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Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler 56W MTEC Based MAINTENANCE-FREE Liquid Cooling System AM2/S939/LGA775

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Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler 56W MTEC Based MAINTENANCE-FREE Liquid Cooling System AM2/S939/LGA775 - 1
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Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler 56W MTEC Based MAINTENANCE-FREE Liquid Cooling System AM2/S939/LGA775 - 17736_is.jpg Customer Photos (0)
CoolIT Systems
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Part #: FZ1C

SKU: 17736
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

Customer Reviews of CoolIT Systems FZ1C

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Experience: 3 Months


effective; simple to install set-up and use; maintence free
size; short tube lines limit placement options
Comparing this to a standard water-cooling set-up I have in another system I have to say this does a better job. It is very much an install and forget system. While not entirely silent esspecially when actively cooling a heavy cpu load it is harly as load as the blowers it replaced. If you can afford it and don't want to waste time tinkering and monitoring a standard watercooling set-up I would recommend this product.

Experience: 5 Days


cools my cpu really good
very loud on max
had the eliminator initially, but after experiencing some problems with the unit decided to upgrade to this, works really good so far, idling at +1 or +2 degrees above ambient on a c2d 6400 ocd to 2.6

Experience: 5 Days


cools like a gem when cpu not oced
costumer wanted this in his system not sure why cuz i could have set up h20 cooling with much better performance then this but i ended up installing it does its job pretty good and is silent

Experience: 1 Days


Very quiet, good stable temperatures no matter what is going on
Ended up buying the Freezone because:

A) I wasn't overclocking my chip
B) I wanted something simple to setup

I was going to originally buy a Swiftech system, but the idea of having to cut my own tubing, screw around with a reservoir, etc, etc just didn't really make me interested so I opted for this unit. The price wasn't a big concern for me, since my rig sounded like a jet at Mach 3 I only cared about how quiet the system was.

Right now, my AMD 4200 X2 is idling at 35 celcius with the cooling pretty much SILENT. I'm sure I could crank the board all the way to the left and have this thing freeze my system but again - I want a deadly quiet computer.

Installation was super easy, especially if you have an AMD system you just screw in the standoffs and drop the system onto your rear fan holder. Wiring was a snap, just throw the board somewhere in your computer and plug in the four wires it comes with and it's ready to go!

Experience: 2 Days


excellent cooling performance
easy to install
will not work in cases with 80mm exhaust fans
The cooling performance of this kit is so good that it dropped my idle temps from 42.5°C to 26°C and my load temps from 62.5°C to 36°C. I also managed to overclock my cpu from my previous high of 3.45GHz to 3.6GHz while maintaining load temperatures at 42°C. I was also able to hit as high as 3.75GHz but I wasn't comfortable with setting my vcore higher for everyday use. If you want to get the most overclocking potential then I would recommend getting this kit if you don't mind the high price tag.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

Freezone CPU Cooler
Remove the heat to raise the speed limit.

Freezone is a CoolIT Systems Inc. patented product that removes heat from individual components and transfers the heat outside the computer case. It combines facets of air-cooling and liquid chilling through purpose-designed internally installed components. It can aggressively remove heat from a computer quietly, efficiently, and reliably. This system alleviates any risk of condensation, is highly effective, and is easy to install.

  "Within 5 minutes time, the Freezone dropped to 7 Celsius!! This is the lowest temperature I've ever seen with any cooling system ever that isn't a Phase Change."
Temujin, Virtual Hideout

To provide concentrated cooling of a small surface area, Freezone uses environmentally friendly liquid coolant as the primary dissipating medium, which absorbs heat much more efficiently than air. The patented system configuration includes multiple TECs (thermoelectric coolers) that provide unique liquid chilling for superior thermal performance.

In addition to keeping the CPU cool, Freezone actually provides cooling for other vital components while improving system level acoustics. By removing heat from the source and transferring it outside of the chassis, internal PC temperatures are held low. This removes the need for multiple case fans, which eliminates unwanted noise and improves the reliability of other peripheral hardware such as the hard drive. 
The Freezone CPU Cooler includes: a Chiller / Pump Module, a Thermal Control Module (TCM), and a CPU Fluid Heat Exchanger (FHE). This universal sealed closed-loop maintenance free system is pre-plumbed and charged for simple bolt-in installation.

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Liquid Chilling Provides Extreme Thermal Performance
The Freezone cooling system is a compact and robust CPU cooler. Its liquid loop directly cools the CPU, while the exhaust fan removes additional heat from inside a computer chassis. The Freezone CPU Cooler is far more effective than other cooling solutions of similar size, as is equipped with six high-efficiency TECs (thermoelectric coolers). These TECs provide a considerable boost to the cooling performance of the liquid loop.

Patented FHE Design Promotes Heat Transfer
The Freezone CPU Cooler is equipped with a CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger, or cold plate) that is monolithic (a solid piece of) copper. This FHE is designed to absorb high thermal flux from an area with high thermal density (i.e., it is very effective at removing a lot of heat from a very small surface).

Integrated Design
The Freezone CPU Cooler patented chiller module has an integrated reservoir, which consists of a high flow DC pump and expansion chamber. Combining the Chiller and the Pump into a single module is a space-saving design that allows for ease of installation.

Regulated Temperature Control
Because of the extreme cooling capacity the Freezone product provides, there is a TCM (Thermal Control Module) built into the system to protect against over-cooling and condensation.  The TCM regulates the amount of power that is applied to the TECs and exhaust fan.  The TCM will automatically vary system level output to adjust for changes in both ambient temperature and CPU load.  This complies with Energy Star standards.

Adjustable User Settings
The factory TCM setting will automatically adjust the system to run silently during low load operations and boost cooling power under heavy loads and/or adverse environmental conditions.  Since the TCM regulates the TECs as cooling boosters, it is far more effective than simple fan speed regulation.  If the user desires, the TCM can be manually adjusted to suit the preferences of an individual user.  For example, if the user intends to enhance the performance of a CPU, the TCM can be adjusted to reduce the coolant temperature and thus reduce the operating temperature of a CPU; if the user requires continuous silent operation, the TCM can be safely adjusted to reduce power output to the TECs and exhaust fan.

Maintenance-Free Operation
The Freezone CPU Cooler requires less maintenance than air or water-cooling systems. The liquid system itself is factory-sealed and a closed loop constructed with vapor resistant materials and fitted with gas resistant plumbing. This way, the Freezone CPU Cooler never requires refilling, for the entire life of the system.  The chiller module itself has a heatsink that promotes laminar air-flow through the fins.  Laminar flow ensures that dust, dirt and particulates simply pass through the fin array, while promoting maximum thermal transfer.  The only maintenance the Freezone CPU Cooler system requires is the occasional dusting of the exhaust fan. This can be accomplished in a few seconds using compressed air, or gas.

Environmentally Friendly Coolant
The coolant in the liquid loop is composed of Low-Tox PPG (polypropylene glycol) and distilled water. This mixture is environmentally friendly, promotes enhanced cooling and reliability, and it is recyclable.  Unlike water cooling systems, the Freezone CPU Cooler only contains about 125 CCs (half a cup) of coolant. The coolant temperature is tightly regulated by the TCM in real time. That means the Freezone CPU Cooler does not require a large reserve of coolant to act as a temporary heat dump for low duration operations at high loading. In fact, the Freezone CPU Cooler's duty cycle is designed for 100% operation under continuous maximum loading.

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Reviews from the Web

Below are reviews found on other web sites for this product submitted by customers.

URL: http://www.futurelooks.com/478-CoolIT-Freezone-CPU-Cooler-Review.html
Comment: Canadian company CoolIT has hit the ground running with their amazing cooling systems that combine water and the Peltier effect to bring CPU temperatures down fast. Today we checkout their flagship Freezone product to see just how well thermoeletrics combine with watercooling.
Posted by: FirewireX @08/22/07
URL: http://www.maximumpc.com/2006/06/coolit_freezone.html
Comment: A review of the Coolit Freezone against Swiftech's Apex Ultra water cooling kit.
Posted by: Jason_L @08/13/06
URL: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1937683,00.asp
Comment: A cool blend of thermoelectric and liquid cooling technology for hushed overclocking fun. If you have to ask how much it costs, it’s probably not for you
Posted by: Christian_C @03/15/06
URL: http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-327-1.htm
Comment: Peltier Cooling Technology is nothing new in the hardware world. It has always been reserved for the very hardcore however because of the condesation issues that are inherant with any type of a "chilled" system. That is until now. CoolIt System's Freezone cooler looks to bring chilled cooling t
Posted by: jenious @03/10/06
URL: http://www.extrememhz.com/freezone-p1.shtml
Comment: "Bottom line...if you're looking for the absolute best cooling performance without resorting to the high cost of phase-change cooling, the Freezone is honestly your very best option."
Posted by: Zenphic @02/24/06
URL: http://www.extrememhz.com/freezone-p1.shtml
Comment: he kit is very well packaged and includes the all of the following: -Chiller Module -Fluid Heat Exchanger (CPU block) -Chiller Module Screws -AMD Retention Bars -Intel 478 Retention Bars -12cm Fan Adapter Kit -Tightening Tool -Intel 775 Retention Bars -Thumb Screws -Motherboard Standoffs
Posted by: ALP @02/20/06
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