To Use .
Way Too Expensive For A Gadget.
Tried It , Internet only , Buttons Too Small.
I thought " Hey ! I can setup this remote through my pc ! If I need some codes , I download them ..." . Wrong .
It's All Internet . Gotta hve an internet connection (preferably broadband, or you get errors) , because All the programming is done on the Logitech Site (in a login secure window). Even if you want to re-program 1 button , you have to connect the usb cable(supplied) , turn on the pc , go online, login , and go through a setup process .
Ergonomicaly ,the buttons are miniature ! Gotta use my fingernails to use it effectively . Advanced menu functions are accessed through the mini lcd display (too small) , which takes you some time to find , because you have to scroll through menus (17 for my jvc tv) , and don't know which is the setting you're looking for ...because it's abbreviated !
I recommend this for patient , lazy , internet geeks .
You Have The Money ? Blow It On A True Learning Remote , That Can Be Programmed In The Comfort Of Your Living Room.
This thing is way too expensive ...for a Logitech Gadget .

Ryan B
Experience: 2 Months


The ability to define modes of operation where the remote will switch inputs, adjust volumes, and perform customized operations for each mode. For example, press "watch tv" turns on the TV, puts the AV receiver into tv input, mutes the TV, changes the AV sound effect field to entertainment.
Programming application. The web-based programming application leaves much to be desired. Slow, weak in functionality, overall an exceptionally poor piece of software.
Overall this remote is a cool addition to you home entertainment system if you have more than 2 devices that you need to control at once and are tired of switching from remote to remote.

The downside with this remote is the poor web-based programming application that is supplied by Logitech. I mean POOR. The application is hard to customize, difficult to operate and super slow because it is constantly communicating to harmonyremote.com to get the next valid command. The programming interface gets a 2/10 in my books.

I would have preferred to have a standalone app that checks for updates from Logitech once in a while. A text file to program custom macros would be much more powerful and easy to use.

There are also some limitations on the speed between consecutive button presses. The inter-key delay settings leave much to be desired.

Overall this COULD be a very good remote if they only improve the programming interface. The other drawback is the cheap construction. This remote creaks and moans as you press the buttons. Overall 5/10, with a better programming application it could be an 8/10.

I would still purchase again, but not for the premium that is charged for this remote.


Experience: 30 Days


Easy to set-up, controls even the most obscure components
May need some tweaking from time to time
After having gone through several remotes I finally bit the bullit and threw down the cash on this remote. From the time I took it out of the box to the time I was set-up and operating was around an hour. The remote works great. It has simple commands (ie Watch a DVD) and it will set-up all of your devices to do that specific task. I got rid of 7 remotes to this one. The only problems that I have encountered is that sometimes it will forget a certain command. It only takes a second to fix it. The other problem is more of a learning curve problem. Once the remote is in command of your system you will have to let it control your system. If it thinks a device is on and its off it will throw off the sequencing of the commands. Again easy to fix, just use the remote to control everthing all of the time. There is an interactive LCD that has a very robust help feature. Answer some yes or no questions and your settings will be fixed. I would rate this product at arouind a 8.5 out of 10. Highly recommended. Cudos Logitech for making my life easier.

Experience: 1 Months


LCD w/ backlight, easy to program via web interface, controls all of your devices (unless you have A LOT), integrated help
Feels a bit flimsy, potential "power state" problem (see below)
I plugged this into my computer, setup all of my devices by exact Make/Model and also specified some activities. When I push one of the activity buttons (like "play a dvd"), it will turn on all devices needed and set them up correctly, and shut off any unneeded devices. One thing to watch out for is that if you manually change the power state of one of your devices (eg, tv) the remote will still think it is in the previous state, so unexpected things will happen. This is easy to correct though either manually, or using the integrated help. It will ask "is ... device on" and after you follow the prompts, everything should be the way you expect it to be (great for the less technically knowledgable).

Experience: 6 Weeks


Very simple to use once you get through the setup part.
Can switch whole home theatre system to any mode with just one button.
Great help function.
Good range.
Awkward and slow web based setup.
A bit sluggish.
I have upgraded to this remote from one of upscale One-4-All devices. What a difference!
Harmony makes me feel as if I was having one combined TV-CD-DVD-Radio device with recording capabilities. Actually, I have found out how to switch to CD mode thanks to Harmony. I could not record CD mode macro with my previous remote because it has run out of memory. No problem with Harmony :)

You program the remote with web based setup. The setup itself is awkward and buggy (hangs, crashes, forgets settings etc.). But you do it only initially so can live with that. You can also add macros to buttons - in fact you can reprogram all buttons if you feel like. I ended up changing couple of buttons including PgUp/Dn buttons since initially one was on the left and the other on the right side. Pretty simple way to do it - just select a value from a combo box in the setup.

After that... just enjoy. Works like a dream. Occasional hick-ups such as one of the devices not getting switched on can be handled through Help button. If you press it remote goes through set of questions asking which device is down and if it works now. Amazing is the fact that quite often all I need to do is press the Help just once and it switches the missing device.

In short - if you think you can just unwrap it and surf your TV channels you are wrong. But if you have a computer with USB ports and are willing to invest some time you will end up with the best device to handle your home theatre. Short of voice-command based system that is :)


This review was modfied by poster @ 12-02-05 10:19 AM

Experience: 1 Weeks


Once setup very easy and nice to use. Looks sharp. Website config tool easy to use.
CD based config tool is crap. Config can be a pain and may require quite a bit of config.
Purchased two of these as soon as they were available on the ncix website.

I got them withen 2 weeks of order. I setup one using the cd based java config tool, and was able to get a basic setup with out much issue, other than the java based app would freeze, or hang, etc.. The other was setup using the web based option, and gives you more control over the finer configs of the remote, is faster, and more reliable than the java app.

The black part of the remote is prone to finger prints, and the balance of the remote makes it hard to use single handed, most often requiring holding with two hands to use the activity buttons.

I've had a couple of questions about how to do certain things like have it automatically turn my tv on to a given channel instead of channel 2. I emailed logitech support and they are slow to respond to say the least. I was able to get slightly better service calling the 1-800 number that was inside the packaging. But best support came from another website that had an extensive forum of other harmony users, able to answer most questions in hours instead of days.

Final opinion is that if you are will to be patient and spend the time fine tuning the remote it's great. If your hoping you can just plug and play it, this is not the remote for you, though it did have all my hardware in it's database from obscure tv brands to band new dvd players.

I would rate it 8/10. Room for improvement, but pretty good.


Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]


Control your entire entertainment system with just one button. Choose the 'Watch a DVD' activity, for example, and the Harmony remote will power on your TV, DVD player, stereo receiver, set all the inputs, and even press play.

Quick Specs:
Package Contents
  • Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Installation CD
  • Installation Guide
  • 4 x AAA Batteries
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Technology Infrared
Compatible Devices Stereo Receiver DVD Player TV Home Theater
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification RoHS

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

General Information  
     Brand Name: Logitech
     Manufacturer: Logitech
     Manufacturer Part Number: 966191-0215
     Manufacturer Website Address: https://www.logitech.com
     Product Line: Harmony
     Product Model: 520
     Product Name: Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote Control
     Product Type: Device Remote Control
     Additional Information:
  • Easy-to-read interactive display
  • Smart State Technology activity control
  • Back lighting makes the buttons and interactive display glow brightly for easy use in the dark

     Environmental Certification: RoHS
     Environmentally Friendly: Yes
     Package Contents:
  • Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Installation CD
  • Installation Guide
  • 4 x AAA Batteries

Technical Information  
     Compatible Devices: Stereo Receiver
DVD Player
Home Theater
     Connectivity Technology: Wireless
     Wireless Technology: Infrared

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URL: http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2005-09/logitech-harmony-520-in-the-flesh/
Comment: First review of the 520, screen shots comparing it to its harmony brothers.
Posted by: Sinecure @11/01/05
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