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Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E

This PSU features a 100% modular cable design
Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 22898_l.jpg Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 22898_1.jpg Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 22898_2.jpg Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 22898_3.jpg Silverstone Decathlon DA750 750W 20/24 Pin Power Supply ATX / EPS12V Active PFC 120MM Fan 8PIN PCI-E - 22898_4.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Silverstone Technology
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Part #: DA750

SKU: 22898
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

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Customer Reviews of Silverstone Technology DA750

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varge S
Experience: 1 Months


For the moment i like this product and ive been using it for 1month no problem
This item is really good good quality good price worth it

Experience: 1 Months


Ive been using this item for a while and i got no problem so far
I have nothing to say this item i like it so much that I might buy another one. Its a good price and good quality

Experience: 2 Years


Single Rail Design
Not sleeved whole way up
High failure rate? (explained later)
Connectors break easily
I bought my DA750 in November of 07. It worked great, had plenty of power. Only gripe at the time was the cables weren't sleeved all the way, and the connectors were kind of brittle. Regardless it worked without a hitch for over a year if I remember correctly. Then it started giving me trouble.

I'm an avid overclocker, and have been since I put my current machine together. So my initial PSU issues i thought was due to an unstable overclock. The symptoms were random reboots, no blue screens. I did some poking around, after living with these random reboots for about 6 months or so. And learned that the most common cause of random restarts are due to power issues. I sent an e-mail to SilverstoneTech asking if my problem could be because of their PSU. After some basic troubleshooting they figured it could be and issued me an RMA. Some customer service points for them :)

I received the new PSU to my delight and dismay. I was excited to get a replacement, but not for the huge ass brokerage fee that came with it. Turns out SilverstoneTech declare d the value of the pkg to be over $300, therefore jacking the brokerage fee through the roof. The fee came to $50, blarg! Why would they declare  the pkg value to be 30% more then the actually retail cost. Some customer service points lost for SilverstoneTech. Either way it cost me, and i was not happy. But i shrugged it off, at least i have got a replacement. BUT keep it mind the total cost for the replacement is now 80$. $30 shipping to get it to SilverstoneTech plus the brokerage fee.

I hooked everything up, and all was well. For about 5 days, then my computer refused to turn on. No fans spinning, nothing. All that was there was an orange light on my mobo. I then did the usually troubleshooting steps, and came a cross a possible short. I removed that possibility and it turned on! YAY. Then after about another week, same problem.

So i then started browsing the web looking for people that have had the same issue. Turns out a few people had the orange light thing, and it was their motherboard. I thought it was a definite probability due to some high overclocking and temps i had for the mobo. I contacted XFX and they happily approved my RMA and i ended up with an upgraded model Double customer service points for XFX. About $25 for the shipping to them, $7 for brokerage fee. We are at about $117 so far trying to figure out my little problem.

I hooked everything back up and still no dice. System would not turn on. I then decided it probably the PSU again, so i went and bought a PSU tester from a local store. Another $35, we're at $152 now. >.<

Yup you guessed it, PSU is dead, well sort of. It seems there was a stuck relay in it, so every 30 or so attempts on turning it on it'd fire up. And it could remain running for days at a time without any trouble, but it wouldn't start up the next day. And on occasion it'd shut off on it's own. Hardly what i expected to get when i payed $200 for a PSU.

A might bit pissed at this point i decided to just buy a new PSU, this time from Corsair for another $200. Totaling $352 for this whole mess. At the same time i sent SilverstoneTech an e-mail explaining my situation and what happened. I asked for a refund, they said no. They'd only test and replace my dead one. So i asked if they could pay the way, since i had already spent far too much on this crap. They said no, so i bent a little and sent them the unit. Another $18 for a slowest cheapest shipping I could find. Coming to $370 now. I just got back the new unit the other day, haven't even opened it yet.

I currently have my system running without a single problem. The problem was fixed as soon as I hooked up my new Corsair HX850.

SilverstoneTech is garbage, please don't purchase from them. Save yourself the money and look elsewhere.

I'd give this product 1 star, but i just realized i did not purchase this from NCIX >< So i have no order ID.

Experience: 1 Months


Strong and solid rails. Nice construction
cable sleeves could be longer, and covering all cables. And PCI-E cables should be one connector per cable.
Great power supply, replaced an ageing antec, and I'm loving this one. Fixed some system stability problems I was having.

Experience: 38 Days


Powerful, reasonable quiet and modular plugs!
Very happy with this power supply, it is very efficient and pumps out pleanty of amps to match the demands of my system, would totally buy silverstone again

Experience: 1 Days


-Lots of power
-Pouch for extra cables
-Dual 8800 GTX certified
I love this PSU.. It fixed a BSOD problem I had been having with my gfx card.. It probably wasn't getting enough juice with my previous PSU. Very good build quality, black. Very stable voltage, 8 pin pci-e, 4 6pin pci-e.

A slight problem is that they bulk attach plugs onto each cable, like 2 pci-e on each, 3 satas on each cable, and some cables are not fully sleeved. But this doesn't bother me, it is awesome product.

Experience: 15 Days


Very solid power and modular cables to boot
I bought this power supply to replace another name brand 720 watt triple rail which I rma'd due to a failed fan.
I installed this puppy right away even though it was over a half an inch longer than the previous unit. I hit the switch and powered up my o/c fx60,four sata hdd's,6 fans,and 2 gts cards no problem.
I would definately buy another.

Experience: 1 Days


Raw 60a 12v output on single rail
Powerful and Stable
Active PFC
Silent for a 120mm fan
A bit pricey for the usual enthusiast, but worth every penny
Long/well designed/modular cables
Single rail (for those looking for multiple rails)
Molex and PCI-e cables not fully sleeved
I had never heard about Silverstone prior to purchasing the Decathlon. I had gotten recommendations about Enermax, Thermaltake, OCZ, and Antec at some extent. Then I fell upon Silverstone. Being a rather new company (founded in 2003), I had some doubts on service and quality of their products. Yet they've instantly nullified my every doubts after I've flipped the I/O switch.

The "de-Railment" of Intel's new ATX design
When Intel introduced the multi-rail PSU design, it made quite a fuss on a problem that actually didn't seem to have happened. Though, it spawned a load of forum discussions about the usefulness of switching towards multi 12v rail designs or sticking with the single rail ones. After a great deal of research, I've decided to stick to the single-rail design since I'd stick with AMD. Honestly, I consider the whole hype to be of minor detail. As long as the combined power of the 12v rails gets more then 30a for dual-core and high-end systems, going single, dual, triple or quad rail won't really affect the whole system. As long as the unit is made with a good design, power and stability in mind, you can trust it to do what it is supposed to. Though, if you're an Intel fanboy, since they started the whole thing, might as well go towards a Thermaltake Toughpower 750w (W0116RU) http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/product/Power/ToughPower/W0116/w0116.asp . It has pretty much the same capabilities of the Decathlon, a combined theoritical 60a on the 12vs and is around the same price range of it's Silverstone brother. If you're with AMD, I'd recommend sticking with the 1 rail design thus going towards the Silverstone Decathlon750. http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/da750/da750.html

The 3 casual consumer tests!
Test A: the post - Ok.
No problem up to now. No beeps or blank screens either. This is the soothing moment.

Test B: pre-stability verification - Ok... and impressed
A simple test using the hardware monitor showed impressive stability. PSU +12v,+3.3v, +5v all had stable output of 12.03, 3.32 and 5.03v. Not once did it budge out of those boundaries for the 5mins I stayed there gazing at the results.

Test C: ... trying out a game.
System not being the most demanding:
AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ Manchester
Dual 1GB DDR400 Kingston HyperX
Sapphire x1950gt (std clocks)
Games: Stalker, Oblivion, Vegas
No problems at all. No crashes, reboots, or glitches.

All that remains is to test the 24h overnight fail-safe. See if I got a defectively built unit. But right now it's going smoooothly.

Cable Management
The unit comes with:
1x Modular 20+4pin ATX power connector
1x 4pin +5v CPU power connector
1x 8pin +12v EPS power connector
2x 6pin dual PCI-e connectors (up to 4 PCI-e devices)
1x 8pin PCI-e connector
2x Triple SATA connectors (up to 6 devices)
2x Molex+Floppy connectors (up to 6 devices + 2 floppy)
1x tiny 1 inch 8pin PCI-e extension cord (???)

Dunno why the cables aren't sleeved the whole way up. Plus the SATA and Molex connectors are only sleeved to the first outpout which means you still get fuzzy cables loose in the case. That doesn't bother me but the cable purists might not be able to overlook this fact. The cables length are simple perfect for a medium sized tower: I managed to connect with a single cable my 2 IDE HDDs with the CD-Rom and the floppy drive. However, the device doesn't seem to have a PSU-Fan connector to monitor it's RPM.

120mm Fan
The fan is adaptive to the cooling needs of the psu meaning it was almost inaudible for pretty much all the time I was using it. It never got to the point where it got annoying.

Normally, PSU have a low profile in a computer. Yet this one is sleek, harder to scratch then it's Strider counterparts (low-gloss finish). Cable management leaves a clean look inside the enclosure and the outside grid gives a classy look to the rear of my SonataII case. They even shipped the PSU with 4 black, octogon-shaped screws (my favorites) to match the PSU and 2 tie-wraps to further unclog the enclosure. You can judge a good company by its attention to small but appreciable details.

Interesting fact
If you remove one of the Warranty-Void stickers, there's a switch to toggle Single 12v Rail to Quad 12v Rail. Of course it is inadvisable to do so as it would void the warranty and got no guaranty to fulfill it's technological promises. But overclockers might find this fact worthy of attention.

Also, I found important to verify the input requirements of the Decathlon. The Max Current on the 115v outlet is of 12A for the 750w model. A normal "room" plug feeds 10A and normal counter outlets usually pumps 15A so the coffee machine, the microwave oven and the toasters can all work at once. Now that doesn't mean the computer will not start, but it will still miss 2A on max times which could lead to instabilities and such. It's preferable to call in the electrician brother-in-law so he can rig the jumper to something with more potential just for stability sake. 20A probably is too much... but yet again I'm no electric professional. Therefore I'd ask questions around just to be sure. Now I know electricity is a completely variable science with each parameters completely changing the others. So I might be completely banana on this one, it's merely a precaution I'm taking. Ask professionals if this causes a problem.

The unit combines power, stability, and next generation functions at an affordable price. I'm very impressed by my first business with Silverstone and would recommend it to everybody looking for a solid, heavy-duty, industrial-quality power supply. The draw backs are minor and negligeable. Perfect for dual-core, dual-gpu, power-hungry systems.

Product Videos [ Edit ]

Features [ Edit | History ]

With the knowledge that single +12V rail power is the next generation power supply, SilverStone Technology introduces Decathlon series, offering enthusiasts more choices with single rail power selections to handle their system. Decathlon DA750 power supply hosts a full array of amenities like quad PCI-E 6 pin connectors, large and quiet 120mm cooling fan, greater than 80% efficiency, Active PFC, 100% modular cabling system, and so on. All these combined with powerful 60A single +12V rail output in DA750, gives enthusiasts the fearless confidence to take on power hungry systems of tomorrow.

  • Class-leading single +12V rail with 60A @ 50 ? 
  • 100% modular cables 
  • Single PCI-E 8 pin connector & quad PCI-E 6 pin connectors 
  • Quiet running 120mm fan 
  • Support for ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V 
  • Active PFC 
  • Efficiency greater than 80% 

Specifications [ Edit | History ]

Max. DC Output 750W
Load Range
Peak (Amps)
Line Reg.(%)


combined+3.3 , +5V 180W
combined +12V 720W/ 60A

Input Voltage 90V ~ 264V ( Auto Range )
Input Frequency Range 47Hz ~ 63Hz
PFC Active PFC (PF>0.99 at full load)
Efficiency >80%
MTBF 100,000 hours at 25°C, full load
Operating temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Protection Over current protection, Over power protection, Over voltage protection, Short circuit protection

Connectors 1 x 24/20-pin motherboard connector ( 550mm )
1 x 8-pin EPS12V connector ( 550mm )
1 x 4-pin ATX12V connector ( 550mm )
1 x 8-pin PCI-E connector ( 550mm )
2 x dual 6-pin PCI-E connector ( 550mm )
2 x triple SATA power connectors ( 500mm + 250mm + 250mm )
2 x triple 4-pin IDE & single floppy power connectors
( 500mm + 250mm + 250mm + 150mm )

Color black (lead-free paint)
Cooling System Single 120mm ball bearing fan
Noise Level 22 dBA minimum
Weight 2.6 kg
Dimension 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 150 mm (D)

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URL: http://www.techaddicts.net/reviews/da750/da750.html
Comment: A decent review
Posted by: riptide @04/21/07
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